Misadventures at the Faire

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Misadventures at the Faire

First attempt at writing for quite a while. Was inspired while running the quests for the Darkmoon Faire and was also reminded of the comic for the event.

Tibithea was no stranger to strange things; she was from Gilneas after all. She glanced down at the parchment in her hands and sighed as she read off the list of things that needed to be done,

"No rest for the wicked then." she muttered to herself, checking that her bags were properly secured to her horse and mounted up. The stable boy grinned at her,

"When you come back, can you tell me about the Faire?" he asked, "I always wanted to go, but the stable master says I have to work." Tibithea gave the young lad a small smile,

"If I have the time, I'll tell you all about it." she promised, giving Sable a soft kick and guiding him out of the Old Town district of Stormwind.

"You sure you don't want to try out one of my Darkstriders Tibbie?" Dusty called as the Gilnean merchant steadied Sable after his trip through the portal. Tibithea shook her head, grinning at the gnome and patting the horse on his neck affectionately,

"Sorry Dusty, but I prefer Sable here. He's a good boy really, aren't you lad?" she stroked the horse's mane and guided him in the direction of the path down to the Faire. Dusty pouted,

"Well, if you ever change your mind...." he said as Tibithea started her ride down the road. He gave on of his charges a pat on the beak, "Never mind girl, there's plenty others where she came from."

Tibithea shivered as she finally made it to the bottom of the hill, there was something not quite natural about the forests here, but she could never put her finger on why. The merchant shook the feeling off as she brought Sable to a stop at the first tent. The Forsaken looking around at the tent's entrance looked up as the 'human' approached,

"Ah, Miss Fairman, do you have those banners I ordered?" she asked. Tibithea nodded as she got down from Sable and undid the clasps on her tailoring bag,

"Freshly stitched and dyed this morning, Selina." she replied, taking the items out of the bag and handing them to the undead woman. The Forsaken merchant took the bundle and unfolded the first banner, inspecting it carefully. After a few moments she nodded in satisfaction,

"Good, I'll get these put up around the Faireground later. You wouldn't believe how many we get through each month." she said, casting a baleful glare at a passing firebreather, who gulped nervously and rushed along the pathway. Tibithea chuckled,

"Oh I can well believe it Selina." she assured the Forsaken woman, "Though as a fellow tailor, I will hardly complain about some extra work each month." she winked. Selina gave a wheezy chuckle at this as she handed the Gilnean a bag of coins,

"No I suppose not." she agreed, "Though hopefully some of the new firebreathers will learn to be a little less careless this month." Tibithea grinned,

"I hope so too, more for your sanity than my time." she said, clipped the bag back up and patting Sable on the side, "You don't mind me leaving Sable here again do you?" she asked, adjusting her hat and taking one of the bags off the saddle. Selina shrugged,

"So long as he doesn't start eating the cloth." she sighed. Tibithea shook her head,

"That will be the goats Sel." she sighed, hoisting the bag up onto her shoulder, "I won't be long, I just have another couple of errands to run." The Forsaken waved Tibithea along,

"Take your time, no doubt you'll get caught up in some situation or other." Tibithea grimaced as she recalled the previous month's escapades and shook her head,

"I'm staying well clear of trouble this time." she stated firmly, tipping her hat over her eyes and striding off into the Faireground proper.

Tibithea grinned to herself as she dropped off the orders that Stamp and Chronos had ordered, she was almost done, all that was left was to get some fish for Stamp that could only be found in the waters around the island, and an errand for the Soothsayer Gnoll. Tibithea grimaced slightly at the second errand, the Soothsayer could be a tricky one to deal with. Shaking her head, the Gilnean merchant nonetheless made her way to the tent that the Gnoll lived in.

Sayge grinned and gave a small growl of appreciation as she sent a night elf on his way and found Tibithea waiting patiently for her. She waved the merchant into her tent and poured some tar looking tea out for her,

"Thank you for coming to see me Tibbie." she said gruffly, gesturing to a seat that had clearly seen far better days. Tibithea gave the chair a wary glance and sat on it very gingerly. The wood creaked, but it didn't give way. Breathing an internal sigh of relief, the Gilnean looked over to the Gnoll warily,

"I understand you want something disenchanted Sayge?" she asked, making sure to keep her voice even. The gnoll nodded as she handed Tibithea a cracked cup,

"Indeed, I need some special enchanting dust to dry off my fortunes. It makes the ink I use more powerful and individual to the people I give them to." she explained, sitting down opposite the 'human'. Tibithea added several sugar cubes to the tea, stirring it carefully, not taking her eyes off the Gnoll,

"I see, and what would you like me to disenchant to get this dust for you?" she asked. Sayge sniffed at the air and took a sip of her own tea,

"The people that come to visit the Faire are careless and stupid, often throwing away old weapons that can be put to much better use. These weapons, which are often magical in nature, absorb some of the essence of the island which we Faire folk call home. I need you to gather some of these weapons and disenchant them for me." Tibithea narrowed her eyes at this,

"And if the owner wants the weapon back?" she asked in a low voice. Sayge gave a throaty chuckle,

"Then they shouldn't leave them lying around." she replied, "Silas likes to keep the Faire clean and safe for all and leaving weapons lying around is not clean or safe." Tibithea thought about this for a moment and nodded slowly,

"Yes, Silas is very.... meticulous about that." she agreed, "Alright, I'll do this errand for you, but I shall need to get these fish for Stamp first." she told the old Gnoll. Sayge leaned back heavily in her own chair,

"By all means, dear, take your time." she said with a slight growl. Tibithea sent the Gnoll a wary glance as she exited the tent, wrapping her cloak more firmly around her shoulders.

Tibithea sighed as she found an axe lying in the Basilisk enclosure of the petting zoo. She spared the frozen troll lying at the far end of the enclosure a sympathetic glance,

"Unlucky sod." she sighed, "Was probably trying to find a shortcut or something. At least his weapon's not frozen as well." she said, picking the object up and gingerly stepping back out of the enclosure, checking her pocket mirror to make sure that Krystal was still asleep. She started as she felt a dagger push against her back,

"You be wantin' to give that back." A gruff, heavily accented voice said in her ear. Tibithea glanced to her side to find a rather angry looking troll leering at her. She tightened her grip on the axe,

"And what if I don't?" she asked, keeping her voice equally low. The last thing she wanted to do was cause a scene. Silas hated scenes. The dagger was pushed further into the merchant's back, the tip piercing through the leather jerkin Tibithea was wearing,

"Then the Basilisk not gonna be hungry for a long time." the troll growled. Tibithea sighed, clearly there was no other way out of this one. She closed her eyes and asked the plants growing nearby to lend their aid in helping her apprehend this troll who would dare to cause a disturbance in the fairgrounds. The troll yelped in surprise as his legs suddenly became entangled in thick, ropy roots. Tibithea stepped away from the troll's dagger and turned to face him,

"You know, leaving your weapon lying around like that won't exactly endear you to the fine folks who run this whole place." she said, crossing her arms across her chest, the axe still firmly held. The troll glared at her as he tried to rip the roots off his legs,

"I gonna make your death the most painful...."

"What's going on here?" a voice from behind Tibithea asked mildly. The merchant turned to face Silas, who was looking at the scene with a look of mild distaste. Tibithea tipped her hat to the gnome,

"Good day Silas, I was asked to disenchant some discarded weapons that were left lying around by Sayge so she could use the dust to aid in her fortunes." she explained. "Unfortunately, this troll left his axe in Krystal's pen and now wants it back." Silas looked over to the troll,

"Really now?" he asked, his voice low but pleasant enough, "And how did your axe come to be in Krystal's enclosure my good troll?" he asked. The troll growled as the roots around his legs finally came free, their assistance no longer needed.

"My friend and I be tryin' to get back to Thunderbluff quickly. My friend be an idiot and try to be gettin' through the zoo as a shortcut. I be warnin' him it be a bad idea...."

"That still doesn't quite answer my question." Silas said, "How did your axe get into the enclosure?" he asked. The troll glared at the gnome,

"I be tryin' to save my friend." he replied, "But by the time I be gettin' there he already turned to crystal." he glared at the dozing basilisk, "I be droppin' my axe gettin' out of the enclosure." he replied. Silas nodded,

"That is quite bothersome." he said, "But you really shouldn't be taking shortcuts through the animal enclosures, especially with weapons." The gnome turned to Tibithea,

"You have done the Faire a great service, you can disenchant that axe for Sayge. Here's a little extra for the trouble." he told the merchant, handing her a small bag of coins. Tibithea took it and glanced inside,

"Thank you very much Silas, are you sure you want to give this much?" she asked. Silas nodded,

"You've done me a great favour in removing a dangerous item from Krystal's enclosure and apprehending this miscreant." he replied smoothly, "Don't worry about it, Burth and I will take it from here." Tibithea glanced at the ogre and then at the troll. She gave the troll a slightly sympathetic shrug as he stared, jaw dropped, at Silas. She nodded to Silas, pocketed the coin purse and hurried back to Sayge's tent. She did not want to be in the vicinity while the troll was dealt with.

Tibithea grimaced as she knocked back her third drink of the evening, the barman watching her with slight worry,

"You probably don't want to be doing much more of that Tibbie." he warned the merchant. Tibithea sent him a short glare,

"Just get me another." she snapped sulkily, gently fingering one of the coins Silas had given her. There really was no escaping the fact that she was now considered a staple of the running of the Faire. What that would mean in the future, however, remained to be seen.
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Sounds like an average evening at the Darkmoon Faire, pleasant little read :)
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