The IC Thread

It's happy hour, the alcohol is flowing. It's time to pull up a tankard of ale, bottle of wine for the ladies and regail tales of heroism and grandeur.

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The IC Thread

So, a hell of a lot of us don't even have active subscriptions running anymore, and the rest of us are still stuck on Moonglade with the rest of the 9 people who still actively play there. Doesn't leave a lot of room for RP for this RP guild. So figured I'd try and bring a little RP into our forum.
Rules are simple, no double posting, keep it IC, give people enough time to get a reply in before shooting the story forward, have fun, let's see where this goes!

Sven sits in the local tavern, the Blue Recluse is quiet tonight with only a few apprentice mages having snuck off for a few sneaky drinks. He's managed to get some time off work, and even more impressively he's managed to sneak away from his wife and child for the night. After his sixth lager a stranger in a hood passes him by, dropping a piece of paper on his way.

Sven grumbles, everything is effort, he leans down and grabs the paper, turning to the man. "Hey, you dropped thi-..." the hooded man is gone, maybe out the back exit? Behind the bar? Huh, odd... Who knows. He opens the note, glancing down at it... "Varian's monument. Midnight." ...well that's not exactly cryptic... He shrugs, turning back to his drink - maybe another Rhymer will arrive tonight and he can palm the mystery off on them, he's way too lazy for this stuff - besides this is his night away from the chores of family life!
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