The Hunt Continues.

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The Hunt Continues.

The streets of Dalaran faced became packed as the hour approached midday, looking down from the window he stood at, Reathor could see the usual chaos, as the people of the violet city went about their daily routines.

The room he stood in was somewhere far above the ground, how far though, even Reathor couldn’t tell, for sure, he hadn’t walked up enough flights of stairs and corridors to be this high though? Regardless, the mages had kindly lent him this room for his meeting, exactly how he got this high, seemed of minor importance, and something that should be worked out at a later date. The windows gave Dalaran a pinkish pigment as he looked down, Yet still it appeared a chaotic and ugly metropolis compared to the evening before.

“Sir Alexander”

He tilted his head, listening to the voice behind him, a young woman no doubt, most likely in her early twenties, she sounded nervous, almost afraid.

“They have arrived”
“Excellent, please send them in”
“Of course, sir”
For a few more minutes, there was silence, before the footsteps of numerous individuals entering the room prompted Reathor to turn. Three had entered the room, two night elves, and a human, he moved to one of the Night elves first.

A male, clearly, standing far taller than any others in the room, his armour, a mixture of Purple robes, and seal fur, A staff was in one hand, which he appeared to lean on, the head of which bearing the insigna of a claw, The Elves skin had far less of a purple tint than most of its kin. Reathor smirked, nodding respectfully to the Druid.
“Saloris Barkclaw, good to see you, as always”
The druid bowed his head.
“You can always rely on me, Alexander, you should know this by now”
Saloris walked towards the window, and looked out of it over the city, almost motionless, while Reathor turned his attention to the second elf.

Much shorter than Saloris, and of female build, her clothing a mixture of banded leather and light chain mail. A large, black hat concealed much of her face, a quiver, and longbow strapped neatly at her back, a faint smile on her lips.
“Its been a while, Reathor”
“indeed it has, Lily, its good to see you, regardless”
The Elf smiled faintly, tilting the hat back and looking Reathor in the eye.
“Good to see you to, now, where is the prey”
“All in good time”
Lily nodded, and walked towards Saloris, and Reathor approached the human. She was clearly small of build, very young, she wore full black leather armour, with two daggers at her waist, and a long, dark coloured cloak shrouding her back, she concealed her face with a full mask, her presence seemed to confuse the Paladin.
“Miss, have we met?”
The woman removed her hood, and Reathor’s eyes widened.
She smiled faintly to him
“What are you doi-”
“Don’t be mad, father, I heard you needed help, so came to see what I can do”
Reathor sighed, looking down at his daughter,
“You know, if Sianan finds out your helping me, you’ll be in masses of trouble, aye?”
Alexe shrugged, and smirked.
“Mother doesn’t know most of what I do, anyway, and of late, why would you care how she reacts to my actions anyway?”
“Because she’s still your mother, whatever has happened between us of late, Alexe”
“I know father…but please, I want to help”
Reathor sighed again, looking down at his daughter, she certainly appeared stronger than she had in the past, and was certainly no longer a child, he frowned.
“And if I say no?”
“then ill follow regardless, and pester you until you let me”
The paladin smirked, ruffling Alexe’s hair a little.
“very well, but if Sianan flies off the hook about this, I’m not taking the blame, got it?”
Alexe seemed to laugh.
“Fine, fine”
She walked towards Lily and Saloris at the window, and Reathor turned to face them.
“I’m sure, you all know why I asked for aid”
The three nodded in turn.
“Excellent, these cultists must be found, and ended, before they can cause further trouble, now, any questions on the matter?”
Saloris nodded, and spoke.
“where’s your mage friend, or the gnome, either would be most useful in this”
“She’s busy, working, and Nipsy…well he’s probably eating somewhere, so it’s just us, im afraid”
“Sir, do you really think the four o-”
Lily interrupted the druids words
“of course we can, Saloris, its just a few cultists, nothing we haven’t come across before”
The druid shook his head at her words.
“if you say so, I do remain to be convinced”
Reathor smirked, looking at Saloris, the druid appeared worried, or tired, or perhaps both.
“Sal, we will be fine” he said, “Well, I hope so, but I suppose that’s part of the fun, eh?”
The druid almost smirked.
“I…guess so, very well, which way, Alexander?”

Reathor smirked, gesturing for them to move towards the table in the centre of the room, where an unrolled map was shown, a number of notes and captions had been added, and Reathor pointed to one of the captions.
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