The Oozeling is a lie!

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Topic/Postby Shevron » 24 Jul 2008, 08:58

The Oozeling is a lie!

Three weeks ... no baby oozeling.

Maybe what I've been told was just a lie, and baby oozelings are just creatures of myth, pretty much like smart dwarves. They just don't exist! So I'm really giving up now.

I'm dirty, wet, tired and most of all, full of useless junk. I mean ... how much stuff could these pulsating blobs of green stuff carry? I'm aware that while crawling along the ground in squishy form, you may pick up a coin or a twig .. but this is beyond normal!

I have bones, swords, bags, shields, coins .. at one point in time I was suspecting that I might soon find a gnome in there; but not all is bad since a random elf shopkeeper in Ashenvale gave me quite a pretty penny for the stuff, although I nearly got into an argument with him.

I'm sure it always crossed everyone's mind "what the heck do the shopkeepers do with all that stuff?!". So ask I did! He gave me an ugly look that could have melted my face, and replied "I could ask you how you carry all the stuff, or why you pick it up in the first place...".

He has a point I think, so I lowered my head, mounted my dreadsteed (yes the demonic horse in Nightelf land! Teaches them to be rude!) and rode off to Darkshore.

Darkshore ... what the hell is up with Elven architecture? It looks pretty allright, and I understand that they might like nature beyond what is considered healthy, but where in Azeroth are the walls?! I've even been to Darnassus once, and all buildings are the same, coloumns, a roof, but no walls! Doesn't it get windy and cold in there? I mean what's the point of building a house if you're exposed to everything anyways? Might as well sleep under a tree.

Oh well, time to wait for the boat now. Hope I won't have to sit around waiting for three days like last time. I guess I'll fish in the meantime.
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