Rainsong's historie and other stories

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Rainsong's historie and other stories


The trees of Teldrassil were lit up by the always pinkish light that shone through them.
Somewhere in the depths of the woods, a pool was hidden from unwelcome eyes... a thick layer of myst lay upon the water and there, on top of the water... was movement.

The leaves seemed to be a much brighter shade of green here, the grass fresh and wet with dew, the water clean and clear, the flowers bright and colourfull, much more even so then in the rest of the forest. Perhaps it was the fact that there, beyond the borderies of this pool, the pinkish light overflowed everything.

On top of the water it seemed like there were lights, little figures flying over it. Nothing was ever seen like it, they seemed like creatures of light... Looking closer, they were like little transparent like creatures, flying rapidly over the wateredge. Then, in the blink of an eye, they were gone...

From between the thick leaves on the side of the water came a child, a little girl. Her skin was greenish, like the clothes she was wearing. She was a child of nature, a creature of the woods. She walked and was met by animals, and others of her kind, all in different shapes, forms and appearances. Some looked like trees, with a barkish skin, some looked like dwarves or gnomes, their skin coloured as the ores of the land, some beings almost uncoloured, their skin one shade lighter than water. The child, however, had the appearance of a Night Elf.

It started raining. It was the time of the naming ritual and all over the pool the elder beings watched the children while they played and darted through and over the water. A boy with webbed hands and toes dove through the water, like a fish. He jumped out and landed on a rock like a frog. His name would be Frogleap.
A little girl with a glassy white skin and staring eyes sat by the waterside, staring into nothingness, one foot dangling in the water. Her name became Dreamsight. Another boy with a bark-like skin and hair like leaves stood still by the waterside, watching the other children play. The elders decided that his name should be, very logical, Barkskin.
Our girl walked slowly through the water, watching everything, her head in the rain, and sang a song, honouring nature. Her name became Rainsong...

And with that, our story begins.
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The hole

Young Rainsong grew up in the mysty surroundings of the secret pool, together with all the other beings that lived there. She learned everything she needed to know, but especially how to serve and honour nature, her mother.
Learning and loving, she grew up to be a beautifull girl, nimf and night elf alike.

Her skin was as light a green as the skin of a tree, one of the whitish ones, her hair as green as the grass beneath her feet, shining like the dewdrops that covered it in the morning. She wore not many clothes but the ones she wore were the colours of nature. Green, brown, and all kinds of variations of nature's looks. Her eyes were like the pool she was born near, deep, and unrevealing. One moment she could look bright and clever, the next she was staring dreamily into a certain distance...

Thus she lived there, quiet and peacefull, until someday something happened that changed her life.

That day Rainsong walked around and looked at everything, learning, touching, listening. A butterfly flew towards her and landed on her arm, exploring her skin with it's tongue. It quickly decided there wasn't much to eat there and flew on. Rainsong followed it with her eyes with a smile on her lips. Suddenly her eyes went to something else; the butterfly flew to some bushes that had... a hole...?... in them. She walked towards them and peaked through the hole. She saw... a pink world! It frightened her. She quickly hurried back and ran towards one of the elders.

"Mildwind, good elder, help me!", she shouted.
The elder, a tall treelike figure with white leaves on his head, turned around and hurried towards her. He grabbed her arms as she stumbled and almost fell. "What is the matter, my child?", he asked.
"I saw... a hole... in the bushes! And through it shone a purple light!"

The elder looked down on her. "Yes my dear, that is the world beyond our own. You would have learned about it once you were older, but I guess you're ready for it now. Come."
Together they walked to the "hole in the bushes" and looked through it. A vast forest appeared before their eyes and all was purple. It was like nothing Rainsong had ever seen, although ofcourse her world had not been very large until now.

"That, my child, is the world beyond ours. It's a dangerous place, full of strange things that are unknown to us, even to me." They kept looking at and talking about that strange new world out there until it became dark and all went to their sleeping places.

That night, Rainsong dreamed. She dreamed that she was walking through the rain, singing, until suddenly a purple light shone on her. She stopped and looked up. The purple light flowed over her like a blanket and filled her with a warm feeling. She reached up, wanted to fly, wanted to go there, to that light!
With that feeling, she woke up. She was now more curious then ever about that strange, new world.

After she got up and took a shower under the great waterfall she took a walk, her eyes constantly drawn towards where she knew the hole in the bushes was. She noticed she had automatically walked to where the elders lived.
Elder Mildwind studied her, then looked at the others and said "I think it is time." The other elders nodded and started to collect all the young ones. It was time they all learned.

So with all the young ones in the open square, the elders started to tell about the world behind the hole. They themselves did not know everything, they said, for who was to go there, could never return to this little world they lived in now...
This created a wave of disbelief amongst the youth, but the elders said that theirs was such a nice little world, and they were the only ones living here, they would not find many of them outside their world, only the ones who wanted to explore and chose to themselves... They admitted they themselves had been outside and did return, but only to see what was out there. It was also their exploring that lead to their decision, out of fear of being discovered and the chance to take in "outside factors". They had their own little paradise here. Therefor the rule was binding and made into a magical law. Who goes outside, may not return.

When the lecture was over, Rainsong stayed behind, stunned. She was so curious about this new world, but if she left, she could never return to this beautifull place. Yet, her curiosity kept growing and deep inside she knew that one day, she'd leave...

Weeks went by and Rainsong lived her little life. Untill the day she was named an adult. She then made the decision. She collected the things that she wanted to take with her and walked once more to the place the elders lived.
She went to elder Mildwind, the elder it all started with. He looked at her. "So, my child... I see determination in your eyes. You have made your decision then, I take it?" She was surprised. How did he know? Then again, he often knew things. She nodded. "Yes elder, I have. I will go and explore the outside world."
"My child, I knew already the first time we spoke of it... you were somehow destined to do this."
Rainsong smiled, then frowned. "Are you really sure I can never return once I go out, elder?", she asked.
"I'm afraid so, little one, the spells we put on our little world make it quite impossible", the elder sighed with a regretfull look.
"Hmm, 'quite'...", thought Rainsong.

Her face became stern.

"Elders, I have decided I want to explore the outside world." Rainsong now said it to make it an official notice to all the elders. A collective sigh came out. "Then go, my child, and be carefull", one elder said. "Learn much, young one", another one said.

So, they all gave an advice or a blessing. Elder Mildwind had not yet said anything but he walked her to the hole in the bushes. There, in privacy, he looked at her and gave her a hug. "Go well in life, little one. Be carefull. You will be missed." It was the most intimate that he had ever said to her, but she felt he meant it. She beamed a smile at him and they said their goodbyes.

Then, with one last look around, she stepped through the hole in the bushes... and the moment she came out the other side, the spells that protected her little world did their work, and the hole dissapeared... her little world, as she knew it, was gone...

She was alone.
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