Courage and Duty.

It's happy hour, the alcohol is flowing. It's time to pull up a tankard of ale, bottle of wine for the ladies and regail tales of heroism and grandeur.

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Courage and Duty.

I'm basically a zombie today. For some reason I woke up in the middle of the night and just couldn't get to sleep again. Now my thoughts are all random.

And lo and behold here comes a story of Heroism from a true hero of Stormwind struck down one fateful evening upon the edges of Elwynn Forests’ river side by a Murloc of ill repute. Surviving this harsh ordeal the soon to be great man was stricken with amnesia. The man so brave and true recovered his strength and helped defeat various creatures and bandits near Goldshire. The local population, who were so overjoyed by this man’s courage and charity, asked for his name but he could not remember. He strode across distant lands with his powerful hammer in hand and vanquished yet more foes earning the respect of all who he came into contact with.

His fame reached the highs of Stormwind Cathedral who requested he join them as a favoured son of the Paladin order. Only then did he truly realise what he was but alas could still not remember his own name.

He declared at once that he would be known as Iamapaladin for that was now his name and his duty.

Then he applied to Rhyme and Punishment via the guild finder.
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