The United Priesthood of Azeroth [N-RP]

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Topic/Postby Cherwina » 21 May 2020, 14:41

The United Priesthood of Azeroth [N-RP]

Uda asked me to let you guys know about this (English isn't their first language so I've tidied this up a little from the original post):

The name may confusing, so I will clarify: Being a priest isn’t a requirement. We require your character to be wise or have a belief structure.

The point of the event is to have a neutral, Botany Band style meeting, focusing on beliefs, gods and the ancient lore of Azeroth. Scribes are welcome as well and those who come may also find a glyphs and scrolls market once in a while.

The adventures start in Halaa, by the podium. 8pm Server Time, every Thursday.

Please write a comment on the official forum thread if you are interested in the event.
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