A minor inconvenience

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Topic/Postby Reathor » 22 Nov 2009, 22:50

A minor inconvenience

The fel blast hit him squarely in the chest, searing the plate armour and throwing Reathor a few feet backwards, landing face down on the dry ground, grunting. The impact of the blast had thrown Suntear from his hand, leaving him weapon less against the cultists. For a second, he lay silent, listening for the Cultists actions, waiting for the noise of more fel magic being cast, nothing came, only the sound of footsteps.
They surely couldn’t think he was dead, could they?
He lay still, as the footsteps got closer, waiting until he knew one of the Cultists stood just above him, he held his breath, staying completely silent, not so much as a twitch.
You have them fooled, you need to act now.
Feeling the shadow of the Cultist over him, Reathor twisted, swinging his leg round and bringing the Cultist tumbling to the ground, he smirked, taking the opportunity to leap onto his feet, and bringing his armoured foot down on the downed Cultists chest, the resulting cracking noise hinting the shattering of its ribs.
The Shock of the presumably dead paladins action seemed to have thrown the Cultists of guard, the two surviving running towards Reathor, weapons drawn.
Two on one, fair odds.
Reathor felt a strange, almost burning feeling, at his right hand, and looked at the glove, before cursing, clearly a vial of some sort of corrosive liquid had shattered against it, and was now proceeding to eat away at the plate. Pulling away the gauntlet and discarding it took time he didn’t have, succeeding and turning to face the cultist, just in time to feel its blade slice into his right forearm, the Plate absorbing enough of the blow for it to not slice to bone. The Paladin grunted with the weapons impact, before sending his free arm towards the Cultist, the Plate gauntlet contacting and shattering the heretics face, killing it outright.
One left.
Ignoring the pain in his forearm for now, Reathor turned to face the surviving opponent, eyeing it up as it charged closer. The cultist swung at him, a clumsy blow, and one he easily sidestepped, before bringing his elbow into the back of its neck, breaking it also.
The paladin fell to his knees, gripping the wound to his forearm. His hand flashed brightly, and the wound began to close.

Reathor remained on his knees, looking at the area around him, Three Cultists lay dead, the ground now littered with their weapons, along with a collection of vials, and necromantic tomes. Suntear lay a fair few feet away from the rest of the scene, next to a large bloodstained dent in the ground, presumably made by Reathor’s impact after being hit by the Fel blast.

The Paladin sighed, cursing under his breath as he stood, his chest plate still visibly burned by the Fel magic, picking up, and slinging Suntear onto his back, he continued his journey towards Refuge point, shaking his head with disgust at this minor inconvenience.
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