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Chepi scribbling notes again.

Today the world was almost deprived of the wonders of Chepi as we sought a dangerous opponent in Stromgarde.

Chepi crosses this out, "Hmm, perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself. I should of course start from the very beginning".

To recap this adventure actually began in the Pig and Whistle of all places where a small group of us decided to meet up. Tormeron was trying to warn us of a threat to the north, in the form of an old apprentice of his. A Gnome of past acquaintance was causing trouble and rumors were abundant of Demon attacks. We were to get ourselves prepared and meet up in the Arathi Highlands when ready.

Naturally I being the ever resourceful Gnome had decided to seek help on this particular adventure and attempted to make some lucrative contacts that would be useful on this trip. If nothing else at least they could provide a distraction while I got things done.

Unfortunately tracking down these people proved more difficult than I thought however I was able to enlist the help of Kal'dorei and her Tiger companion. Armed to the teeth with her bow and various Illidari artifacts, I was more confident than ever.

Tormeron had asked Adrenus to join our group which included me, Clara, Dippy, Juste and also Lantara at Refuge Point in Arathi. After our usual greetings and "friendly" banter, we were directed towards Stromgarde. No sooner had we arrived when ominous signs seemed to appear from all around us, which included a large creature flying somewhere above. As we made our way through the ruined streets we encountered an unfriendly imp, as the little sod threw a fireball at me. Naturally I dodged it by moving behind the nearby wall. Somehow this pathetic creature was able to hold us up as he evaded our sight and kept up his relentless attacks. Lantara and I brought his annoyance to an end with a well-timed flanking maneuver. I could've just used a banishing spell to deal with him but decided a nice bit of incineration was more of what it deserved. Back to the Nether it went.

Continuing on we heard a scream from further down the street and came across a Human woman who looked all messed up with signs of charred flesh, a missing hand and profuse bleeding. Somehow she was still alive and Adrenus did what he could to heal her wounds. A mistake as it turned out, as we were led into a false sense of security. Shortly after explaining to us of how a group of Demons had attacked her village and brought her to an altar, she turned against us. The woman’s eyes flashed with green Fel light and she muttered the word "Swap". Lantara who was close by was the most immediately threatened but in typical animal loyalty her Tiger leaped to her rescue. I too also tried to push the woman away. Both Tiger and I were for our efforts treated to an intense wave of heat and forced us back. At this point she turned her full attention to her clearest threat. Me.

Chepi pauses writing for a time as she considers how best to describe this.

Intense burning and boiling of my own blood. In my times spent trying to understand what many would consider forbidden magic or at least once considered, I've come across and even used spells that cause great pain on my opponents. A curse of agony does exactly what it describes and this is perhaps the best comparison I can make. With time I too would like to learn the spell craft of such a spell as this boiling blood. I know little of what occurred after the woman cast this on me, as all I could do was try to bulk up my magic defenses. I definitively felt a spell was unleashed from Dippy and various other muffled noises. I must've collapsed as when I opened my eyes Dippy was kneeling over me and Adrenus was nearby too casting his healing spells. I was able to get up and continue on but that spell had fatigued me greatly.

We turned our attention to the nearby house where we believed the woman’s real soul was located. Adrenus wanted it freed but Lantara suggested burning the building down. I was in agreement with Lantara on this but seeing the determination in Adrenus's eyes and too tired to bother arguing we proceeded on. Adrenus asked me and Dippy if we could sense magic within the building. Dippy could sense something but I could barely even feel my own hands let alone anything else. Adrenus stormed in and disappeared as soon as he entered the door. We could then hear the sounds of roaring from within. Juste, Clara and Dippy moved in quickly with Lantara and me following. What I saw next was Juste in mortal combat with a towering skeletal warrior. Everyone but Adrenus who was missing joined in on the battle as best they could and the skeleton finally fell. The roaring was coming from upstairs and Clara made her mistake of the night by charging up the stairs in the hope of aiding Adrenus.

Chepi puts her quill down for a moment and mutters “We really need to improve our tactics in these moments of crises". She picks up the quill and starts writing again.

Once I finally managed to stumble up the stairs I saw both Adrenus and Clara trapped by a pentagram on the floor. Worst still were spotted two Doomguards at the other end of the room. We now had only a matter of time to destroy the Demons and the pentagram before both Clara and Adrenus were killed by the shadow magic blasting from the trap. I did what I could to try to disable the pentagram while Dippy, Juste and Lantara dealt with the Demons. Had I been a full strength this would've not been so troublesome but all I could do was weaken it for now. I did not witness the whole fight with the Doomguards but I do know a well shot arrow struck the head of one of them. The other Doomguard got away. With the Demons influence gone the trap on the floor finally weakened enough to be removed. Once again we treated our wounded.

We located in the next room a soulstone presumably still holding the woman’s soul. After a while of trial and error we were able to shatter the stone and release the soul. We were then alerted to a noise just outside and made our way back down the stairs and waiting for us was a letter containing a seal from Embrace. It seems that Tormeron has been busy too and requests our next step should be to the North in the Hinterlands.

In truth I'm not certain what exactly is going on here and why. What started with just a chase to find a Gnome has quickly developed into something far more sinister. Who is this Gnome really and is he actually involved? What other part does Tormeron play in this? Why are these people experimenting in swapping souls?

Chepi places down her quill and mumbles to herself “I must continue to try to get in touch of with my contacts. Something is going on here and I need to learn more".
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