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story continued

The hooves beat against the warm ground, a dust cloud formed behind the rider.
A passing human merchant passing by yelling at the passing rider to be more careful.

A sweet fragrance following behind the rider, it's hood raised upon it's head looking neither left nor right, it's robes all in black, flapping about in the wind. The gates of the city open to accept visitors, two sleepy guards standing at their posts looking intrigued at the figure riding into the city, not quite caring who it was just that it wasn't horde.

Some peasants near the gates lounging about under trees could be heard complaining about the dust cloud gathering about them. Some whispering amongst themselves about how rude or unfriendly it is not to show any kindness to them.

The rider passed by the streets of the city quickly, left it's horse standing near a house overviewing the docks. It knocked in a peculiar matter on the door, a blonde haired woman opened the door, wearing red robes about her, a staff which seemed to swallow the light around it at hand.
The woman looking slowly about the rider, not allowing it yet to enter the house.

After a minute the blonde said calmly “your late”, the rider seemed unphased awaiting something. The blonde took out a sealed letter to the rider and closing the doors behind her.
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