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Apply to Rhyme and Punishment here, should you be successful you can expect to receive our realm famous membership bag, complete with cheese coupons, half full bottles of wine, and a Toot plush toy.

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Hello there! I've just spotted this, I'll chuck you over a proper reply this afternoon :C

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Okee, that's better. Wow, a Sentinel, don't see many of you guys these days! Did we perhaps meet in the olden days? I certainly remember Maulkin well. Terribly nice chap.

And then I get to the bottom of the application. Yeah, I recognise the name, 'though I can't remember much. Druid, right? Heheh, it was 10 years ago.... :C

As for your questions, we're fairly quiet at the moment. Still here, but waiting for the next expansion. I pop up occasionally (and I really should do more, being on a work sabbatical for the next couple o' months).

I completely understand about the firewall thing... I'm pretty similar to be honest. Anyhoo, it's not a problem. Some folks are open about their lives, some aren't.

Yeah, we're a an organisation. A very loose (VERY) citizen militia, mostly comprised of burned out soldiers, some not so burned out, and folks like me who gave up entirely on war and became barmaids. It's quite a mixture.

Hopefully that covers everything! :C
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