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Topic/Postby Lyntaria » 21 Jan 2008, 15:46

Full Name: L?ntaria DiMauro Hilton
In-Game: L?ntaria
Nickname: L?n, Lyn for those that can`t make the ?, Locksie

Guild: Rhyme and Punishment
Title: Master Sergeant, Rhymer

Race: Human, caucasian
Class: The only true mages
Professions: Master Transmuter

Age: 26
Sex: when i feel like it... ow... errrmmm... female
Hair: brown
Eyes: reddish brown
Weight: If you want to become an inhabitant of a shoulshard, repeat that question
Height: 173cm
Garments/Armor: Gladiator Felweave, or a revealing lovely blue dress

Alignment: Neutral Evil (and I did fill that in in all good faith!)

Personality: Arrogant, rich and spoiled brat. Preferes to throddle in the company of high society women to give the men something to want after... and deny them.
Slight thad racist, and believes gnomes are only good to serve as liquor tables and elves are related to rabbits. Hates the Tauren for their smell, the orcs for their lack of intelligence, the trolls for their silly language and huge feet, and the blood elves, well, she`ll find some reason.
Does not believe in silly things like love, romance and monogamy, but does believe that gold makes the world go round.

History: Nothing spectacular actually. Born as the heiress to a wealthy Stormwind inn-owner, she was send to the mage tower as she seemed to have a talent for the arcane things. Got bored there very fast and learned of a darker and more daring form of magic. The rest is history... and though she thinks so otherwise, not likely to be remembered in the annals of Azeroth.

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