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It has been a month since the first animal was left bloodless, 2 weeks since the draenei was found collapsing on the cathedral's floor.
the dark figure stood in complete silence in it's lair, kobolds seemed to want to protect the figure from harm.
Two ill prepared heroes walked into the lair, awaiting no more than a lone figure with some power, but they would never have captured her then, she knew of their arrival long before they entered the cave. She has hired an assassin to try and kill the druid, he was so close to the truth when he first ventured near her.
he almost knew she wasn't who she claimed to be.

"Damn those night elves, Soon though master they will all beg us for mercy when their precious light will crumble to the ground"
A dim image projection of a person was held in the cave, shadows flickered in the cave seeming to emanate from the amulet the figure wore.
The figure took hold of her amulet and said some dark incantation words before being teleported to the library of Stormwind.

At first she was confused why she was there, but her master was not far from her leaving her things to do, she didn't have much time, they would soon be there too.
She had made sure of that, it was all in her master's plans.

When they've gotten to the library they were already too late, she had all she needed, it would take time, only time to execute her plans.
"time is of no consequence to me, I am darkness, eternal" she said to herself as she took hold of her amulet to teleport herself off from danger as the adventurers showed themselves in the library.

As she got back to her lair she took great care to check upon whether they've gotten the bait from the librarian before going to prepare for next week.
her master was in the lair, though she had no idea he was watching her, shaking his head before teleporting himself off of the lair without any words.

It was an error that lead to the unfortunate end of the plans of her master, she made sure to study the powerful spell to the word, she also made sure to wait for the heroes to arrive to her lair once again. so they would be as far from the cathedral than she can before starting her incantation in the cathedral.

It seemed all too easy, the plan worked all too well, even the druid was knocked out with one of her maces. though one thing she had not anticipated was the speed of recovery of the two other adventurers.

They appeared just as she was finishing the last verses of the enchantment on the cathedral, the enchantment wouldn't be instantaneous, it would take time for it to take hold of the people in it.

it was meant to slowly corrupt the believers of the light, swaying those unsure first into the midst of shadow believers then slowly even the strongest minds would succumb to it's magic.

The enchantment was halted at the last sentence, the consequences of this are unknown.
it might work slowly or it might have failed completely, she wasn't ready for them.
She saw she wasn't what they expected, they expected something else, a death knight perhaps, an undead. of course they didn't know her true nature.

she almost had them if not for the light's help, she had almost had the power to kill them both but something seemed to seep at her power. She immediately know what was happening, her master was letting her die, she had failed him.
She tried to fight it by shooting a dark bolt at the Draenei, but instead of a strong bolt a small mild one shot out, easily deflected by the Draenei, the Paladin from behind hit her with her sword on the head once, though the hit seemed to have little effect, her shield then hit her head on the back, the light of her holiness hit something deep beneath the magic shields she conjured.

Her life was at an end, the darkness sensing it's eminent death, tried to possess another body, failing before dissipating into the air.

A sole trap was left lying on the body of the previously dark figure, it was the reason it all started, the dark amulet.

it couldn't be truly destroyed, though it vanished somewhere after it was touched, has the master retrieved it? or has it's magical powers taken itself away to find a better body to corrupt? who is the "master"?
Only time will tell...
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