Return of the Widgetwhuzz

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Return of the Widgetwhuzz

In the upstairs compartment of an everyday standard-class Ironforge housing, the lights were dimmed and - aside from what commotion could be heard from the bustling denizens outside - the scratching of writing tools against fresh parchments being what little there was to shatter the silence.

Sholie Widgetwhuzz - her face partially lit up in the glow from a nearby candle - leaned well over the edge of the table at which she sat, in what looked like deep concentration as the ink-dipped writing tool stroke across the parchment surface.

"Hey Folji!" Was jotted with bold writing in the upper-left portion of the parchment.

"I'm sorry it's been a while now since last time I sent a letter, how are things over there? Things have been going really well, both with me and with this guild you got me into - the Rhyme and Punishment. They're a nice gang; a bit odd, but still nice with it.

It's fun, and I've seen things you wouldn't believe with these people! But I don't know if adventuring is really my thing. I know the idea was not for me to try and fill in any shoes of yours or anything, but that's still how it feels - and those shoes are really big!
I'd rather just tweak the nuts and bolts on a mechanical contraption and be happy with that. Speaking of; I hear they're looking for seasoned mechanics right here in Ironforge.

So why don't you come back? You sounded in that last letter like you were growing a bit tired of that quiet life you've got out there at the Loch!
And besides, you're much better at this business than I am.

- Sholie

She put the writing tools away, wrapped up the parchment, dripped a few drops of wax where one end lay over the middle, and stamped a plain seal on it. Holding up the sealed letter, she didn't say anything; she just sat there quietly, staring at the letter for a brief moment while the candle flickered next to her.

A while later, over by the Great Forge, Sholie passed the letter on to the city's stout, dwarven flight master. She smiled at the dwarf, having just specified both destination and recipient of the letter, before she slowly started to walk away with her smile kept intact - looking rather content.

The following day, the sun stood high in the sky beyond the damn that kept the waters of Loch Modan where they were. A light-footed dwarf held a two-finger grip to the brim of how green cowl as he marched against the early-day breeze with a satchel over the shoulder; his journey went down a path, north out of Thelsamar and quite a distance away. After a while of walking down this way, he arrived at a quaint and cozy-looking hovel - dug into the hills with a stone porch, like most residences in the area were. On that stone porch, a gnome sat leaned back on a chair; with a stein on a nearby table and the odd book in his hands. As the dwarf came close, the gnome left the book with the back up and the open page down against the table surface, rose up from the chair and gave a wave at the approaching one.

"Great mornin', wouldn't ye say sir Widgetwhuzz?" Said the dwarf loudly, a few yards off from the few odd stairs up to the stone porch.
"It sure is, Hammerhewer." Responded the gnome, smiling brightly as he walked down from the porch to greet his visitor. "It sure is. So what have you got for me?"

The dwarf didn't hesitate for a moment, and pulled in the cord over his shoulder the bring the satchel around for him to reach. "Well, apparently there be a letter 'ere for ye, from yer sweetie cousin. Th' one tha' ye handed all those things over to when ye decided ta pull out o' yer profession and settle down, wasn't it so?"

"Sholie, huh?" Folji looked a positively surprised at the announcement, glancing over to the satchel as Hammerhewer eventually pulled out the sealed letter that has been written and sent off just the day before.

"Aye, tha' was her name. Charmin' one, ain't she." The dwarf murmured and passed Sholie's letter on to it's recipient, promtly starting to walk away just as soon as he had done so - waving a hand in the breezy air while once again reaching for his precious cowl. "There be more things fer me tae deliver, Widgetwhuzz. Farewell!"

Lightly befuddled by the situation, Folji turned, ventured up the stairs and slipped into the hovel, all the while with all concentration centred on the letter in his hands. As soon as he was inside the quaint house, with comfortable space, a calmly burning fireplace and walls covered with a plethora of trophies and memorable items, Folji broke the seal on the parchment letter and folded it out.

His mouth quickly curled into a smile that slowly grew wider, and his eyebrows slowly rose higher and higher, while he read his way from top to bottom of the letter. Not before had the gnome finished, he rolled the letter up and held it clench in one hand while looking around at the many things that adorned the walls - each of them telling a story from a period of his life that had lasted more than just a while.

"Maybe it is time to revisit it all. Would be fun."


Oh my oh my, this can only mean one thing - I've been plonking about with my halfcocked ideas again; namely bringing back ol' Folji.

While playing the character Sholie has been pretty fun and amusing, all good stories have to end some time. And I've been missing the sideburns. :Q

The name Folji was made available again on the server a while ago, and I decided to make claim of it with a placeholder character for the goodun sake of it. Not sure just when I'll be buying a re-customization, though I think I'll try and do it already this here weekend or so.
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