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Perhaps you're organising an event, or maybe know of one, here's the place to let the world know.

Topic/Postby Gergel » 08 Jan 2015, 10:54

Tormeron does events with a similar gameplay style all the time. Events thread (where the events are being organized). Recap stories thread (where you can catch up on what's been happening on the more serious type of events). I think most of us are quite familiar with them. We don't do /rolls very often though, usually Tormeron (the GM) just decides whether a hit was successful or not.

When it comes to /rolling for success/failure, I hope that you will consider additional factors, for example a battle-hardened death knight going toe-to-toe with an opponent should have a much greater chance of hitting and doing damage (but also smaller chance of fully dodging incoming attacks), compared to a leisurely noblewoman spellcaster who happens to be tagging along but hanging back.

In any case, I've been attending Tormeron's events for ages and I'm definitely looking forward to yours, Ajulae.
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