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At long last, here comes the long anticipated part three of this story!

Took me a while to get this done, but I'm pleased with how it turned out. Enjoy, and lemme know what you think :D


Part 3

«Listen, Luca, Babe, I think we gotta lay low for a while. It’ll be easier for us if we split up. I’m gonna go to Thunder Bluff to see an old friend.»
«What do you mean split up?! What a-» Constance cut him off
«Hey! Calm down or the doc’s gonna flip on ya.» She sighs. «It’s just for a little while, until things quiet down. Until those jerk-offs in Booty Bay get themselves thrown to the sharks. No big deal, you’ll see me again before you know it.»
«So what you’re just gonna leave me here? All defenseless!»
«Don’t be such a fuckin’ baby about it. I paid the bruisers to keep an eye out, alright? You’ll be fine. Then when you’re back on your feet, you can get on with your next move. You’ll have a few days here in bed to think about what you’re gonna do.» She gestured to the bed her poor boyfriend lay in with his head wrapped up in gause.
«Sweet sugar I’m beggin’ you here. We could totally stick together and still lay low.»
«We’re too easy to recognise when we’re together, and my friend he’s uh... Let’s just say I’m probably the only goblin he puts up with.»
«Ey, that’s racist actually! Some friend!»
«Shut your mouth, he’s a tauren for fuck’s sake, they just tick different than we do. Nothin’ wrong with that. He don’t hate us, he just doesn’t have the patience all the time. And he’s got gigs I can do, so I’ll be able to eat and such. You should find something to do as well. I’ll come find ya when the time’s right.» She turned to walk out.
«I don’t believe this!»
«It’s for the best, Luca.» She spoke as she walked, slamming the door behind her. Outside, she lit herself a cigarette and sighed to herself.
«I’m sorry Luca, really I am. Breaks my heart to leave you behind.»
She stood there in silence for a long moment, thinking hard.
I gotta pay Uncle Paulie and Cousin Selma a visit in Orgrimmar first, I think.

Orgrimmar was as hot and dusty as ever, takes some getting used to when you’re used to the humidity of the jungle heat. This was a far cry from the gentle breeze over the plains of Mulgore. Constance made her way to the goblin slums, finding her way to Uncle Paulie’s ’’Pawnbroker & Loans’’ shop. Soon as she stepped inside, a familiar voice called out to her from behind the cashier bars.
«If I didn’t know better! Constance! What brings you here?» Paulie wore a big smile, heading for the door to come out from behind the counter, walking over to pull her into a big hug and kissing her cheeks.
«Uncle Paulie! It’s so nice to see you! How’s business?» She smiled back at him. She’d always liked her uncle, he was a much more jovial person than his brother, Constance’s father.
He pulled back, keeping his hands on her shoulders and looking at her.
«Business is good. Us goblins might still not be at the top of the food chain here in Orgrimmar, even after they kicked out that jackass Garrosh. But at least we don’t gotta worry about being targets of random violence anymore. These orcs they, uh.. They might not always like us that much, but they always come crawlin’ to us when there’s math and numbers that need doing.» He laughed heartily.
«Hah, yeah. Knuckleheads. I only wish I was here under better circumstances.»
«Better circumstances? Did something happen?»
«We should talk in the back. By the way, where’s Selma?»
«She’s out getting our lunch money.» He winked at her.
«Heh, you keepin’ her busy then?»
«You betcha, come on.» He put his hand on her back, leading her behind the counter and into the back room.

She gave him the rundown of what had gone down in Booty Bay and Ratchet, Paulie was left with a concerned look on his face, leaning back in his chair and rubbing his chin thoughtfully.
«There’ll be consequences, I guarantee you that, Constance. The old guy was a made man. Those punks’ll feel the reprecussions, even if they don’t buy into the old ways. There’s enough old school people like us around still.» He waved his finger between himself and Constance.
«Yeah no shit, Paulie. Problem is, Booty Bay is a shitshow right now. These kinds of punks have been starting wars. Best let it cool off before we make any pushes back in.»
«I’m gonna talk to the other guys. I appreciate you comin’ to me with this Connie.»
«My name is Constance.» She smirked at him.
«What, doesn’t me being the cool uncle gimme a pass on that?»
«In your dreams. It’s a beautiful name, people shouldn’t mangle it.»
«Well you got me there. But really though, I appreciate you bringin’ the news.»
«Ah, just doing my part. Can’t let the trash win, now can we? I’m not made like you and the old man, but I try to pay my dues.»
«You may well be one day, Constance. You’re an earner, plus you’re smart and loyal.»
«Heh, I dunno. But I appreciate your flattery, Uncle.» She smiled at him.
The front door opened, followed by a lady goblin’s voice.
«Dad, I’m back! Where are you hiding?»
«Selma! In the back, you won’t believe who came to visit!»
The back room door opened, and in stepped a fit, plated, blonde haired goblin lady, about the same age as Constance. As their eyes met, they both broke into big smiles.
«Selma!» She rose from her seat, walking over to hug her cousin. «Gazlowe’s wrenches, it’s good to see ya. It’s been years.»
«Good to see you too, shooter. How’s Booty Bay doing?»
«Oof, not good. S’why I’m here, really.»
«Aw, sorry to hear that. You’re stayin’ for dinner, right?»
«Sure, I suppose I’m not in a hurry.» She sits down again. Selma takes a seat at the table as well.
Paulie runs a hand through his hair, scratching his neck.
«Constance, since you’re here, you mind givin’ us a hand? Lately it’s been just me and Selma here, so we’re a bit short-handed. We’re paying someone a visit tonight, some people who aren’t paying back their loans. They’ve got some friends there, though, so it’d be nice if we can have an extra body with us, you know?»
«What’s in it for me?» She grinned at him.
He chuckled in response, matching her grin with his own.
«You sure are a proper goblin to boot, Constance. I’ll make sure a little bit trickles down on ya for the favor.»
«Sounds like fun, it’ll be just like old times. Breaking noses, yelling and property damage.»
Selma chuckles as well.
«And here I thought you were the kind of gangster who didn’t like to get her hands dirty?»
«It’s fun to indulge from time to time. Gotta stay in touch with my roots, eh? I’m supposed to be laying low, but this sounds like too much fun to pass up.» She rubbed her hands together, looking from Paulie to Selma.
«Great. We’ll head over there after dinner.»

The place was a smaller venue on the other side of the slums, wasn’t easy to tell what kind of business it was trying to be. Maybe a little bit of everything, but nothing too successful. The place was a proper dump like one would expect in this part of Orgrimmar.
«Here we go, ladies. Let’s make ‘em shit bricks.»
Selma took point, kicking the door open and heading inside with a wooden club raised. Paulie and Constance were right on her heels. Selma gave an incoming goblin a good whack to the stomach, sending him to the floor clutching himself. From their side an orc came at them, Constance stopped him dead by pointing her pistol at his face. He began backing away slowly with his hands up.
«How ya doin’?» She moved her aim down to his leg, putting a bullet through his kneecap. The orc screamed in pain as he fell on his back, clutching his leg. «You bitch! You goblin bitch!»
«Ey! You want one in the other one too? Shut the fuck up.»
Paulie headed straight for the counter at the far end of the room. The owner looked like he was about to shit himself and scrambled towards the back door, but he was too slow. Paulie grabbed him by the neck of his shirt, turned him around and gave him a sucker punch right in the nose, sending him stumbling towards the center of the room. He stopped against a table, trying to regain his balance and ward off another attack from Paulie. But before Paulie could get close to him, Constance grabbed and decked him and punched him in the face repeatedly, he was starting to bleed heavily. Selma got busy trashing the room, breaking furniture and grabbing money and valuables.
«You like this? This is what happens when you don’t pay your debts, asshole!» She kept punching him in the face. «Piece of shit!»
The owner could only yammer and yell, unable to defend himself from the beatdown at this point.
Paulie laughed, enjoying the spectacle of seeing his niece in action. He walked behind the counter, going through the shelves for bags of money, grabbing them as he found them.
«Well would you look what I found. My money! Can you believe that? Looks a little light though. Best make sure you pay up the rest soon. With interest! Else we’ll come back, and we won’t be so polite next time.»
«You’ll get the money I swear on my mother!»
«You don’t have a mother, you piece of shit. You crawled out of the raptor’s ass. But you better have the rest of my money in two weeks. C’mon ladies, we’re leaving.»
Constance stood up and straightened her skirt and pulled a stray lock of hair behind her ear before walking out. Selma followed with her club resting over her shoulder, blowing a kiss to the whimpering owner. Paulie slammed the door as they left.
«I see you haven’t lost your touch, Constance. Could use a body like you here, you know.»
«That was fun. I’d love to Uncle Paulie, but I gotta be serious about layin’ low. I got a target on my back until Booty Bay gets cleaned up again, so I’m heading to Thunder Bluff to meet my old friend, J. He owes me, and he’s got some work that’s a little more subtle and keeps me moving around.» She stopped, looking at her uncle, opening her arms to hug him. Selma chimed in.
«Aww, come on, you haven’t even been here a full day! Leaving so soon?»
«’Fraid so, Selma. It was great seeing you again though, you scrapheap.» Constance grinned at her and gave her a hug.
«Yeah, was good seein’ you too, four-eyes. Come see us again soon.»
Paulie handed her one of the money bags he had collected. The biggest of the lot.
«Here, you take good care of yourself, Constance. And say hi to your ma’ for me when you see her.»
«Will do. You two stay on top too, eh? So long!» She turned to walk away, heading for the flight master.
«So long, Connie!»
Constance stopped, grinning at Selma over her shoulder, and pushing her glasses up on her nose.
«My name is Constance.»

The End
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