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Topic/Postby Lilandris » 22 Jan 2008, 11:56

Ok i'm gonna post a more full one here...

Full name: Lilandris (Formerly known as Lilandris the Zealous. now known as Lilandris the Lightmancer. No family name known)
In-game: Lilandris
Nickname: Lil

Guild: Rhyme and Punishment
Title: Lightmancer (A lightmancer is basicly the opposite of a necromancer)

Race: Draenei
Class: Priest
Professions: Tailoring and skinning

Age: Unknown but young
Sex: Female
Hair: Indigo blue in a pony tail
Eyes: Light blue
Weight: Average draenei weight
Height: 7' 6"

Garments/armor: Favors garments in white red or brown, often a mix of all...

Alignment: Chaotic good

Personality: Mostly kind and happy, she takes her strength from the light and swings it fearlessly againts her foes. Her actions are always of good but it is not always in the preferred and/or the legal way (thereof her alignment) She has no qualms about helping others as it is kind of a part of her self-given task, but she has a nack for doing as she pleases and is often rash and jumps to conclusions.
And although you might not think so to meet her; she is also loyal to those few who have earned her trust mind you...

History: How she came to Azeroth is hard to say, since she was raised by priests in a cloister in a land far away from where The Exodar crashed. She was found out in the wilds by these priests and brought back to the cloister and raised as a priestess of The Light. After many years in the cloister, the priest who she described as "the closest one to being her father" was murdered and she stormed out of the cloister swearing revenge. (This is described better in my diary thread in the pig & whistle) She made a pilgrimage to Stormwind city, and joined up with Rhyme and Punishment about a week later.

And lastly i wish to add that her parents are presumed dead.
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