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Topic/Postby Gergel » 05 Sep 2014, 23:11


A small meeting took place outside Stormwind in Friday evening.

A concerned Thelarwen walked in to Lilandris' and Aroona's quiet evening in the Blue Recluse bar. She spent no time on pleasantries and immediately requested a private meeting with the duo. So, apologizing to Stutter, Lilandris and Aroona joined Thelarwen in a secluded spot near the waterfall just outside Stormwind, towards Westfall.

The death knight expressed her concern about the upcoming expedition to Stormwind Keep. When their next destination had been discovered in Tanaris, several group members had promptly started to make plans to covertly enter the Keep and what's worse, possibly even mount an attack by force.

Such an act would most certainly be illegal and even treasonous, and would very likely end in being thrown into prison, or worse, if found out. To Thelarwen's satisfaction both Lilandris and Aroona were strongly opposed to this type of incursion.

So they discussed legal ways to enter the Keep. Thelarwen would talk to her commander, Highlord Tirion Fordring of the Argent Crusade. Lilandris, in turn, suggested that she can have a word with higher-ups of the Stormwind Cathedral. And Aroona would contact high-ranking night elven druids. Each of them would try to arrange for a letter of recommendation from their contacts, which would point out that an independent investigation had uncovered a possible threat to the security of the Keep. They would request that the presenter of the letter and her companions should be allowed to attempt to pinpoint the dangerous magical item in the throne room. Such notes from powerful and influential faction leaders should hopefully maximise their chances for an official audience with the King.

Thelarwen also pointed out that incidents of mind and body control had occurred during many of their recent expeditions. It would be prudent to prepare for a scenario when such possession or control is used against the group as they attempt to enter the Keep on Tuesday.

It would be unlikely for the entire Keep's staff to be controlled and possessed. The Keep is the nerve center of the Alliance, any strangeness would be noticed immediately. If not by Stormwind Nobles and SI-7 (who, being in close proximity of the Keep, might themselves be controlled), then definitely by Ironforge, Darnassus, Exodar. It would be similarly unlikely that the group might encounter fake guards, as in Menethil. The Royal Guard are very carefully selected and monitored. Any attempt to even temporarily set up a false guard post would be noticed and very quickly taken care of by the real Royal Guard.

Therefore the most likely scenario would probably be a stealthy control of single guards, such as the ones greeting visitors to the Keep. Lilandris and Aroona would attempt to determine unnoticeable methods of dispelling or blocking such control. These would allow the travellers to covertly neutralize attempts at blocking their way, or even prevent themselves to be controlled, as already had happened several times during recent expeditions. In a worst case scenario, Lilandris might also know a non-stealthy spell that could be used to cure any controlled guards, and then hope for the best as the guard realizes what has been happening to them, and speak up on behalf of those who had freed his mind.

Finally, after discussing the vision the locket had granted to Lilandris and Aroona, a worrisome point appeared: they did not exactly know where the third piece of the artifact is located. The vision only hinted at the Stormwind gates, then the Keep, and towards the base of the king's throne, but not with full certainty. So Aroona suggested that she could ask her night elven druid colleagues to perform a scrying through the Emerald Dream to attempt to establish the exact location and nature of the object.

And with these plans of action, Aroona, Lilandris and Thelarwen bid each other good night and went their separate ways to set up their preparations for Tuesday.
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Topic/Postby Tormeron » 07 Sep 2014, 22:26

In an attempt to get a letter of recommendation it seems your contacts have gotten through for you all, Aroona, a letter bearing the sygil of malfurion himself have been sent to you by personal delivery.
Aroona the Night Elf who delivered the letter also told you quietly that the night elven leadership thinks it best if these objects would be handed to them for destruction once you find this final piece. He also stressed out that you shall be monitored for your own safety during the recovery of the item

Thelarwen, Highlord Tirion Fordring of the Argent Crusade has given to you a personal letter of with his recommendation regarding the help of Stormwind "in this matter of utmost importance" and made another letter personally requesting you to hand to the Argent Crusade the three items promptly after finding the third piece of the vision, that is if you should fail to find a way to destroy it.
He also added "I shall see you personally at the most of 7 days from this letter's arrival to your hands for debriefing"

Lilandris, after the people you talked to heard about the perils you had to go to in order to recover the two previous items they have quickly gotten the general's signature on a letter of recommendation to whomever you need to present it to. The letter requests from whomever the person might be to help in whatever way they are allowed by law.
To your mild annoyance they've decided to send 3 highly trained guards with you.

The scrying
After a few days of their scrying through the emerald dream, they managed to pinpoint an object though it's exact nature is concealed by magic apparently to protect it's nature from being discovered.

What is obvious is that it does not currently "do" anything, it's just sitting their in the throne room.

The exact location seems to be under the king's throne

Please do note that anyone involved in the scrying process would be weakened by the effort as the object did try to avoid detection.

Nothing else could be determined about the object.
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Topic/Postby Gergel » 10 Sep 2014, 13:49

After determining that the final piece of the puzzle is apparently located in Stormwind, a week was spent making preparations. And in the evening of the prearranged date, everyone gathered near the Stockades. They were joined by three cloaked and daggered individuals who identified themselves merely as "SI-7 agents". Apparently they were the trained backup that Lilandris had been promised.

Deciding not to waste any time, the adventuring party quickly moved toward the Stormwind Keep. It came as no surprise that they were immediately stopped by the guards who stated that no one would be allowed in the Keep, no way, no how. To which Lilandris responded by presenting her letter of passage from the High Priestess of the Cathedral. This, all of a sudden, turned out to be sufficient to change the guards' opinion and everyone moved forward. Obviously turning into ants and sneaking into the Keep, as suggested by someone earlier, would not be necessary.

At the Keep's entrance the Royal Guards demanded that everyone surrender their weapons. This did not bother those who understood the need and the procedure, inconvenienced those who were not particularly happy to hand over their weapons but did so anyway in order to enter the Keep. And then there was Lilandris who refused to let go of her pistol, so she decided to stay outside. Aroona kept her company.

The throne room was deserted. The only people present were the adventuring group, and a few guards. Their SI-7 escorts had mysteriously disappeared a little while back. A sudden magic spell descended, and every single guard in the vicinity fell asleep, even those outside.

It did not take long to find a rod of wood attached to the underside of the throne, which was obviously the item they had been looking for. Before it could be removed, there was an extremely rude interruption by a night elf stranger who ran in, failed to steal the staff, and promptly ran out again into the gardens, chased by SI-7 agents (who had similarly mysteriously reappeared) and most of the group. With the exception of Thelarwen, who decided that it was more important to secure the final piece of the artifact, instead of chasing after one elf. The elf turned into a bird and easily escaped.

By the time the disappointed chasers returned to the throne room, Thelarwen had pried the staff part loose from underneath the throne. Just as they started to discuss what to do with the three fragments, how best to keep them apart or destroy them, any possibility of choosing was removed. An irresistible magical force ripped the pieces from their hands and the artifact assembled itself in Lilandris' hand.

Tessliana's gem embedded itself in the socket of Lilandris' amulet, which in turn affixed to the end of Thelarwen's rod. In a mere moment Lilandris was left holding the completed artifact, a scepter or a staff. Its magic instantly blinded the priestess. After an initial moment of disorientation she realized that in total blackness, the only things she could see were what appeared to be souls of people around her.

Just as she was getting used to the altered perception, one of the SI-7 agents sneaked up, grabbed the scepter and fled. He was well-trained and had little trouble navigating through the Keep even when blind. The group might have lost the staff then and there, but the agent ran into trouble just outside the keep: the Cenarion Circle played their own card and, in turn, a druid attempted to seize the artifact from the SI-7 agent. At this point the group caught up with them. With Gaillia's and Zeneth's quick actions they managed to restrain both combatants. Thelarwen promptly yanked the scepter from the SI-7 agent's hand and then it was her turn to be blind.

The death knight quickly oriented herself in the new, dark world. While Thelarwen was observing the surrounding souls (including some that had no physical bodies), Lilandris informed everyone that her vision had not fully returned even when she had relinquished the scepter. Unseen to everyone but Thelarwen, a spirit portal opened just above the group. A massive black soul or ghost emerged and started advancing in the direction of the staff, gloating about how long it had waited for this moment and that it fully intended to claim the scepter's power to itself. Wielding her runeblade, Thelarwen apparently managed to drive it away. But in her hand her sword felt wrong and painful. Its magic was interacting with the staff's, and the flow of power went straight through her arms and body.

Despite Equanimity's frantic attempts to seize the scepter, or at least convince everyone to consider using the power within it, both Lilandris and Thelarwen strongly agreed that the artifact needed to be destroyed. No one else objected. Aroona escorted the almost-blind Lilandris, and Adrenus escorted the entirely-blind (to the physical world) Thelarwen, and so the entire group traveled to the Stormwind Cathedral. Both SI-7 and Cenarion Circle agents had withdrawn when it became obvious that they would not be able to wrest the artifact from the adventurers.

The Cathedral, to Thelarwen's eyes, was surrounded by and brimming with souls. Bright, shiny, countless. So many that despite being unable to see the physical world, the Cathedral's outlines were clear before her. Whether the souls were those of the dead, or another type of entity, there was no way of telling. But they were not malicious. If anything, then curious about the scepter, swirling around it and Thelarwen.

To Thelarwen's eyes, blinding brightness shone within the Cathedral. When she pointed in its direction, others informed her that it was coming from the altar. Side by side with Lilandris, ignoring Equanimity's increasingly frantic objections, they moved up. A vast mass of small souls was still swirling around them, even Lilandris could feel their presence. With each step it was more difficult to push against their current. The souls could not affect Thelarwen's physical body, but they pressed against the scepter, and the woman needed to dig her feet hard into the stairs to push against this wind.

A darkness had begun to envelop the room, centered on the staff. The priests and priestesses of the Cathedral started casting holy prayers to drive the darkness back. "Pray with me!" said Lilandris to Thelarwen as they laid the scepter on top of the altar. Only a few months ago the death knight would have coldly responded with "I do not worship the Light." Now, though, she merely responded: "I know no prayers." and so Lilandris prayed for both of them.

With each word of the prayer, darkness increased. The huge black soul had returned and was approaching. "You cannot destroy it!" it whispered to Thelarwen. "You must not destroy it! Its power can belong to you!"

But Lilandris' prayer and the Light's presence in the Cathedral did its work. Even with the darkness complete around them, the scepter crumbled to dust... and was gone. Thelarwen's sight returned a moment later.

Yet, there was a whisper in her ear: "You have lost! Your only achievement is that it is now a part of you!"

She felt no different, but a distant presence of the black soul remained. And her runeblade still felt strange to her hand...
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Topic/Postby Lilandris » 10 Sep 2014, 15:31

Lil wrote in her diary after the evening's events, not something she usually does.

This evening was a strange one. Stranger than most. Unknown, though undeniably evil forces were at work both within and outside the artifact we have been chasing after for the last month or so, which we finally, though somewhat unintentionally managed to assemble tonight. Thankfully, we and the forces of good prevailed in the end, managing to destroy the artifact. Though I have a gut feeling that we haven't seen the last of the related evil forces.

This quest has taken it's toll on all of us, I don't think we will ever forget what happened in the course of these last weeks, though I believe we all came out stronger and as better people in the end... We learned a lot about each other. And I for one must admit it felt good to have comrades in arms with me for once, rather than working alone.

Sadly, I remain puzzled by Thelarwen, the ebon knight* from Hearthglen. She answers to Lord Tirion Fordring as far as I gather, hence why she lives in Hearthglen normally I reckon. She does The Light's work, though she does not seem to embrace The Light at the same time. And well enough, as she has stated several times upon my acting through instinct, she claims the Light's restorative magics and blessings harm her. I am not sure what to make of it, though I haven't seen any evidence of external damage upon her as a result. Either way, I value her as a friend and sister-in-arms, even despite her frosty-cold exterior. I hold firm in my belief that she is not beyond redemption, perhaps unlike her ebon knight brethren. Perhaps even the Light can be convinced of this as well? I can only hope for now. She will be in my prayers.

* Lil prefers this name over "death knight". A much less condemning name in her opinion.
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Topic/Postby Tormeron » 15 Sep 2014, 10:07

At the dark recesses of the Cathedral a few white cloaked apart from one who wore a gray cloaked who seemed to be leading the group of people gathered up.
They awaited for the departure of the group of adventurers to speak to each other regarding what they saw that evening at the Cathedral.

"She risked all of our lives, we need to do something about it"
"You aren't suggesting..." his voice seemed to trail off at the end of the sentence
"You saw what she has done, you felt what was coming, this cannot be permitted to happen"
One of the older people assembled shifted uncomfortably on his feet before speaking up
"The high priestess sanctioned this."
"Maybe she was bribed to help, who knows how deep this darkness seeped in"
"It means though..." his voice trailed off as one of the cathedral priests passed by the group and went up to the altar
"That we shall have to act without the cathedral's authorization"
"So be it!"

The people kept talking in hushed sounds at the darker recesses of the cathedral about what their plans are and where and how they shall act in the name of the light.
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Topic/Postby Tormeron » 23 Sep 2014, 17:06

Another release of the Daily gnomish newspaper!
Daily Gnomish Newspaper wrote:The missing eye has been found!

The bartender at the Slaughtered lamb in Stormwind has recently notified the city guards that he has found an eye of someone in one of the cask of ale in the blue recluse.

He wishes to complain that it is unhygienic nor proper for a bartender to serve drinks that are tainted by dead organs.

The Blue Recluse bartender wishes to let all know that he has no idea how this eye has reached the cask in which it was. He also wishes to know who has placed a dead eye in one of his casks.

The Blue recluse has been shut down for business until the issue can be resolved.

Officials have that wish to remain anonymous say "Without further proof that the eye was placed in the cask in malicious intent we shall have to close the blue recluse and judge the owner by these allegations"

The Elwynn forest is on fire!

An anonymous group has recently been responsible for starting several fires in the forest mostly close to Goldshire, Stormwind and the logging site.

With guards spread thin to try and stop the next attack on the forest not many guards can go about finding this mysterious fire starters.

The local goldshire guards are asking anyone willing to help to report to them about this.


A group of human children have been bathing down the river next to the entrance to Westfall, 2 children went missing as of yesterday, a ransom note has been carved on the families houses. Westfall militia is busy trying to find the one responsible for this horrible act.

No bodies have been found as yet, according to Westfall officials "At this stage of the operation not much can be done to save the children, we have a lead as to who has the kids but we are unable to pinpoint their location."

Night elves protest in Stormwind!

Several night elves have been protesting throughout the city about the fire starters that have yet to be dealt with. Several Night elf officials say this would have never started if the people would teach the young to respect and work with nature.

The night elven protest shall be blocking the way in and out of the keep until further notice, please try not to be on your way to the keep for the upcoming time.

Royal guards are on the spot keeping the night elves from rioting.

In other news:

A duckling has been saved from drowning by the Stormwind fishermen community!

There are rumors that a draenei individual have been lurking about the king for several days after visitation hours!

Rabbit season is officially over!

Duck season has started!

The ducking which was saved by the fishermen community was shot down by a hunter due to duck season.

There are rumors that a storyteller has been spotted a few nights at the blue recluse, might that storyteller have been part of the plot to put the blue recluse out of business?

The Rhyme and Punishment cult are up and about causing trouble by recently selling drinks at the blue recluse, surely there might be a link between them and that eye.

Shortage of fish in the canals? Fishermen have complaints that the fish count in the Stormwind canals have been lower than usual
Lilandris wrote:Liandrix' words not mine, but Tormeron is a god apparently. Probably a bit like Loki.

serendipity wrote:Reason: Potato.

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Topic/Postby Gergel » 24 Sep 2014, 10:41

The first order of business in this fine evening was browsing through the latest newspaper and deciding what to do and where to go next. How convenient, having a paper that lists all the small and large jobs suitable for a small group of intrepid adventurers.

Adrenus and Chepi expressed their interest in looking into the arsons in Elwynn. Aroona, Lilandris and Thelarwen, on the other hand, pointed out that arsonists can be investigated and caught by guards, and that should the perpetrators be allowed to roam free for another day, the consequent damage would not be too great. But the children would certainly come into harm should they be left in their captors' hands.

So the group proceeded towards the border of Elwynn and Westfall. That's where Serendipity, fashionably late as usual, caught up with them. The guards standing at the bridge directed them towards nearby houses where a ransom note had been carved on the wall. Lilandris, meanwhile, wandered up to a pier where she found two sets of children's clothing. About to leave the area, a young man suddenly ran up to them, quite rudely claimed that the pier belonged to him and the group was trespassing. The adventurers mostly just ignored the rudeness and proceeded towards the house.

The mentioned ransom note stated: "Bring 50 gold coins to the well of Moonbrook". Lilandris questioned the mother of the missing children, who expressed her suspicions that "Mr. Pier" (as Serendipity had brilliantly christened him) was responsible for the kidnappings. Lacking any evidence against him, however, it was decided to follow the ransom note and head to Moonbrook.

A small group of thugs greeted them "warmly" near the entrance of the dilapidated town. Their first expression was simply, "go away, now." Lilandris, however, managed to warm the relations by bribing the thugs with a couple of gold coins. Their leader, an obviously self-appointed "sheriff" begrudgingly allowed the group to enter.

Once they had pushed through the crowd that has gathered on the streets, and distracted them with food prepared by Aroona and/or conjured by Serendipity, the adventurers ended up at the well near the inn. The well looked dry and empty at the first glance. Looks were deceiving, though. When Lilandris pulled out the bucket, she discovered that it contained not water but a severed human hand. Thelarwen was not particularly bothered, unlike the others who went "ewww" and dumped the hand on the ground. When the bucket was re-lowered and came up the second time, things got more interesting. And by "interesting" I mean "grisly". The second load contained a human heart which was still beating. Because no one else expressed any interest in coming anywhere near it, Thelarwen picked this up and examined it with interest. It clearly was not a child's heart (and Thelarwen would presumably be an expert on this), so that was at least fortunate.

The heart in the death knight's hand started beating faster, then suddenly exploded. Aside from being somewhat splattered with heart-bits, the group fortunately remained in reasonably good condition. At the same time the hand came to life and began to strangle Lilandris'... ankle. The unruly appendage was promptly put down with the combination attack of Thelarwen's sword and Lilandris' holy spells.

Once again the "sheriff" and his cronies approached. They were back to their arrogant and boisterous selves. Immediately they decided to lay all blame for the disembodied undead body parts on Thelarwen and the rest of the group. Things were about to heat up when the bucket began ascending once again from the well. This time the payload turned out to be a considerable pile of dynamite. With a lit fuse. The explosives went *boom* and tossed everyone around. Thelarwen caught the brunt of the explosion and was thrown against a wall, which made her stagger for a while but left her with no lasting damage.

From out of the hole that used to be the well climbed a figure clad in full plate armour. The man (a.k.a. the "duuuuuuuuude") did not speak, nor make any offensive moves, so the adventurers stood back for the moment to assess his intentions. The "sheriff" and whoever was left of his group (after the explosion had injured and/or killed a few who got too close) were not as forthcoming. They decided that the best way to deal with this newcomer was to attack him, which proved a costly mistake. The armoured man did not share the adventurers' desire for diplomacy and retaliated with deadly force. After he killed a few of them, the "sheriff" came up with an incredibly brilliant plan of throwing a stick of dynamite at the stranger. Of course, because the man was just about next to him, he caught quite a bit of the blast himself. Only Lilandris' quick and benevolent healing saved his life and he scampered away with his proverbial tail tucked between his proverbial legs.

The duuuuuuuuude meanwhile entered the abandoned Moonbrook inn. He stomped through the first floor and then made his way up to the second floor. There, in the guest room, he finally spoke. "Where are they? They were supposed to wait! My wife, my two kids!" It quickly became obvious that the man had been in the well for quite a long time. He claimed to be from Lordaeron but it never became entirely clear from which time he hailed. Certainly from before the third war.

Not finding her family, the armoured man turned to the adventuring party and announced his intentions to help them find the missing children. What could possibly go wrong, right?

Everyone made their way downstairs into the cellar. As luck had it, that's where the two missing children were being held. There was no opposition and no traps, just ropes tied to an alarm system. When the duuuuuuuuude slashed his way through them, bells rang but no one came to confront them. Then the children were free.

Was it really that simple? Could they now pick up the kids, walk out and take them back to their parents?

Of course not. The duuuuuuuuude promptly went off his rocker, claimed (all contrary evidence notwithstanding) that the children were his, and proceeded to drag them out of the building. That was not something that could be allowed. Thelarwen, reluctant to attack, attempted to talk the man down by pointing out that the children were not his, then ordering him to stand down and come to his senses as a soldier. Talk had no effect and Lilandris, who was considerably more hot-headed, took a shot at the man.

At this point things went quite pear-shaped. Serendipity, Chepi and Adrenus hustled the children out of the way and to safety, while Thelarwen, Lilandris and Aroona confronted the duuuuuuuuude. He did little damage with his sword, and then opted for extremely close range combat instead. With a spell his entire armour-clad body began to heat up and in turn transfer the heat to Thelarwen who was locked in hand-to-hand combat with him. The death knight managed to survive with the help of Serendipity's frost spells and her own frost-based abilities, but it was clear that the heating duuuuuuuuude would need to be put down fast. Lilandris blew half of his head off with a point-blank rifle shot through his visor. This did little to stop him, though. The entire basement began to catch fire. The group retreated upstairs, with the exception of Thelarwen who remained behind to keep the red-hot attacker down. With a kick she sent the body down the stairs where it finally burned out.

At that point Thelarwen was quite crippled, with her boots and gauntlets half-burnt with molten metal and body armour (not to mention the body in it) having also suffered from heat. The death knight dragged herself outside.

There the "sheriff" showed up again.

The group let out a collective sigh and prepared for yet another round of arguing with the insufferable thug. "I am *not* in a good mood," growled Thelarwen. "Get out of my way, or suffer."

But in an unprecedented turn of events the "sheriff" attempted to hug Lilandris instead. It turned out he was overflowingly grateful for her saving his life, and now did all he could to apologise to and help the group.

From this point the evening ended quickly. Aroona in her stag form carried the kids back to their parents. The children described a "dark person, all robed up in black, hooded, two eyes, glowing blue."

(I don't know what the group discussed exactly upon hearing the children's description, if anything: the injured Thelarwen was limping after the group in distance. I only have logs of what Adrenus said in /raid chat.)
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Topic/Postby Lilandris » 24 Sep 2014, 13:32

unruly appendage

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Topic/Postby Claresta » 24 Sep 2014, 18:26

Chepi is scribbling notes again!

It often amazes me how we end up in these strange circumstances. Tonight we went in search of two children lost in Westfall. We started the evening with me questioning a local guard stationed on the bridge between Westfall and Elwynn Forest. Despite my best efforts the guard was pretty useless and simply pointed the way to the home of the missing children. Lilandris meanwhile was by the river when by a stroke of luck happened to find some clothes near a pier that would have fit two children. Whilst we investigated the clothes a rather peculiar fellow walked up to us and started making all kinds of odd demands. Apparently he owns the pier and started to demand we return his items. We had only just arrived in Westfall and already someone was trying to swindle us, how typical. He left us eventually which was lucky since our patience with him was growing thin.

From the bridge we headed to the nearby home of the missing children. In typical hysterical adults style they informed us more of the missing children. Our destination will be Moonbrook which was mentioned on the ransom note. The note requested a sum of gold to be delivered to the local well.

Have I ever told anyone the wonders of Moonbrook? No. Because it's a dump. First and foremost the locals were completely unfriendly and would not let us in. After much discussion we finally managed to persuade them we meant no ill intentions. I mentioned the idea of buying property here, and the more I think about it the more clever I think I am. Imagine that, a second Gnomeregan. The place has mines as well for underground inhabitation. I'll send that idea to our top Gnomes but no doubt they shall ignore me. We arrived at the centre of the town and saw the people in a line to claim food.

We found the water well we were looking for. Usually the humans use these to gather water from underground. It uses a bucket on a rope. That sure is quaint and bizarrely used no technology whatsoever as you need to do it all manually. This bucket had a severed hand in it. The hand would go on to attack Lilandris but never mind that. When we used the bucket a second time we got a beating heart come up. I can only imagine the sheer joy a Necromancer would have with such a device. I wonder if Northrend may have in fact been filled with organ receiving wells and that nobody simply noticed. The heart exploded in Thelarwens hand and the locals who had been watching finally had enough of us and started to move closer.

The heart wasn't the only thing to explode though as a moment later the bucket from the well came up again but this time with a stick of Dynamite. My excellent sense of hearing saved us from the explosion as everyone took cover. A big hole in the ground now existed. A big hole an armoured man crawled out of. This was of course rather shocking to us as well as the locals, and inevitably a fight broke out between them and our new acquaintance. The locals stood little chance but the leader just about managed to survive thanks to Lilandris. I anticipated this armoured fellow to turn on us but instead said nothing and walked into the Inn building or at least was once an Inn.

The armoured man was very unusual and said very little. At first I thought he was simply dumb but it may have been that he had been down that well for a very long time or he was simply a lunatic. He entered one of the main bedrooms and asked where his wife and children were. We had no idea and after a few more questions we realised how hopeless he seemed to be. The man was eager to return to his King of Lordaeron. Our attempts to bring some sense to him got nowhere but once we mentioned the missing children he seemed adamant that he would join us. They were in the cellar. How or why he knew this we were unsure but he cut them loose from there bindings and was about to take them home. The kids were not too pleased with this as he was not there dad. Therefore we set about stopping him.

I don't know how I was lumbered with the kids protection. I hate kids. Thelarwen and Lil got into the usual fight and myself and Aroona walked the kids out. Dippy would join us as well outside but Thelarwen for whatever reason needed Dippys help inside. Thelarwen yelled for Dippys help but Dippy was lost in thoughts of wine at the time. I swear I could hear a clonk noise from Dippys head when she finally realised Thelarwen was calling for help. She ran in and moments later they both came out again. The armoured fellow was apparently no more.

Aroona carried the kids on her back in Stag form and we returned them to there parents. We overheard them describe the people who had abducted them. Apparently a group of people in black robes with glowing blue eyes. We still had to find out who they were and really only had the odd man at the pier as a suspect. Perhaps the locals in Moonbrook would be more helpful now though should we return and ask questions later.

I'm now writing up plans for the Adrenus and Co detective group for the search of missing children and I think it could be a profitable venture moving forward. I imagine I will be able to locate a Goblin to work on the accounts since they always seem interested in me.
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Topic/Postby Serendipity » 24 Sep 2014, 18:57

*Smacks forehead*

50 gold is only 1,000 Slammers!
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