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Full Name: Cherwina Dawnstrider
In-Game: Cherwina
Nickname: Cher, Chewy, Cheggers, Bear features, Branches... -_-

Guild: Rhyme and Punishment
Title: Druidess of Eldre'thalas

Race: Kaldorei
Class: Druid
Professions: Herbalist, Inscriber, Historian

Age: 10,000+
Sex: Female
Hair: Dark blue with silver ivy twisted in
Eyes: Silver (Gold if you ask Issy for some reason)
Weight: Average I guess... never done stats for a Night Elf in PnP o_O
Height: 7'2"
Garments/Armor: Usually purple cloth robes reminiscent of the colours of Eldre'thalas
Other: An ex-priestess of Elune who turned to nature after the battle of mount hyjal.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: A quiet, knowledgeable Kaldorei. Cherwina spends much of her time observing the workings of other civilizations and learning more of the new Azeroth.

History: Currently offiline.


Full Name: Isilae Crystallya
In-Game: Isilae
Nickname: ... not been around long enough to get one, but I bet you lot are thinking of some...

Guild: The Botany Band
Title: N/A yet

Race: Draenei
Class: Hunter
Professions: Jewelcrafter, Miner

Age: Unknown
Sex: Female
Hair: Almost Black
Eyes: Blue
Weight: umm...
Height: 6'11"
Garments/Armor: Green leather outfit with black thigh high leather boot things...
Other: "Greetings! I bring crab!", "I come from island of blue to greet long ears and beards"

Alignment: Lawful Good (though not quite 'Paladin')

Personality: Friendly and somewhat loud, her lack of knowledge and overly carefree attitude have gotten her into trouble on a few occasions, even when she has the best of intentions.

History: Currently offline


According to the DnD Alignment test they are both neutral, but it's hard to answer the questions when they're not even relevant to the character... :/
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