" An unexpected turn of events"

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" An unexpected turn of events"

“this cant be happening”
Reathor stood with his back to the figure, shaking his head in disbelief.
“I…I saw you die”
“I thought you, of all people, would know that Death is not always the end, Reathor.”
He turned his head a little as the man spoke, the voice was his, without a doubt, but it seemed ..different somehow, almost ghostly, old.
“You…why are you here…and when, did you return?”
He closed his eyes as he felt the mans arm on his shoulder.
“I have always been here, my boy, you just…haven’t noticed me”
Reathor smirked, shaking his head,
“Pah, know I know this is a dream, if you were always here, you wouldn’t have left me in the Monastery, I know you wouldn’t”
He closed his eyes, feeling the cold touch of a long dead hand on the back of his neck, “its all a dream, its all a dream” he told himself repeatedly.
“The Monastery was…unfortunate to say the least, There’s nothing I could do, but still, look, you got away, and now look at you”
Reathor pushed his shoulder back, stepping forward, clearly uncomfortable with the undead’s presence.
“No thanks to you, Its down to Catherina and the Ebon Knights I got away, not you…Are you even aware your daughters dead?”
“Of course I know this, boy”
“Well, let’s cut to the chase…why are you here?”
Reathor turned to face the undead for the first time, looking over it properly, and sighed, it was definatly him, the same face, same look, just…dead
“I came…To deliver you this”
The undead man held out his hand, revealing a polearm of sorts.
“Suntear , use it well”
Reathor watched the man for a few seconds, before taking the weapon, clenching his hand around it tightly.
The undead was gone, leaving Reathor along once again, with nothing but the silence of Thoradin’s wall to keep him company. He sighed, looking around carefully, before clambering down from the long ruined battlement, this certainly had been an unexpected turn of events.
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