Untitled. kinda.

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Untitled. kinda.

I want to be a miner.

*queue monkey island music*

The Place? Northrend. The more specific place? Ymirheim. The time? err... supper time!

It had so far been a daring rescue attempt. Claresta had aided the valiance expedition and Argent Crusade to the best of her abilities. After having been shot down early in the raid on the Vykrul town of Ymirheim, Claresta had remembered the wonders of levitation and had managed to survive the fall. It had been explained to her by the Argent Crusader that this mission was of vital importance, she was to enter the cave and rescue the miners. Most of this explanation and planning had been lost on Claresta, the only thing she heard the Crusader mention was 'fly plane and cave'. To Claresta this only meant two things, a fun ride and then new mold!

The cave itself was vast and heavily populated by the miners she had been sent to rescue. The Vykrul guarding the cave were already busy with the raid outside to notice Claresta’s incursions deeper into the cave system. 'Well I'm here now, I best get to work' she said as she picked up a discarded miners pickaxe. No sooner had she started mining and cutting the first batch of mold from the cave wall when all of a sudden a human male staggered up to her shouting 'the ore! There’s something in it!’ 'Aha!' another cave mold enthusiast said Claresta 'well this batch is mine go find your own!’ Suddenly and unexpectedly the man turns on his feet and throws himself deep into cavern below towards certain death. Claresta was certain of only one thing and that was that the best stuff must be at the bottom of the cavern. Claresta peered over the ledge and bellowed ‘Outlast, this is it! The mold is all mine!'

She leaned over the ledge, it was a very long way down and levitation was unlikely to save her this time. 'I must try, I must!' she got ready to jump when suddenly a strong arm grabbed her around the waist and a voice shouted 'I'm here to rescue you! Do not be afraid!’ Claresta attempted to protest 'But... but... the mold! The mold! I've nearly got it'. The man held Claresta and moved her over his shoulder, 'Fear not we will have you out of here soon enough'. The only thoughts going threw his mind was 'by the light, this girls in even worst condition than all the other miners'.

The man, whom was clearly a human Paladin carried Claresta out of the cave and into the town with little resistance from the Vykrul. Claresta peered at the cave behind, the Vykrul had already begun to return and the raid was coming to an end. The chance and opportunity for new mold had passed for now, there would of course be others...

*After the success?!? of my last story I thought I'd continue the theme. meh, nothing vastly different. I only recently did the daily quest in Northrend called slaves to saronite and figured it might make a silly tale for Claresta. Meh I like typing meh a lot. Meh.. Pow!*
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