Guild Respect and Attitude.

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Topic/Postby Shevron » 28 May 2008, 20:30

Guild Respect and Attitude.

Right ... we'll be frank, simple and straight to the point.

This is NOT directed to anyone in particular, but we feel that some things are getting out of hand in our ranks, and it would be best for all to settle it.

As I always said in any interview I ever did to any applicant to Rhyme and Punishment, we value our Guild Reputation on this realm more than any amount of gold, and we do our utmost to keep it this way.

We are known as a serious Guild, with sensible members, great RP'ers, and pleasant people in general.

However .. lately this reputation is getting abused of, and I'll explain why:

In one line: Rhyme is NOT a stepping stone to be used while you are levelling to 70, then bugger off the moment you ding 70 and don't need anymore help, using the Rhyme label on your head as a ticket in.

You tell me .. "How dare you say that?!"

I do say it, and I'll explain:

We have been noticing a late influx of people which I will not name for various reasons, that apply for Rhyme with more than RP in their thoughts.

They apply, pass the interview, join, level to 70 with all the help that our good loyal guildies can offer. They hit 70 .. bam! Off they go to a raiding guild after a couple of weeks without explanations.

Now don't get us wrong. We have NOTHING against people wanting to leave Rhyme to explore further places in the game. We are aware that we are not a raiding guild, and we always made it clear both in forums, and in the interviews themselves.

However, we would appreciate being treated with a little dignity before leaving, telling us that you're leaving, and why, and we'll have no problems with it and give you our blessing. Many people have done it, and they're still best of friends with Rhyme and all giggles and hugs.

It's the sudden tantrums that make us angry:

[Officer] [Player]: I found another raiding guild bye!
*[Player] has left the guild.

We as officers have always treated every player with respect, and bend the rules to make everyone feel comfortable and being as understanding as possible. We expect that respect to be shown back in these circumstances.

Joining Rhyme as a ticket to 70 and other raiding guilds however is not the way to go. It hurts, annoys, and makes other people uncomfortable.

Please don't stab us, and the loyal Rhymers in the back.

We're are all friends and "family" in the end.

Don't make us go all strict and follow rules by the book. It's for everyone's good.

Thanks for listening.

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