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This is an inner view to each character I have (or had) on the realm and of their origin; it is merely a helpful statement for myself. That's all.

Leatrice and Amiela Haven
Death knight and hunter, respectively. I need to write more to their story after I got back into RPing Lea again, and perhaps edit the previously written parts a little. Will see.

Sisters of Nightsong
The warrior held the name of Aatu, the Blind Protectorate of Argus, before I racechanged her to a charlatan; night elf who enjoys killing and deceiving others. I grew to dislike the draenei and it was too difficult for me to RP a blind character, so I made a story where Elyanor kills the draenei in the frozen wastes of Northrend, taking her place in Ebon Flame. She is somewhat intriguing character and I would like to play her more; I have enjoyed playing a warrior after all but I am not exactly sure what to do with her.

Sarani the Spellbinder
As the story goes, class wise she has changed between shaman and death knight to a mage, which is her current state. Story wise it is perfectly plausible to happen; there is that one gnome in Northrend who had an evil sister roaming around after a transportation malfunction. I figured such event had happened to Sarani as well before she turned into a death knight; resulting in the complete hidden part of herself to be transported to Netherstorm where she resided before returning to the field of battle. It is far easier to play said character given the background she already has; although I don't exactly enjoy playing a mage as much.

Taola Quinn
A smuggler and an assassin. The only things I've so far thought for her is that she is elegant and eloquent, yet harsh and cold, always driving for profit. She trusts her steed Edwin most and hates flying. I would like to play and level her up more.

Jacinda Payne
She barely has anything on her; she is just an alt for now. A paladin tank. I guess I could build up a story on that but it'd mean that I should RP her as well, then.

Human warlock. I have not played her for a long time, though. She is a tailor and a scribe, and likes her felhunter a lot (and it has nothing to do with the fact that the name is Greemon).

Turned my priestess into a dwarf again, with new name and all (first she was known as Elgazar).

Orc shaman. She has always seen Thrall as the true leader of the orcs. In childhood she struggled finding her path. She wasn't as aggressive as her other brethren but aided healing those that needed it. In time she was able to hear the call of the elements and with their aid she uses her powers to heal those in need.
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