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Full Name: Toot Ferris
In-Game: Toot
Nickname: Toots, Tootles, Salty

Guild: Rhyme and Punishment
Title: Rhymer

Race: Gnome
Class: Warlock
Professions: Tailor, Enchanter and Fishergnome, can also cook and has a passed a course in First Aid

Age: 96
Sex: Male
Hair: Black, with a magnificent beard!
Eyes: Blue (i think)
Weight: Depends how much fish he's carrying, but about 4 stone
Height: about 3 foot
Garments/Armor: Fisherman's attire, and while adventuring Shadoweave Set and a turban!

Alignment: Neutral

Personality:Cheeky, but generally quiet. Loves a drama, as long as he's not involved.

To ba added when I can be bothered :)
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