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The trip to Ratchet was long and difficult and wrought with peril. The ship almost drowned several times while weathering the dreadful storm in the ocean.

The trip to Ratchet was easy and fun, everyone enjoyed the cruise in warm sun and strong yet gentle breeze.

The trip to Ratchet was fast because a little friendly gnome mage teleported everyone instantly, without saying anything. Ever.

The trip to Ratchet in the seabottom crawler machine was exciting and full of opportunities to learn more about deep-sea life.

Or something like that. Because the trip happened offscreen so we don't really know much about it.

In any case, a group of people led by Adrenus gathered in Ratchet. As they were discussing their next steps, a woman jumped out of a tree and identified herself as Alleena. Everyone obviously assumed that she was the SI:7 agent that Master Shaw had told them to contact. The woman directed Adrenus and Co. to the north. Their quarry, according to Alleena, was six people on horseback and six on a caravan wagon.

The group rode off without further delays. Their path took them across the savannah of the Barrens all the way to the Crossroads, which they avoided for obvious reasons. Just after passing Crossroads, they encountered an Orcish road block. A guard came up to talk to them. It was surprisingly nice not to be attacked outright by the Horde - it looked like Alliance/Horde relations had indeed been improving over the years.

The Horde guards turned out to be quite amicable. The group was immediately allowed to pass once Lilandris and Thelarwen had explained the group's direction and purpose. They rode on without an incident.

It only took a few more minutes' worth of riding to encounter a lone smiling orc. He complimented Chepi on losing weight, which immediately and irrefutably identified him as Joe the skeleton in another one of his disguises. "The caravan is moving north," he said with a wink. "I have done some work for you. You'll see."

The meaning of Joe's words became obvious shortly, as the travelers discovered a detached wagon wheel at the side of the road. Several arrows were sticking out of it. Clearly Joe's handiwork. Why he hadn't shot any of the cultists while he was at it, or why there was no sign of cultists shooting back, we may never know.

In any case, the caravan was no longer there and so Adrenus and Co. also continued forward. Only a few steps away they began to hear mumbling and grumbling coming from nearby bushes. The obvious first guess was, of course, an ambush. Aroona cautiously went to check it out with Thelarwen following behind.

There was no ambush. Just a rather confused gnome arguing with his little robotic gnome toy. He claimed that he was on his way to have dinner with Vol'jin and had lost the way, so if the adventurers would be so kind as to escort him to Orgrimmar?... The adventurers were not so kind. Instead they pretty much decided to ignore the distraction and ride on, in search of their prey.

And then, a short distance away there were clear signs of a caravan having gone off the road. Faint track marks led off into distance, but no one was a competent-enough tracker to follow this almost-invisible trail now. It looked like the quarry had escaped into the vastness of the savannah.

The only visible landmark anywhere nearby was a small Tauren structure of some kind. A small camp site with a few simple walls and totem poles. Oh, and the smoking, steaming, broken remains of a metal caravan wagon. Just as the adventurers approached, it let out a loud rising whistle, a large puff of smoke... and failed to produce a massive devastating explosion, instead just falling apart gracelessly.

Having survived the non-explosion, the group investigated the wagon's remains. There was a burnt corpse in the middle of the wreckage. The man's face had burnt to be unidentifiable, but he was clearly wearing Stormwind insignia. It could have been a cultist (who disguise themselves as Stormwind guards), or a real guard killed by the cultists - there was no way to tell for certain. Lilandris discovered a scroll tucked into the man's boot, with a "person implosion" spell on it. Thelarwen, in turn, found dog tags with the name "Baramir". Upon removing the pendant, the body suddenly began to emanate a strong aura of magic, then promptly exploded.

Fortunately no one was injured in the explosion.

The caravan had by now been completely lost. Alleena the agent took this opportunity to reappear and confirm this: according to her, the cultists had disguised themselves and escaped into Orgrimmar where there was no chance of getting to them.

Once the agent had performed her disappearing act again, people were becoming somewhat irate for having wasted a lot of their time with nothing to show for it. Harsh words were directed at Joe. This appeared to have the effect of a summoning spell, because next thing they knew, Joe indeed showed up. He explained in his usual mysterious riddling half-truths vague way that he had "mobilized assets", that "<the cultists> are now fully aware of you" and "they have learned from <Joe>" (illusion magic, apparently). And that the person they had thought was an SI:7 agent was in fact an impostor, because the real agent had been dead for days. And Joe happened to have her head.

Joe offered to use necromantic magic to make the head talk in order to gain information. That idea was immediately shot down by Lilandris, and no one else was even remotely interested either. The dead agent remained dead and Joe wandered off after a few more vague remarks.

The trip ended with a decision to keep an eye on Joe for now. Just to be sure that he was not up to any mischief or evil.
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