Application Form: Ryed

Apply to Rhyme and Punishment here, should you be successful you can expect to receive our realm famous membership bag, complete with cheese coupons, half full bottles of wine, and a Toot plush toy.

Topic/Postby Ryed » 01 Oct 2016, 13:36

Application Form: Ryed

::: In-Character Application Letter :::

Application Letter:

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To whomever this may concern,

Greetings. My name is Ryed Tsau. Perhaps if I explain my purpose my reasoning behind this letter will become apparent. I may be a human, but I was raised by Pandaren Missionaries and in the way of the Monk. I therefore have always considered myself Panderen, and have only recently returned to the realms of my blood kin.

I seek to earn the title of a fully fledged Monk among my people, in order to do that we must undertake what I suppose your people would call a pilgrimage. We travel the world in order to discover ones place in it, and achieve true wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. I regret to admit however that, despite the last year I have spent on the road, this goal has eluded me. I have wondered for so long, helping and even fighting where I believe I can do good but I feel no different to when I first left the Peak Of Serenity.

I seek an audience with yourselves, I wish to join your ‘guild.’ I have wondered without destination and definitive purpose for some time and am yet to find any true direction. I believe through your guilds coordination my talents may be better utilised. Through yourselves I can help more people, and perhaps then I will find what I seek.


Ryed Tsau

::: Character Details :::

Name: Ryed

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: Monk

Level: 107

Is this your main or alt?: Main

Current main and secondary specialization: Windwalker Main/Mistweaver Secondary

Current primary and secondary professions: First Aid and Cooking.

Realm of Origin: The Sha'tar

Amount of time you have been on this realm: Years

Did you start the character on this realm, or is it a transfer? If transfer, from where?: Born and raised on the Sha'tar.

Current guild you are part of, and previous guilds you have been in (if any): None.

Background of previous guilds:

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Since when have you been playing WoW?: The Burning Crusade

Do you know, or have been referred by, a current member of RnP?: None

::: Player OOC Details :::

Real age bracket: 21-25

Your country of residence: Britain

Your level of English: Good

What kind of a player are you in terms of time spent online?: Regular

::: RP Details :::

Races / classes / factions your character hates or is "at war" with?: Ryed does not have any particular grudges, though he considers most members of the Alliance and the Horde violent, dangerous and childlike.

How knowledgeable of the Warcraft lore are you?: Moderate

Your favourite WoW area, and why?:

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My absolute favourite would probably be Darnassus City. It’s just such a unique and Tranquil area, it always manages to give me a sense of wonder and mystery.

However if we are going into zones it would probably have to be The Barrens. I know it’s not the normal choice for favourites but back in the day (for the Alliance) it was like crossing into enemy territory and there was always something enthralling about hiking across a barren, hostile desert full of dangers and enemies, jumping from safe point to safe point...just always felt quite dramatic.

Your fondest RP memory:

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Most likely when I was RPing during WOLK. It was just with friends rather than a Guild but the adventures we’d come with, sometimes as a spur of the moment, were enormous. My favourite was when me playing as a Warlock joined an expedition to retrieve a Tome Of The Old Gods. We travelled into the depths of Northrend. Fought scourge, faceless – even the Horde at one point. Was a fantastic adventure, with lasting consequences for our characters. For a long time after our goal was to find a way to identify and cure the Whispers Of The Old Gods.

Why did you choose Rhyme and Punishment?:

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Honestly, I have been playing for a while now and I have always intended to start participating in RP. However I wanted to get to grips with the game first, and then after a year Legion was coming out so I wanted to wait until that dropped so I could figure out a main character and so I believe I have a good handle over things and yours honestly seems to be the most active of all the RP guilds.

Why do you think that we should invite you as a guild member?:

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Because everyone loves a Monk. If that isn’t enough however, I write for a living and love Roleplaying characters. Happy to help out where I can, in events and just helping other members etc etc. In short I like to RP. You like to RP. We should RP together.

Are you willing to attend guild meetings?: Yes

Are you willing to attend guild RP events?: Yes

Any thoughts or questions you wish to ask the guild?:

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Had a look around the Forum but couldn't find much in the way of the Lore behind the Guild itself. Just as a side note, what is the backstory for Rhyme and Punishment?
Many Thanks! :)

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Topic/Postby Pepple » 01 Oct 2016, 18:16

Just as a side note, what is the backstory for Rhyme and Punishment?

Replace them with faces of Rhymers and that's a pretty accurate rendition. Dips is the one at the title in blue.
Shevron wrote:(that came out larger than I expected)
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Topic/Postby Toot » 01 Oct 2016, 18:40

Pepple on 01 Oct 2016 18:16 wrote:Replace them with faces of Rhymers and that's a pretty accurate rendition. Dips is the one at the title in blue.

Oh, if only I had video editing software and the patience! :Q
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Topic/Postby Shevron » 01 Oct 2016, 19:55

Toot on 01 Oct 2016 19:40 wrote:
Pepple on 01 Oct 2016 18:16 wrote:Replace them with faces of Rhymers and that's a pretty accurate rendition. Dips is the one at the title in blue.

Oh, if only I had video editing software and the patience! :Q

We so need this done!
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Topic/Postby Alwynn » 01 Oct 2016, 21:25

Hi Ryed.
Your application looks good, so poke an officer in-game so we can meet up and have a chat.
(Officers: Shevron, Alwynn, Fereth, Toot, Lilandris and guild mistress Serendipity.)
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Topic/Postby Serendipity » 02 Oct 2016, 21:51

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