GHI items

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GHI items

The following thread will deal solely with GHI items you wish to share it's code with other people in the guild or outside the guild.

Here are some books i've gathered inside the game, copy the code and import in game to get the book in GHI

Tormeron's Shared
Aegwynn and the dragon hunt
Aftermath of the second war
Beyond the dark portal
Civil war in the plaguelands
The alliance of Lordaeron
The guardians of tristfal
The new horde
The war of the ancients
The world tree and the emerald

The Gnomish Times
Gnomish Times 1 (expedition missing!)

past events scrolls
Sealed letter (operah windfury Priestess in temple outlands)
Shaunessy's letter(blade edge innkeeper)

Feel free to post items you wish to share with others, please keep all your items edited and updated within one post to help keep it organized.

Check back every now and then, i shall add items as time goes by!
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