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Topic/Postby Gergel » 29 Jul 2016, 11:09

Ooh. My favourite subject since yesterday.

So I noticed that WoW was struggling to log in and change zones. At one point it got so bad that a character never managed to log in at all, got stuck at the loading screen with the loading bar at full. At this point I decided that I would go and wipe all of my settings (Interface, WDB, WTF) and start afresh.

So now I'm rebuilding my mod collection to add only stuff that I really need, configuring them from scratch and knowing that there are no ancient broken SavedVariables in the way.

Here's what I have come up with thus far. Writing this from memory as I'm at work, so I might miss a few bits.

User Interface / Appearance.

Action bars: Dominos.
I've been using this forever. It's highly customizable and configurable, can have hundreds of buttons in totally custom layouts. Mine, for example, features 36 buttons in the bottom row, 24 buttons in the middle row and 12 buttons in the top row, with an additional vertical bar at the right side of the screen.

Unit frames: Z-Perl.
I've tried several unitframe mods (including Shadowed and PitBull) but I keep coming back to Z-Perl. It just seems to be the perfect thing for me. The other mods I've tried are nice... but I can't get the exact results I want with them. So back to Z-Perl I go.

Bags: Bagnon.
This addon consolidates the five separate bags into one single large bag which gives me easy overview and access to my inventory. In addition it also consolidates my bank bags. When I reset my UI, I tried the default Blizzard interface and was immediately repulsed by the fact that I had to search for my items in five separate bag windows.

Button skinning: Masque.
This lets me apply a custom appearance to the various buttons and icons in my UI, like actionbars and bag slots. I use a third party skin which produces simple square buttons with a thin border and no pointless empty space between buttons.

Buff and debuff display: Raven.
Instead of the default small squares on my screen, I now have both my character's buffs and debuffs displayed as bars which show their durations graphically as well as text hours/minutes/seconds.

Information display: ChocolateBar.
This creates a small bar at the top of the screen which can be used by dozens or hundreds of separate "Data Broker" (also known as "LDB") plugins to display various buttons or information. For example, I am showing a clock, system stats (latency, FPS, memory usage), the amount of cash I have, my average item durability, used/free bag slots, number of friends online etc etc etc. I used to use Titan Panel, but after reinstalling it yesterday I discovered that it had an extremely annoying bug (or misfeature) which only allowed me to display buttons and info-texts on the left side of the bar, not center or right. So I switched to ChocolateBar.

Minimap: SexyMap.
With this addon I can change the appearance of the minimap and easily show/hide/move minimap buttons in order to unclutter the interface.

World map: Mapster.
Among its many useful features is the ability to see areas that you have not yet discovered on the world map. You can either completely disable the "fog of war" so the map is always visible, or (as I do) turn the unexplored-area-hiding translucent, so you can see that "this area still needs to be discovered" but you also see the map features in the hidden area.


Onscreen and map waypoints: TomTom.
I can control-click (or alt-click, or whatever else modifier you want) on the map and create a waypoint. Then I get an arrow on the game screen that always points towards the selected waypoint. So I can jump on a mount, hit "autorun" ("autofly") and be sure I'm going in the right direction. Even if the waypoint is several zones away (on the same continent of course).

Archaeology helper: Archy.
Show nearby digsites, artifact dig points in digsites, allow one-click artifact solving and so on. If you ever decide to take up Archaeology, this is awesome.

Outfit switching: Outfitter.
Build a collection of outfits, like "normal" (the stuff you wear while questing/dungeoneering/raiding), "RP" (the clothes you wear while RPing), "fishing" (equip a fishing pole and hat) and so on. Switch between them with a few clicks.

Cooldown display: OmniCC.
The default interface displays spell cooldowns on actionbar buttons as this weird hard-to-read clock thing where the button is dimmed out and is brightened sector by sector as the spell cools down. OmniCC adds a simple text overlay that explicitly tells you "24"... "23"... "22" (seconds of cooldown).

Improved chat: Prat.
(Noticed it in Cherwina's list and went "oh yes, of course!")
Lots of quality-of-life improvements for the chat window. Copy text with mouse. Easily copy internet hyperlinks. Configure the amount of scrollback. Use sticky channels (type a line in a channel, and the next time you press "enter" to type a new message, it is sent to the previous channel by default). Get an audible notification when someone mentions you in chat (and you can also configure aliases so "Gergel", "Gerg" and "Gergs" will all cause a "ding").

Roleplay stuff.

Character descriptions and RP flags: MyRolePlay.
Some people use FlagRSP, some use TotalRoleplay, maybe there are others as well. I like and use MyRolePlay.

Custom items: Gryphonheart Items.
Been using this in Tormeron's events. This is one of the addons whose settings I need to restore from backup, not start from scratch, because it contains quite a few memories from the past.

Just for fun.

Shut Up, Rhonin!
My own creation. Mutes Rhonin's shouting when you're in Dalaran and someone completes the Algalon quest.

Anything else?... Can't think of any at the moment. Will check once I get home from work, and maybe update the post.
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