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These are the characters I've on Argent Dawn. I'll write more about them when I got the time. For now I'll just give their names and AA links.


Corentine Moonsong -AA
She was first known as Tempestrunner, one of the Silverleaf Sentinels some years ago. She got to the rank of Watcher in the guild and I had a lot of fun with her. Dunno what happened that resulted in me leaving that guild... nowadays she was one of the Moonsongs. Decided to keep the name because she didn't really leave it IC.

Anchorite Phaidra - AA
One of the first characters I created on AD, she turned out to be quite intriguing character. I first leveled her up without buying the shadow-talents (at the time when you still had to buy them) and got her to 70 as Discipline. It all went down when I had to buy the spells from Shadow... it wasn't part of the character and it ruined her. I still feel sad about it. With her I ran the Disciples of the Naaru for a good while before I stopped playing for a while. Now it is gone, disbanded, but I still smile at the memories of it. She is a paladin now.

Soulbinder Narama
Draenei priest.

Chelah Silverblight - AA
I really liked roleplaying her. It was difficult but I enjoyed it.

Cairwyn Starmantle - AA
Previously known as Raenara, a blood elf rogue, she is now night elf.

Draenei shaman.

Kaldorei druidess, she has no story yet.

Eimhir Stoneshard
Dwarf monk with no story to her name yet.


Malrena Dawnblood - AA
Cold-blooded death knight. She seeks new purpose in the world.

Tebetha Dawnblood
No AA page. Aspiring blood knight.

Non-existent but have AA page left:
Zhaniya the Stormshatterer -AA
Emni Grimore -AA
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