And now she had nothing...

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Topic/Postby Lilandris » 03 Jan 2010, 05:33

And now she had nothing...

This is not pointing a finger at anyone, it is merely capturing an important event in Lil's life through her eyes. Enjoy!

And now she had nothing

She did not blame anyone but herself, she was standing on bare ground, emotional rock bottom. She hadn’t fought for her lover; too blind to see her foes, and now she had nothing. Lil was kneeling down in front of the altar of the cathedral in Stormwind, praying, she kept praying, hours passed and the sun went down and still she was praying.

Light guide me for I have nothing, the helping hand has let go of mine, and I am left with the lantern in my other hand to light the way further. Keeping my head over the waterline was harder than I thought, and now I have drowned. Light help me keep my memories, for they are what I hold dear. Light bless those I love and care about, light bless my friends for I need them now more than ever, light bless itself, for it is the lantern that I clutch in my hand.

The sound of plated boots against marble floors filled the cathedral, Lil paid it no mind as she had all other sounds all day, little did she know that there were no person walking towards her at all, no plated boots against marble floors, no natural occurrence of sound or speech at all. Someone poked her on her shoulder and she stood up, wiping tears from her eyes.
- “I know what happened yesterday, Lilandris Len.” A tall human paladin with a long gray beard and weary eyes gazed into hers. “Time –will- do its healing.”
- “So everyone keeps telling me, and I almost believe it every time.” Her voice was sad, and she sniffed in between words. “Some wounds can’t be healed, not by time nor the light. At least the light still has a plan for me, I am a walking tragedy, I always was… And now it is complete, all that is left is for me to finish the task given to me by the light.”
- “I know your grief well, for your grief is my grief, and there is a time for everything, even grief.” The paladin rubbed his chin with his palm.
- “It is not wrong to be happy, but I have had my share for now, maybe more will come some day, but that day is not close, I was too needy, I took more than I gave and now there is nothing more to take.” Lil gazed out the stained glass window behind the altar.
- “Yes, the chapter of love and family has reached its end, but like a phoenix, from the ashes something else will be reborn-“
- “Madness, madness is what will be reborn!” Lil shouted at the paladin, he remained as calm as ever, his face didn’t even change. “Everything will fall like a damned house of cards!” Lil burst into tears again and hid her face in her hands.
- “I am your omnipotent guardian, I know what has happened and I know what will happen, in context to you. But words are powerless to describe what will happen and as such I cannot tell you what will happen.” The paladin placed a hand on Lil’s shoulder. “Your life has seen many a tragedy, and you deserve a rest, the light does not forget its champions, but you must finish your task.”
- “Or die a martyr’s death.” Lil sighed.
- “Your life is an open book, Lilandris Len. You should not close it before it is done, but do not stay on the same page forever, as you would not get any further, and the page would eventually lose its meaning.” The paladin let out a cough.
- “And I see many pages of grief and reflection now…” Lil let her mind drift off to the murder of her mother, then another series of events of both recent and distant past.

Lil woke up in a small boat on the canals of Stormwind, she had been dreaming. She sat up and grimaced from the pain in her back that was a result of sleeping on hard wood all night. She leaned over and splashed some water in her face, when the ripples dissipated she saw her own reflection in the water, and noticed her indigo blue hair had turned white. She laid back down in the boat and gazed up at the sky, she laid there for another hour before she moved at all.
- “I will mourn this loss, but I will cherish the memories, this is not goodbye.” … “…Like a damned house of cards” Lil muttered.

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Topic/Postby Reathor » 05 Jan 2010, 14:04

Very well written Lil :D

It's sad to see Lil in that state around Stormwind, really:(
lets hope her fate changes soon!
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