Tormeron's events: the Stories

It's happy hour, the alcohol is flowing. It's time to pull up a tankard of ale, bottle of wine for the ladies and regail tales of heroism and grandeur.

Topic/Postby Gergel » 11 Mar 2015, 12:48

It had been one week since the exhausting four-day trek through the western and northern parts of Northrend. When people re-gathered in Crystalsong Forest, it was with a considerably greater enthusiasm. After all, there had been plenty of time for rest and recuperate.

Chepi was back with more explosives. Serendipity was still present and even with twenty percent more snark, but also with considerably fewer purple firebirds: namely none. Clara was missing, probably had her soul stolen by a gnome and was now working endlessly and tirelessly in that saronite mine in the middle of Icecrown. And Aroona so very uncharacteristically took up extreme treehugging and swearing like a sailor.

With such a positive outlook it was no wonder that everything went smoothly. Arthuron's Adventurers wandered down the stream which started from Icecrown walls. They enjoyed the fabulous sights of the river. Some skeletons on its shore (dead and immobile, not the kind to walk around, or try to hit people, or ask riddles). A wolf in the distance, who busied itself with walking endlessly in circles. There was a stag that Aroona flirted heavily with. Lilandris really needs to join these expeditions more often and keep an eye on her wife, otherwise Roo might end up running away with some random deer, panther, bear or eagle. Probably not with a walrus, but you never know...

There was also a small whirlpool in the middle of the river. This was different from all the other nearby whirlpools (of fish) because a flower started to grow out of it.

Expressions of "awwwwh, how cute" quickly turned into expressions of "what the fel is going on, aargh aargh aargh my flesh, my precious soft flesh!!!" when the flower grew bigger and bigger. And bigger. Until it was the size of a small tree. Then it started throwing its razor-sharp leaves at the nearby people, tried to wrap them into its roots, and was all-in-all a very unfriendly weed.

The general consensus was that this phiendish philodendron (as Serendipity so eloquently described it) was probably something created by spilloff from Dalaran which was hanging just overhead. Either that, or the curse of Adrenus. Adrenus was nowhere in sight, but his curse lingered...

Several group members tried their own methods of dealing with the dastardly dandelion. Serendipity, for example, poked it with her staff, which did not have much of an effect so she tried an arcane blast which also did not have much of an effect. Chepi tried an immolation spell. Thelarwen, of course, applied the edge of her trusty sword, as well as her necromantic magic which was supposed to make the rowdy rose wither but instead caused it to merely change colour. And, instead of the first stalk being horribly destroyed, another grew beside the first.

Serendipity then tore a page from Chepi's book (not literally, there was no actual book-defacement going on) and shot a rocket at the horrible hortensia. This had the effect of blowing up one of the two bloomin' blooms and enraging the other, which shot more of its very sharp and strong leaves at the group. Fortunately no one was injured. Except everyone's pride. They can't even kill a demented daisy?!

All of a sudden the remaining gargantuan gerbera began to wither and shrink, and in a few moments disappeared entirely underground. That was unnerving. More unnerving was the not-quite-dead piece of plantlife that remained from the clobbering clover that Serendipity had blown up with her rocket. It began to wriggle and tried to replant itself in the river bottom. Thelarwen would have none of that, thank you very much, so she waded into the water to pick the piece up. The lily became quite livid from that. It decided that since Thel stopped it from attaching itself to the ground, it would pick the next best place, which was the death knight's helmet. After some struggling it was quite firmly stuck and Thel probably looked quite odd with a big wriggling plant on top of her head.

At first the horrendous hyacinth seemed to settle down and not cause much trouble, but the bliss was quickly shattered by it starting to shoot its leaves at Chepi and others once again. Also, having Thel go through the rest of her unlife with an immense iris on top of her head was probably also somewhat inconvenient. So, "off it comes" was decided.

Thelarwen chilled. Which is to say, she began to freeze her body with her spells, growing colder and colder. This in turn began to slow the petulant petunia. Serendipity added a frost spell of her own, while Ajulae tried to detach the plant by prying with her sword.

Florence Silsbury apparently decided that having a tremendous tulip permanently attached to Thelarwen's head was not one of her favourite outlooks for the future. So she lit a small vial of oil on fire and tossed it at the dying plant. It screeched and burned. And that might have been that...

But, sadly, Aroona decided just then that it was time to truly start following the teachings of her druid mentors and take up militant high-powered industrial-strength treehugging. Working quite to the contrary to everyone else's efforts, she did her best to nourish the dying hostile hibiscus with her magic. No good deed goes unpunished, or so the saying goes, and Aroona was rewarded for her generosity by the flower swallowing her whole. Aroona responded with a hard and extremely uncharacteristic swearword.

The violent violet chewed and digested her a bit. Was Aroona destined to become fertilizer? The others did not want to find out and did their best to smash the stalk. Fortunately Aroona was spat out after a bit of withering from more of Thelarwen deadly spells of death and decay, drew an inelegant arc across the entire river, and landed on the other shore.

Because there was no need to hold back anymore, everyone went all-out with spells and explosives. Thelarwen was the next one to get swallowed by the nasty nightshade. Unlike Aroona, the death knight was most pleased with that turn of events because this allowed her to attack it it from the inside with all manner of nasty spells and abilities. To Aroona's immense sadness and anger the cranky camomile was obliterated with extreme prejudice.

(Aroona and Arthuron must surely have been somehow switched, stirred and mixed up. The usually-treehugging Arthuron was all for killing the plant. And Aroona who usually causes mayhem, death and destruction when her friends are in danger, this time wanted nothing more than to save and cuddle with the deadly thing. Even when it was trying to eat Thel's head.)

After a big wet boom (or rather a splorch) produced by the massive mad myrtle being mulched, the forest went quiet. A small scrap of paper floated down from where the splorch had thrown it. Apparently the parchment had been contained within the funky flower until the explosion. Serendipity inspected it with interest. It looked like a part of a spell that was aimed to empower live flowers to withstand any and all kind of external influences - burn it and it becomes fireproof, cut it and it develops a thick skin, that sort of thing. Why would the flower become hostile at that was anyone's guess.

The group took a deep breath. It was beginning to rain. They stomped a little bit on the remains of the plant (while Aroona was all "Oh noes! You terrible horrible people! You killed the sweet, nice flower that was only trying to gently and lovingly cut you into pieces and smash you into a pulp!") and then eventually moved on towards the crystalline trees in the distance, where they had originally been heading before encountering the obnoxious orchid.

To no one's great surprise, they encountered Joe the skeleton (and his ghoul gang)! He was being his usual friendly self and explained how he had wandered to this crystalised forest to do some sightseeing.

He also presented a riddle for old times' sake. No threats of "fail to answer and be killed" this time. Just a casual quiz. "What can you add and add and only make it stronger, it has no roots and is around us here? Plants marvel at it. Humans cherish it." There was a bit of discussion and the general agreement presented by Aroona was that the answer was "light". That turned out to be correct. Sadly no one won anything (other than Joe's approval).

Once Joe wandered away, the group gathered around a crystaline tree. Someone knocked on its trunk. The tree knocked back. Someone else tried knocking. The tree knocked back. And so on. But apparently because the time was late and the rain had become quite heavy, this strange knocking tree was not scrutinized for much longer. And so the group drifted apart for this week.
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Topic/Postby Gergel » 11 Mar 2015, 15:30

Garrshammer Coalbrow the Forty-Seventh received an anoymous tip.

Okay, it wasn't very anonymous because it was signed "Thelarwen".

Thelarwen... that was the nice undead lady who loved herbs but didn't love alcohol, right? Coalbrow often sent huge packages of herbs to her, ever since she had asked for a few supplies from him some time ago. Sure, the death knight had said that she didn't need any more herbs. Several times. Very firmly. Oh, but surely she didn't mean it and was just being polite, thought Coalbrow, and continued sending his surplus herbs.

Back to the letter.

Thelarwen wrote:Garrshammer Coalbrow,

During an expedition to Crystalsong Forest in Northrend, we encountered a hostile sample of plant-life, which we vanquished with some effort. I suspect, however, that it was not entirely destroyed. I believe that at least some parts of it escaped our attention by burrowing underground. Because this plant was most aggressive towards us, it is in public interest that the investigation should be concluded and the sample either contained or preferably destroyed. I am contacting you as you are the foremost expert in the field of permanent herb disposal.

What followed was a depiction of the encounter's location as well as a detailed description of the plant's apparent properties and abilities.

The dwarf grinned wickedly. A giant herb waiting to be picked! He gathered various herbalism supplies and headed towards Northrend.

With a warcry "HERB!!!" Garrshammer Coalbrow charged towards the location where the funky flower was last seen.

(Fade to black.)
((Weed)whacking noises.)
(Terrible crunching and martial-arts-flowerpicking noises.)
(Mad cackling.)
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Topic/Postby Gergel » 25 Mar 2015, 10:30

This week's adventure consists of two somewhat intertwined plots. The A-plot involves Arthuron's Adventurers finding a young orphan kid who wants to join the group and lean to be a great fighter or a mage.

And then there's the B-plot.

Despite Arthuron's insistence on time being short (fooooooreshadowing!), the group spent a lot of time wandering randomly around the Venture Bay docks, chatting with locals and running into a little kid (I'd say 6-8 years old judging by the behavior, Tormeron said 10, I can work with that) whom they brought with them against all better judgment. Aroona was positively doting on him, Kynidris (Lilandris' sister who happened to join the group that night) was just doting without the "positively" part, Coalbrow cared little about the kid and far more about potential herbs, and others fell somewhere between those extremes.

So Arthuron once again insisted that "time waits for no one" (fooooooreshadowing!) and hurried the group along. After crossing a river or two, the first odd thing they encountered was a strange anomaly in the middle of nowhere where gravity had apparently gone awry and a handful of leaves were just floating in mid-air. Coalbrow and Silsbury, out of sheer curiosity, began to poke the leaves. Nothing bad happened to them nor the leaves, the only result was that each poked leaf was freed from their floatiness and fell on the ground the way they should be doing.

The next weird thing they encountered was a bear. Also floating in mid-air and looking terribly confused. Serendipity cast her slow fall spell on the beast and that was apparently sufficient to break whatever enchantment was keeping the bear afloat. It glided gracefully onto the ground, took a good look at the group, decided that discretion was the better part of valor, turned its tail and ran into the woods. To do whatever it is that bears proverbially do in the woods.

(Still no herbs for Coalbrow at this point, and no treasure for Clara.)

As Coalbrow and Kynidris advanced in front of the adventuring party (the draenei because she was a brave warrior and wanted to be the first to face whatever dangers might be attacking them, and the dwarf because he wanted to find herbs), both suddenly felt a strange sudden gust of wind pass between them. Kynidris suspected undead presence. Coalbrow enjoyed the breeze in his beard. But nothing else happened and so they pressed forward. Until finding the next strangely floating object.

That strangely floating object was a fireball. Even though such fireballs were usually known to fly at rapid speeds towards whatever it is that was unfortunate enough to get a fireball lobbed at it, this one was sitting still in mid-air. Just as the leaves and the bear had done. Kynidris poked it. Quite predictably the fireball was released and hit the draenei dead-on. Fortunately the warrior was not particularly afraid of fire, and had strong armour, so the damage was negligible.

They passed a little further. A lone human male was sitting at the edge of a precipice. He was wearing a mage's robes and looked quite gloomy. The way he explained it, those floating objects (and bear) had in fact been time distortions that the mage (named Meganohberrysome, and boy, is that a mouthful!) had accidentally created when practicing a temporal spell. As it turned out, the entire group had been stuck in one of the distortions for hours without even noticing it. And the breeze that Kynidris and Coalbrow had felt was "Berry" walking past them in real-time.

After having provided this bit of exposition, Berry jumped down a cliff (which was actually not too terrible because it was not very steep and the man could easily walk down its side) and the group proceeded forward. There was an amusing incident with Kynidris getting stuck in another time distortion and all of a sudden being stuck in slow-time. Coalbrow promptly ran into it after her. Then, trying to be incredibly helpful, also pulled Arthuron in after him. The entire confusion was finally ended by Serendipity who Fortunately knew a thing or two about temporal magic and cast Time Warp which made everyone temporarily immune to time distortions.

It was now possible to regroup properly and proceed forward again. Berry the mage showed up again not far from the latest distortion. He had decided to come clean and tell his story in hopes that perhaps the adventurers could somehow help him. As it turned out, he had recently learned that the young prince Arthas had gone insane and intended to assassinate his father, king Terenas II. The mage wanted to travel back in time to be able to warn the king...

Except this had happened a decade ago. King Terenas was dead, Arthas was dead and quite a few more terrible events had happened as well (such as a dragon breaking the world, old gods, silithids, pandas and the like). Berry had been unstuck in time for quite a while.

The mage had a solution, of course. As Serendipity likes to say: "Magic!" He would just go back in time and fix everything.

Meganohberrysome waved his hands, cast his spell and... disintegrated into dust. Clearly time travel was not something meant for someone who was not a bronze dragon. Poor Berry. There was nothing the group could do except shake their heads in sadness and walk away. Hopefully the local time distortion anomalies would either be gone after the wizard died, or at least would disappear... in time.

And then there is the A-plot. Which I personally disliked immensely, so if someone else wants to have a go, feel free to do so!

In short:

As mentioned earlier, a young boy named "Cam" ran into the group. Quite literally, as he bumped into Coalbrow. According to the boy, his parents had been killed by the Scourge and now he wanted to grow up to be a great warrior. So instead of doing the sensible thing and finding someone in Venture Bay who knew the kid (someone must have, a child really doesn't survive in such a place without someone watching over him at least a little), Aroona decided to pick the boy up and bring him with them.

Cam was fairly reasonable and quiet during the B-plot, but then went off his rocker and flipped out when poor Berry poofed into dust. From that point forward the kid decided to unrelentingly blame the group for the death of the wizard, the death of his parents, and anything and everything else. It took a lot of effort to catch the brat who ran away, yelled blame at everyone, wanted to jump off a cliff and did other such annoying things. Roo probably sprained some muscles in her eyes because she was glaring so hard at people who were less than enthusiastic towards the kid. The boy was finally sedated, taken back to Venture Bay, put on the next ship to Stormwind and shipped off.
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Topic/Postby Gergel » 01 Apr 2015, 13:58

This week!

After not finding a single giant herb last week, Garrshammer Coalbrow has decided to drop group and skedaddle to greener pastures! Greener with herbs, that is.

Chepi is still mysteriously missing! She might be in the pub?

Serendipity could still have been in the pub! But is not!

Thelarwen is back, as un-cheerful-and-un-jolly as ever!

Will the adventurers finally manage to get out of visual range of Venture Bay?
(Spoiler: NO!)

The group once again gathered in Venture Bay. Good news, everyone! someone told excitedly. The ship from previous week had been through a horrible storm en route to Stormwind. Fortunately the vessel and all her sailors survived and the only casualty had been the little boy who had, nonstop, been blaming everyone for killing his parents, killing Arthas, killing whatshisname the time-wizard, killing the Draenor version of Prophet Velen, killing Deathwing, killing the mood, killing everyone's appetite and so on. The poor unfortunate boy had been swiped overboard by a gale of wind and then eaten by several sharks. Slowly. They were small tiny sharks. But very voracious.

... Okay, I guess that didn't really happen. Felt good to dream about such, though ...

Back in the real world, Arthuron once again guided his hapless followers down the already-familiar path towards northeast. This time there were no time distortions. People were beginning to hope that perhaps this time they might have a lovely peaceful expedition, perhaps reach and enjoy the beautiful blue-purple field of flowers that Florence Silsbury had been talking about.

Then there was a creaking sound followed by crashing and smashing.

So much for the lovely peaceful expedition.

What looked like a walking tree or one of the ancient protectors of night elven lands was doing battle with several vrykul. The proto-humans were attempting to cut, shoot and burn the tree down, while the tree was doing its best to fight or flee them. Aroona and Arthuron were the first ones to rush to the tree's aid, followed quickly by Ajulae and Thelarwen. Such a sudden onslaught seemed to scare the vrykul who swiftly withdrew to regroup.

The tree was in a bad shape. Even as the druids attempted to heal it with their nature magics, it told them that it was beyond their help. Before succumbing to its wounds, the tree touched the ground and sent a single root traveling into the distance. Then it fell over and appeared to die.

Arthuron's Adventurers followed the root's path across a river to the nearby forest. A huge vrykul leaped at them from a tree and there was a bit of a scuffle. Thanks to a combination attack by Ajulae, Magnet and Thelarwen, the giant was felled shortly and fairly swiftly. The group quickly made their way upwards: a large vrykul army was approaching and their current location in low ground was not defensible. Judging by the approaching yells and horns, the vrykul were numerous. Even Thelarwen agreed that it would be wiser to retreat rather than fight. The group pushed north towards a Horde fortress.

To no one's surprise the Horde were not feeling particularly hospitable. They did not attack outright, but they also closed the gates to their fortifications and warned the Alliance adventuring party to be on their way. The group did so, having no desire to be caught between two unfriendly armies.

It did not take long, the group was barely out of sight of the gates, for sounds of a considerably larger battle to begin. The vrykul were obviously attacking the Horde now. Serendipity made a quick flyby on her firebird and reported back that the vrykul were commanding and controlling an undead walking tree.

Clearly the one they had watched die near the vrykul village.

That was something that could not be allowed. Everyone had their own reasons, whether it was helping the Horde out of the goodness of their hearts, or putting the undead tree to rest, or just following along to watch the carnage, but they all moved back to the Horde base.

The darnassian protector was in a bad shape. It held one its own severed arms in another and was using that as a club. Horde's cannon and gun shots were quite successful at clearing out the surrounding vrykul, but did almost no damage to the tree.

Aroona, Ajulae and Thelarwen rushed in. The death knight was tossed aside like a rag doll by the tree's swing. The warrior was pushed down and nearly squashed, only her huge shield protected her from the giant tree's wooden foot. The druid swiftly took flight and attempted to peck out the undead tree's eyes while Thelarwen recovered and attacked again.

With Aroona attacking from above and Thelarwen from below, the tree lost its eyes and second arm. That was clearly enough to kill it... again. It fell down with a mighty crash. Whatever vrykul remained alive, now retreated screaming.

The sounds of battle died. Ajulae got up from where she had fallen. Everyone regrouped. The gates of the Horde fortress opened and several orcs rode out to meet the group.

"Why did you help us?" they asked.

"Because of the truce between the Alliance and the Horde. And because helping was the right thing to do," Ajulae and Aroona responded.

The orcs seemed satisfied with that explanation. "We thank you for your help, though we could have taken them out by ourselves." With that they rode back and gave the group no more trouble.

Thelarwen was still kneeling next to the motionless form of the felled tree protector. "Can you... do something? Give it... rest?" she looked at Aroona and Arthuron. The undead woman was clearly bothered by the fate of the undead tree.

Arthuron reached a hand out. Vines and roots sprouted from underneath the corpse of the tree. They grew all over the corpse, wrapped around it and slowly but irresistibly dragged it down into the dark soil. Once finished, barely a single sign of the dead protector remained. The exhausted Arthuron then sprinkled small seeds around the location from his bag. In time, new flowers would be growing there to mark the creature's grave.
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Topic/Postby Gergel » 26 May 2015, 10:46

As these things often do, the adventure started with a call for help.

Adrenus was being attacked by an half-demon, half-iron-orc, half-black-dragon, half-Garrosh-Hellscream, half-vampire, half-Princess-Theradras hybrid creature with eight heads, each of which was breathing different kind of substance: whipped cream, deadly poison, pure clean spring water, boring old fire, a different kind of deadly poison, crude oil (that head was very careful not to get breath streams crossed with the fire-breathing head!) and true love. One head had a sore throat and stayed out of the substance-breathing business, but under different circumstances, it would probably have been breathing something awesomely terrifying, like liquid rainbows with pink fluffy unicorns dancing on them.

Wait, no. That didn't happen. Although it would have been awesome if it had.

Instead of Adrenus, there was Arthuron. And instead of the multi-headed creature described earlier, there was good old Joe the Riddling Skeleton. But Joe indeed had a problem and was calling for help.

As Joe narrated the story, he and his motley crew of lesser skeletons had been happily wandering around Northrend, causing no harm to the peaceful settlers, staying away from the Argent Crusade who might not like a large group of unaffiliated skeletons, and generally enjoying the sights. Up until recently, when a certain person in Argent armour had started to pay unpleasantly close attention to Joe. Which is to say, he was doing his best to kill Joe, following him and his skeletons relentlessly through Northrend, firing arrows, hiring hunters and mercenaries to track them and so on.

This was somewhat surprising to Thelarwen, as such actions differed from the Argent Crusade's usual methods. Not only that, but the Crusade should have, in fact, been cautiously neutral towards Joe, after Thelarwen's report had pointed out that he was not mindless nor hostile nor affiliated with the Scourge or other such groups. There was little time for wondering if the man chasing Joe was angry about a too-complicated riddle, or if Joe had owed him money while he was still alive (and covered in flesh), or if the man just randomly started hating the easy-going skeleton dude. Already a hunter was approaching rapidly from a distance, so Joe made a hasty exit.

It didn't come as a surprise to anyone that the Tauren hunter and his lion pet were hunting Joe. According to him, there was a bounty of 200 gold on Joe's head. That, of course, raised a bit of a greedy gleam in Clara's eyes (as we all know, Clara is in fact not a human but two goblins standing on each other's shoulders inside that black spiky armour). The hunter didn't seem to be a particularly good one, though, as he immediately made a beeline... in a completely wrong direction. Oh well.

Where would one find an Argent Crusader, if one wanted to have a heart-to-heart chat with one about attacking riddler-skeletons? Why, in the nearest Argent Crusade camp, of course. If he is not there, at least the people there should know where to find him. So the group headed through Crystalsong Forest to the Argent beachhead at the border of Icecrown.

Their first encounter was with a small group of guards who were idling next to a path that led up to the camp proper. The group seemed generally peaceful, except for a very large, rash, gruff and, boisterous Argent Crusader. That particular man spent no time whatsoever on trying to make friends or influence people and instead began to arrogantly brag about his strength and power, threaten Clara and Silsbury who dared to say something he didn't agree with, and generally was somewhat of an arse.

"Skeleton? What skeleton? I don't know anything about a skeleton!" was his general attitude towards Joe. Who cares about a random skeleton? So he's not hostile... who cares? So people assume this boisterous man was hunting him? He wasn't, but who cares. So there are a bunch of other people hunting that skeleton too? Who cares?

Until the moment when he found out that there was a bounty of 200 gold. Then he cared. A lot. Enough to grab his weapon, a few of his buddies, and run head-over-heels towards where he thought Joe might have been. He had not been interested in Joe before, but he sure was now.

Good going there, guys. Telling the crusader that there was a big bounty? Sending him after poor Joe, as if the skeleton didn't have enough trouble as it is?

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about it," said another crusader who met the group after the burly bloke had run off. The man was slimmer, more intelligent, peaceful and completely willing to have a reasonable conversation. "He will just come back once he gets cold. He's not exactly one of our most intelligent members, but strong and brave and very good at killing the Scourge."

So the group once again inquired about Joe and the person in Argent armour who was hunting him.

He was a blood elf, the crusader explained. Not a member of the Argent Crusade. He had not been a member to begin with, and now was in fact on their blacklist and deeply disdained. He had arrived at the encampment early in the morning a few days ago, posted a bounty letter concerning a specific skeleton (clearly Joe), and then greatly angered the Crusade by desecrating a tomb and stealing a set of Argent armour from a dead crusader's body. And then he had disappeared using magic.

"You can easily tell him from a real crusader," the man said. "He does not fight with his sword but instead with fire spells."

Once the crusader had returned to the camp, Arthuron and Co. began to discuss their next steps. Clearly they needed to find the fake crusader and have a word with him. But how to find him? And also, how to in turn keep him from finding and destroying Joe?

Serendipity suggested a clever plan of disguising someone as a skeleton and trying to lure the elf out into the open. Noggenfogger Elixir might be useful. Aroona (who had spent most of the trip talking to herself in the stag tongue) and Arthuron bravely stepped up and volunteered to wander randomly in Crystalsong for a week, disguised as Joe.

Perhaps that would attract the elf's attention. If not earlier, then at least on next Tuesday! Time to put that theory to the test.
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Topic/Postby Claresta » 02 Sep 2015, 13:01

Event on the 01/09/2015, Refuge Point Arathi Highlands.

Chepi scribbling notes.

I should be a reporter. Lucilia wouldn’t even compare to my investigative skills if I actually put my mind to it. Plus I don't make stuff up, at least not all of the time.

The Arathi highlands are not exactly what I would consider being on top of my list of vacation hotspots. Good thing then that fate was going to keep things interested. As me, Clara and Adrenus were idly chattering about the potential of visiting Stromgarde when all of a sudden a Worgen came crashing down in front of us as he leapt from a high ledge above. It was good that he didn't land on Clara as then he would have just impaled himself on her pointy outfit. Bloody and battered in appearance this Worgen had come seeking help with an unlikely plan to clean out Gilneas of any Forsaken influence. The Worgen explained with some detail that a regiment of Worgen were marching into Gilneas and that he had prepared some Gryphons in order to help us reach the front lines. For some reason Adrenus appeared rather apprehensive about all this but me and Clara soon convinced him to join in.

The Gryphons took us across Arathi and over the foothills of Hillsbrad. I took a moment to wave at the ooze like creatures that still stirred from time to time in Southshore, one of which seemed to self com-bust which I took as an acknowledgement.

The Gryphons landed in eastern Silverpine and would go no further; we would have to travel to the wall by foot. Along the way something quite remarkable happened. On seeing a forsaken unguarded plague spreader, Adrenus went into a rage and sabotaged it. This was unexpected and rather fun turn of events but the explosion did require us to quickly make haste away from the area. We were pursued but managed to hide out briefly in the remnants of Pyrewood village. A single Forsaken guard did for a short time attempt to capture us but he was of little fret to us and we dealt with him. Oddly enough Adrenus decided to finish him off and after removing the Forsakens head, actually threw it at Clara. I wonder if perhaps the general plight that seems to always follow him and his adventures are starting to affect his mind. Whatever the case, this put me in better mood.

We arrived at the Gilneas wall. A Worgen battalion was indeed making ready for an assault on Forsaken positions inside Gilneas. Adrenus was confused as to not recognising any of the Worgen in the group. In my best Gnomish reporter impression I tried to get a few answers form the leader (who wore an eye patch) but no sooner had I begun asking questions when they stormed through the gate, unfortunately pushing us with them. Managing to not get trampled to death I weaved my way to the outside along with Clara and Adrenus. Once the Worgen had all passed, we then heard the ominous sound of another group heading towards us. Through my new brilliantly crafter extra-long sight goggles I could see a Forsaken regiment. Clearly things were not going to be going well for the brave reclaimers of Gilneas or us three brave adventurers who didn't want to become sandwiched between them.

We had little choice ourselves but to flee into the wilds. Large explosions could be heard from the city as we sought shelter in a fortified... tent. In an effort to keep Adrenus's morale up, I pointed out that there was only one way into the tent providing our opponents ignored the fact that the sides were just simple leather and cloth. This seemed to have little effect. When Clara said she was going to scout for a while and I asked if she could potentially bring back some alcoholic drink as I was parched, this also didn't seem to improve his morale and he in fact became a little exasperated.

From here even I had to admit that the cause wasn't quite going to plan. A short while later a surviving Worgen (with the eye patch) came running to our position. He told us what we already expected to hear. It had been a trap. The Worgen then decided to blame me, thinking that I in some way had leaked the information on the attack. I came this close to just incinerating the idiot on the spot. He then brazenly declared that we should follow him and escape but since we were doing fine ourselves, we decided to take our own chances and so he fled.

From a secluded position far from the main enemy lines we made our way out of Gilneas and away from danger. This put me in a poorer mood.
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Topic/Postby Claresta » 10 Sep 2015, 17:25

Event on the 08/09/2015, Blue Recluse Stormwind City.
Chepi scribbling notes.

Bizarrely no Dippy around today, which made me more amused than normal considering we were actually in the pub. I had just settled down with a bottle of wine ready to impress my companions with my latest exploits, when suddenly a Worgen burst in through the doorway. The Worgen wore an eye patch and it didn’t take me long to realise it was the same fellow we met in Gilneas during our previous adventure. I was impressed he was still alive considering the state we last saw him in. He quickly blurted out that he had been looking for me and Adrenus and that something was after him.

Apparently he had managed to get to Stormwind with a group of his fellow Worgen who had escaped the failure at the gates of Gilneas. Now a something had killed his Worgen friends nearby. For reasons I can’t remember we decided to investigate and made our way out of Stormwind and into Elwynn Forest. The Eye patched Worgen kept warning us of danger as we continued on towards his fallen friends. A Pointless task really, as if anyone doesn’t know that such proximity to Goldshire isn’t already dangerous.

We found his corpse friends not too far from the road and began our investigations into the cause of death. Not exactly a difficult task as the bodies had been slashed up pretty bad, as if a large wild animal had got them. Oddly though we could find no signs of the attacker, any tracks left behind or any traces of the killers what so ever. Many questions were thrown at the eye patched Worgen but he seemed evasive or useless as ever. Apparently he had been away while the attack was happening only returning just in time to see the end of the fight, yet he could give no description of the attacker from such distance.

While Aroona and Adrenus both consulted each other I had a chance to speak to Ish'Kafael on the subject. She was confident that the eye patched Worgen had in fact done the deed himself but perhaps not of his own free will. Adrenus offered the alternative that they had in fact killed each other. This did seem to fit well, but no sooner had he given the idea a voice when suddenly the eye patched Worgen simply fainted.

We decided it was best to tie him up for now just in case he became violent. I had some spare rope I keep around for just such a predicament. I passed it to Aroona and she quickly and tidally made all the necessary knots, while all the time the eye patched Worgens fur oddly started to fall out. The ropes seemed very firm and I’m pretty certain I had just had a preview of Roo and Lils bedtime activities. Before I could further comment on this Roo suddenly changed into a druid attacking form. Wondering for a moment if I’d finally overstepped the line, I then noticed she was looking behind Adrenus and me. A group of undead looking Worgen were advancing on us.

We fought against these foes well but it was Adrenus’s holy magic that did the most amount of damage. Once hit from his spells they almost seemed to just topple over. Soon the battle was over and we returned to the now furless eye patched Worgen, who of course was no longer there. I sensed a spell had been cast by someone to take the Worgen away but could not find any signs of whom or where they were.
The bodies of the undead like Worgen had also seemed to have just disappeared.
With no further immediate clues to follow we returned to Stormwind.

I’ve no doubt that we shall see our furless, eye patch wearing friend again soon enough. Perhaps I’ll even bother to ask him his name.
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Topic/Postby Claresta » 07 Oct 2015, 13:06

Event on the 06/10/2015, Stormwind City. Near the cheese shop.
Chepi scribbling notes.

I think most academics and people of importance would agree that all great adventures begin after consuming a good quantity of cheese. In an effort to prove this I’ve taken an interest in Stormwind Brie. Any note that my belly is in fact grown a little is in no small part a result of this experiment, but one that must be taken to prove this scientific fact. I’m eating this Brie for the good of people everywhere and therefore should be applauded for it.

Arthuron disturbed my experiment but I was determined to continue with it. I needed wine too and soon after we were joined by Clara, Heretic and Kynidris. All that we planned to do was visit a local tavern but I knew that more would happen and my experiment would prove correct. The tavern was all out of wine, furthermore it was out of most of its supplies. We enquired further and apparently they were expecting a delivery at the harbour but had heard of some sort of trouble. After some swift negotiations we decided to investigate the missing shipment for them. I managed to squeeze 12 bottles of drink each for us if we succeed. Kynidris was right when she said I should’ve tried more, sometimes I think maybe just maybe I should be more Goblin.

We went to the harbour and I gave them my riveting joke. It’s a tradition of mine now.

According to a sentinel, many ships had been attacked by a large group of Bloodsail pirates recently. The Stormwind navy seemed to unable to catch them or were simply too busy elsewhere. The commander at the dock was able to clarify this and give us some more information. Despite spending a great deal of time at sea they did indeed seem to have a base of some kind down in Stranglethorn. No surprises there.

Somehow we needed to end these pirate raids by destroying those ships, not just for the 12 bottles of drink each but also for a bounty the important people up in Stormwind Keep had created. Alcohol and riches would be ours.

It was at this point I hatched my ultimate plan and discussed it with the others.

It was brilliant and yet so simple. We had to become pirates and destroy them from within!

We would need to be prepared.
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Topic/Postby Claresta » 28 Oct 2015, 17:47

Event on the 27/10/2015. One of Stranglethorns many beaches.
Chepi angrily scribbling notes.

I supposed I knew we were doomed to failure with this plan. I only had to look at my companions to understand that the chances of succeeding to join the pirate crew were unlikely at best. Clara had at least tried to look the part but the less said about the others the better. We should have just gone and joined the Darkmoon Fair; at least we would have fit right in.

The evening started rather well to be fair. We marched towards the recruiting troll pirate with a swagger in our footsteps and grins on our faces. Naturally he was a little confused by our Dwarf companion clad head to foot in plate armour and Arthuron who clearly hadn’t listened to a word I said during our time together trying to make him understand how to act. Our paladin friend thankfully told the Troll recruiter that Arthuron was a mute. I was tempted to also add that he was also simple minded but figured that would reduce our chances of recruitment.

After a short while I think the troll simply got fed up with us and pointed to some rowing boats nearby, we could use them to reach the island where the captain could be found.

Upon arrival at the island we were met by a couple of pirates complete with cannon pointed right at us, any kind of mischief would not be tolerated but they did indeed let us pass. At this point we met up with what we hoped would be our Captain for the foreseeable future, or at least until we were ready to betray them.

The Captain was a Gnome who in the brief time on the island likely killed more of her crew than we did. I think it’s fair to say she was pretty psychotic in her behaviour. At first meeting her she set about giving us tasks to complete such as opening up a treasure chest and fetching her rum. Despite the simple tasks I was getting quite anxious that our ploy was failing. It’s nice during one of these tasks that our Paladin friend announces to all around that he won’t kill unless necessary, I guess he’s been reading the same children’s book about pirates that Arthuron had. The fact that some insults were thrown towards the Captain also made the situation deteriorate.

The last we saw of her she disappeared off towards a nearby island and set her pirate crew against us, Arthuron commented to me that this could have been another test but by this point our Dwarf friend was brandishing his axe and I had also had enough. The island was engulfed in flame as we made our way back to Stanglethorns shore.

Upon our arrival we were greeted by skeleton Joe who had watched the whole thing. As we explained our situation he gave us a chance to complete our original mission. Apparently he could get us a ship and crew of our own but it would come at a cost. I was hoping it would be a ghost ship complete with a skeleton crew but Joe ruined this fantasy. What Joe wanted from us was to somehow acquire a magic item that would create an illusion of him still being a living human; this would be no small task indeed. I’ve known of various questionable spells that could potentially change your look for a time but nothing permanent. Naturally the group decided they would go in search of the one mage they knew best who could help with the pendant… Dippy.

As for myself, I think I’ll just go to the pub and stay there
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Topic/Postby Tormeron » 14 Dec 2015, 11:03

Written by Heretic of Embrace:

Arthuron, Heretic, Claraa and Chaileen met at Stormwind Harbour. On the far pier, a group of hooded figures stepped off a ship, and this troubled Arthuron. As the group approached the pier, the center figure raised a staff and a powerful wind blew the group off their feet, knocking them unconscious. They awoke to find the harbour abandoned; there were no soldiers, dockhands, siege tanks or civilians. Arthuron looked up, there were no stars. Claraa felt as if she were being watched in all directions. Chai felt empty inside. Heretic couldn't feel the Light inside him. Arthuron decided that the mages knew what was happening to the world and decided that they must travel to the Mage Quarter of Stormwind, even though he never wanted to venture there. As they approached the Quarter, they were stopped by a magical field. A knight appeared before them, telling them that they will not pass him. The group prepared for a fight, however they did not know what the knight could be capable of. Most of their powers were diminished, and they found themselves weak.

In a moment of clarity, Chaileen listened carefully to what the knight was saying: "You will not pass... You WILL not pass..."

She approached the knight, and he drew his weapon. As she got closer, she could feel the magical field which prevented their passage, however it wasn't solid. The knight said that they 'will not pass', not that they 'could not pass', and she walked beyond the knight and disappeared.

Arthuron, Heretic and Claraa screamed as she seemingly disintegrated into nothingness, not even ash. They ran toward the field to see if there was a possibility of her survival. And darkness fell...

"... up!"
A voice spoke, and shook Arthuron' shoulders... " up!!"
The voice proceeded to get louder and louder.

A soldier was standing over Arthuron, shaking him by the shoulders. To his own surprise, Arthuron woke and found the whole group on the floor unconscious still.

"What happened here soldier?", he asked.

"The Twlight's Hammer attempted to breach Stormwind, the cultists have been apprehended."

"Good work", he looked over and saw the spellcaster dead on the floor, another soldier was wiping his sword clean of the blood, "Have a priest tend to my allies, make sure this atrocity will not happen again."

"Yes sir", the soldier replied. Three priests appeared around Claraa, Heretic and Chaileen; they had begun to awaken them.

Heretic woke first, "Arthuron, what happened to us?", his words trembled out of his mouth. The horror of being without the Light for a second time had terrified him.

"The Twilight's Hammer... They put us under a spell to make the world seem how they wanted it. An empty void of horrors.", Arthuron put his hand on Heretic's shoulder to reassure him that it was over. Claraa and Chai awoke, and Arthuron told them what had happened.

"This isn't over... Something's coming. Something big."
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