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Topic/Postby Shevron » 24 May 2017, 14:34

Twitch Status Popup

Gergel has created a neat Twitch module for the forum, which you might have noticed in the top right corner of our forums.

It's a live update of the current status of all the listed Twitch channels, which you can click to access the live stream.

If you're not interested and the window bothers you, you can close it with the [X] thingy, and you can open it again anytime by clicking the Twitch icon.

In the meantime, if you have a Twitch channel where you stream your gameplay of whatever, and want to be included, please let us know.

We will need the name that you want to display (ideally your forum name) and a full link to your channel.

Tinfoil Hat Note for Tormeron: Twitch window is only visible to people who are logged into the forum.
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