Application Form: Yanesko

Apply to Rhyme and Punishment here, should you be successful you can expect to receive our realm famous membership bag, complete with cheese coupons, half full bottles of wine, and a Toot plush toy.

Topic/Postby Yanesko » 25 Nov 2017, 07:47

Application Form: Yanesko

::: In-Character Application Letter :::

Application Letter:

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Hello, good people of Azeroth. I come in peace. I'm new here in your world and I've been studying your language so I hope you will be indulgent and will forgive me these little mistakes in my spelling. My name is Yanesko. I'm a lone traveller and I've got nobody and nowhere to go to. I don't want to speak about my life before "death" and that it doesn't exist anymore. I would rather stay in the grave if I had had a choice. Anyway I have no I'm getting used to living this new life. I want to find some friends and just a bit of support. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Well...I've been thinking for the whole night and couldn't fell asleep. I may seem you pitiful, I'm ashamed of that. I possibly should tell you my story and this might help me to leave everything behind and you will be able to understand why I am now what you see. But I can't really do it until I am sure not to be rejected. Well... that's what I wanted to say.

::: Character Details :::

Name: Yanesko

Gender: Male

Race: Draenei

Class: Death Knight

Level: 62

Is this your main or alt?: Alt

Current main and secondary specialization: blood only

Current primary and secondary professions: I haven't chosen my vocation yet

Realm of Origin: The Sha'tar

Amount of time you have been on this realm: Months

Did you start the character on this realm, or is it a transfer? If transfer, from where?: Here. But my mains are on a Russian realm.

Current guild you are part of, and previous guilds you have been in (if any): As I've already written, I've nowhere to go.

Background of previous guilds:

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Since when have you been playing WoW?: The Burning Crusade

Do you know, or have been referred by, a current member of RnP?: No

::: Player OOC Details :::

Real age bracket: 26-30

Your country of residence: Russia

Your level of English: Good

What kind of a player are you in terms of time spent online?: Regular

::: RP Details :::

Races / classes / factions your character hates or is "at war" with?: Arthas and the Scourge

How knowledgeable of the Warcraft lore are you?: Somewhat competent

Your favourite WoW area, and why?:

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Well... I think Nagrand. It's green and full of life. I hate locations that make me think about death. My soul is still alive.
But in all the zones there is something particular that's why I can declare that all this world attracts me by this magnifecence and mystery.

Your fondest RP memory:

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Well, I'm a novice in RP. But when we played in the Wotlk I even wrote a novel about our raiding 10 and drew some comics and everybody loved it so much that evetybody even tried to correspond their chacters. So we had a lot of adentures in Ulduar. Some of them were imaginary, others - real.

Why did you choose Rhyme and Punishment?:

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Well.. as I've told, I'm a novice here. I 've wanted to try RP for many years and al last ventured to write this application.

Why do you think that we should invite you as a guild member?:

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Whp can teach how to be a good RP player if not another very good RP player.
Apart this I'm an easy-going person and love the WOW.

Are you willing to attend guild meetings?: Yes

Are you willing to attend guild RP events?: Yes

Any thoughts or questions you wish to ask the guild?:

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Well, I'm not completely sure of how to communicate properly in an RP guild and I'm always scared to make stupid mistakes so I hope to get some help with this.

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Topic/Postby Serendipity » 26 Nov 2017, 14:19


Looks like a good application and it's good to see someone will to give something new a try :Q

Most of us have been at this RP malarkey for quite a few years (too many years?) so would be happy to offer some tips or answer questions. It's really not that tough and I'm sure you'll pick it up easily.

I'll give you a poke in game during the week.... Any sort of times good for you?
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Topic/Postby Yanesko » 26 Nov 2017, 14:52

Yeah, thanks.I would be honored to accept your invitation at any moment. If you want I would be able turn to you myself when I am there.

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But I'm on the Shatar and you are all on the Moonglade?
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Topic/Postby Shevron » 26 Nov 2017, 15:09

Sha'tar and Moonglade are connected realms, so we share the same space.

It's not an issue :)
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Topic/Postby Serendipity » 27 Nov 2017, 20:12

Sorry for having to scamper off - as promised, I'll speak to you tomorrow at 8pm server time! :C
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