Application Form: Seremis

Apply to Rhyme and Punishment here, should you be successful you can expect to receive our realm famous membership bag, complete with cheese coupons, half full bottles of wine, and a Toot plush toy.

Topic/Postby Seremis » 28 Mar 2016, 23:12

Application Form: Seremis

::: In-Character Application Letter :::

Application Letter:

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To whom it may concern,

Greetings adventurers, my name is Seremis, I am a young Draenei of age nineteen, and an adept in the study of arcane and portal magic, i find myself driven by the kindness of others, and i find inspiration in their determination.
Allow me to brief you on my history, i was born many moons ago on Draenor, where i would often aid my father, the merchant Vel'noth, in his work, i know little of my mother, i was told she died during childbirth, and i have no reason to deny that, and even if i did, there would not be a way to find out now, when i was age four, my kind chose to leave Draenor by using a ship known as the Exodar, and shortly before we left, my father left me in the care of a priest, before departing to take care of what he called "unfinished business", i have not seen him since, and the thought of whatever was so important he had to leave the what was at the time an illusion of safety still lingers in my mind to this day, i am determined to find him, i still believe he is out there.
Anyway, enough of my childhood, at the age of 12, the exodar finally 'landed' on Azeroth, which is where you and i both walk upon, since then i have spent my days in the mage quarter in Stormwind, more specifically within the Academy of Arcane arts, where i have been taught everything i know.

Finally i wish to join your band of adventurers, or as you may call it: "guild", as i find myself desiring companionship, i desire to make friends and expand my knowledge of the denizens of Azeroth.

I look forward to hearing from you, Archenon Poros!

::: Character Details :::

Name: Seremis

Gender: Female

Race: Draenei

Class: Mage

Level: 45 (currently leveling)

Is this your main or alt?: Alt

Current main and secondary specialization: Main specialisation: Arcane mage, Secondary specialisation: Fire mage

Current primary and secondary professions: None currently

Realm of Origin: The Sha'tar

Amount of time you have been on this realm: Months

Did you start the character on this realm, or is it a transfer? If transfer, from where?: The character was started on this realm

Current guild you are part of, and previous guilds you have been in (if any): Currently i have not been a part of any guilds on this server, and i can't say i remember any of the guilds i have been a part of on other servers

Background of previous guilds:

Do not remove

Any guild i have been a part of up until this point have just been social guilds, none particularly wished to take part in RP, or anything else when offered

Since when have you been playing WoW?: Mists of Pandaria

Do you know, or have been referred by, a current member of RnP?: None

::: Player OOC Details :::

Real age bracket: 16-20

Your country of residence: England

Your level of English: Good

What kind of a player are you in terms of time spent online?: Regular

::: RP Details :::

Races / classes / factions your character hates or is "at war" with?: Seremis holds a small grudge against the orcs for the crimes they have committed against her kind, but is trying to forgive them, since they were under the influence of demon blood

How knowledgeable of the Warcraft lore are you?: Moderate

Your favourite WoW area, and why?:

Do not remove

My favourite WoW area is probably Feralas, i am in love with the scenery, the shade of green, it has always delighted me ever since i first had the pleasure of laying eyes on it.

Your fondest RP memory:

Do not remove

My fondest memory of RP is Improvisational, as i have never thought to have been in an RP guild before, it was also on another character, one i did not intend to be a part of the RP scene, i merely went for a stroll on my warlock around the zones surrounding Stormwind, when i was approached by a group of Humans, like myself, who were walking through each zone, and asked if i would like to accompany them, each of them had compelling character backstories, and it just really felt nice to be someone else, with new people, this memory inspired me to get more into RP since.

Why did you choose Rhyme and Punishment?:

Do not remove

I chose Ryhme and Punishment as it seemed to be the only legitimate RP guild i could find; initially i did not want to join, thinking i would need much more experience than i currently have, but after searching through countless inactive guilds and cesspool guilds, i thought i might try and see what this guild is like.

Why do you think that we should invite you as a guild member?:

Do not remove

I think you should invite me to your guild as i can be easily approachable, i can be someone you can have a laugh with, and last of all, because i wish to help bring back the RP scene to the realm

Are you willing to attend guild meetings?: Yes

Are you willing to attend guild RP events?: Yes

Any thoughts or questions you wish to ask the guild?:

Do not remove

A few, actually:
1: Does the guild have a form of headquarters?
2: Is there a preferred style to which you roleplay? i mean some people use actions with an asterix or a hyphen
3: Are there any recommendable RP addons?
4: if my application is rejected, could you possibly tell me what was wrong?, i am open to criticism so that i can improve myself

i think those are all the questions i have, i may ask more later, apologies for that in advance

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Topic/Postby Lilandris » 29 Mar 2016, 13:18

Hmm, this looks mostly good to me. Approved!

However, I just wish to inform you that we are currently going through a slight bout of pre-expansion inactivity. That being said, there are a number of faces popping in throughout the day, so it's not dead quiet either. And there are still events here and there.

About your character, I assume you are referring to her age by human reference? In Draenei age she would be a lot older to be the equivalent of a 19 year old human (exactly how old is hard to say, as there are no hard sources on draenei age patterns :P But I'd surmise a couple hundred years old) But no biggie, and I digress!

As for your questions for us:
1. We don't have any place that we call 'headquarters', but we hang out sometimes on the boxes outside the AH in Trade, or at the Blue Recluse in the mage district.
2. Everyone is free to RP whatever style they wish within the guild, there are no restrictions on good or evil or such, but obviously it might be an idea to have your character fit in with the crowd at least a little bit, for ease of social interaction :P

As for syntax things, we like to keep things strict in their respective channels. /say is for IC only; ((brackets)) are highly frowned upon by us. /e or /me is for actions and emotes, so it's best not to clutter it with speech. At least keep any accompanying lines short.

I'm not familiar with the asterixes or hyphens that you mention, but I assume you're talking about people emoting in /say *like this*?

3. A lot of people in the guild use MRP, and one of our resident event hosters (Tormeron/Adrenus) often uses Gryphonheart Items (GHI) for his events, though note that he does not see it as mandatory to use that addon.
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Topic/Postby Seremis » 29 Mar 2016, 14:05

First of all, thank you, i look forward to being a part of the guild, what is the next step i need to take?

second, yes, i had put human ages in there for reference, so that it would be more easy to generalize her age, currently, she would be around 4750.

Thirdly, yes, that is what i meant, about the asterisk's and such, but it is helpful to know that there is such a channel for emotes.

Fourth, ill be sure to look up such addons.

Finally, i think, i have no issues with the guild being somewhat inactive, it will be slightly easier to integrate myself without being a shy pleb.

Anyway, i look forward to hearing from you!
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Topic/Postby Lilandris » 29 Mar 2016, 14:14

Ah yes, I forgot to mention the next step in my previous post :p

track down an officer in-game for an in-character interview :)

The active officers are:


I think I've forgotten someone, but anyway. Feel free to poke anyone in RnP and ask them if an officer is around; they sometimes hide on alts ;P
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Topic/Postby Seremis » 29 Mar 2016, 15:52

Thanks! one last question though, which servers are each officer on? i just wouldn't want to message the wrong person
it would also be helpful to know as it would make them easier to track them down
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Topic/Postby Lilandris » 29 Mar 2016, 18:16

Ah, all our officers are on Moonglade, alts not-withstanding.
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Topic/Postby Shevron » 29 Mar 2016, 18:40

Can add me to the list.

I just renewed.

I hate myself.
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Topic/Postby Gergel » 04 Apr 2016, 17:13

Forum rights updated. And clunk.
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