Journal of an Arcane Outcast

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Topic/Postby Enlayne » 26 Jan 2015, 14:39

Journal of an Arcane Outcast

Some little fiction blarbs for my mage, Enlayne. I'll be using a Journal format to describe her journeys around Draenor, with flashbaks to relevant situations in the past... Hope you'll enjoy!


+++ Command: Draenor Expeditionary force +++
+++ Comm. Off.: Hon. General Taeriëlla +++
+++ Concerning: Arcane Anomalies +++

+++ To Ms. Enlayne Cloudwhisper +++
+++ Craftsman’s terrace, Darnassus +++

+++ Copy to: Kirin Tor communications, Dalaran +++

My dear Enlayne,

I hope this letter finds you sooner rather than later. I know how you like to travel around, so I took the liberty to send it both to your personal address as well as the Kirin Tor in Dalaran. I hope you don’t mind, as I know you consult them on occasion.

I have been placed in command of a small expeditionary camp in the world of Draenor, through the newly opened portal you have undoubtedly heard of.The first several days were hectic and frankly terrifying as we were severed from contact with Stormwind completely. However, we have managed to free a good number of Draenei slaves, and have begun construction of a small fort that guards the entrance to Shadowmoon valley. The fort itself is rising quickly, with tents being replaced by stone structures faster than you can imagine.

Preliminary scouting missions have begin into the different region of this ancient land, in order to gather information and locate the Iron Horde strongholds. During several of these missions my scouts have encountered anomalies of a magical nature that we have been unable to identify or explain.

It is to this end that I reach out to you. With your knowledge of arcane energies, and your unique ability to investigate magical happenings, I hope you will consider traveling to Draenor as well and assist us in these trying times. It would seem you have a chance to repay me after all.



+++ End transcript +++
+++ Urgency: mid level +++

Stormwind, close to midnight.

The enclosed letter reached me earlier this evening. The Kirin tor dispatcher informed me that they had received the message several weeks ago, but they were unable to locate my person. It seems their study of personal magical resonance is somewhat lacking.
It has been months since I last saw ms. Taeriella, or noticed her resonance. I had expected to find traces of her here in Stormwind. I knew her resonance would be weakened due to the troubles in her personal atmosphere, but I had not expected to find it missing completely. This letter explains that matter.

When last we spoke she voiced her concerns about the unusual activity near the dark portal. It seems she has been appointed to research it herself, despite her previous weakened condition. I have half a mind of joining her. The promise of new land and exotic magical appearances is alluring, to say the least. However, it will be in or near an active warzone. I have until now avoided such places, for obvious reasons.

The Kirin Tor magus indicated that there will be a portal opened again to Shadowmoon Valley two days from now. This gives me some time to consider the request. I was told these portals only last for a minute, at most.
With the arcane minds available to them one would think they were able to hold it for a bit longer than that.

Should I decide to go, that will be my first matter of attention.
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Topic/Postby Enlayne » 28 Jan 2015, 15:03

Some days later, Shadowmoon valley.

“Very little could have prepared me for what I would find in Shadowmoon Valley. It was obvious that the general’s letter was several months old already; when I arrived at the ‘outpost’, I found instead a fortress so well built and organized that it may well have stood there for years already. The speed with which the laborers must have worked is astounding. I suspect the use of magic, though I found no traces of that in the constructions.

Perhaps the most interesting structure there is the Mage tower. The few arcanists present there informed me that it had only recently been finished, and they had been working in a tent prior to its completion. The new-built tower is well equipped for the field work required here, and I feel confident that I can even further my studies in other areas with these facilities…”


A slight knock distracted Enlayne from her thoughts and writing. She looked up at the door, and bade entry. The door opened to reveal a tall Draenei. Her body shape indicated she was female, but she was clad in an armored robe, and her face was hidden by an exotic hooded helmet. Her livery betrayed she was a paladin of the Naaru, and she seemed to radiate a light from within, even though no such source was visible.
But it was not her appearance that impressed Enlayne. She felt awed by the powerful magical aura that surrounded the woman. She instantly recognized its unique resonance even before the door had opened, but she had not known it to be this powerful.
Enlayne stood up, bowed, and straightened her robe.

“I’m glad you could finally make it, Enlayne. Welcome to Lunarfall.”
- “General.” Enlayne nodded.
The Draenei smiled and took off her helmet.
“You know I dislike titles. Especially with those who do not fall within the hierarchy. Call me Taeriella.”
- “Ofcourse, milady. I merely upheld your rank in front of your men.”
Enlayne glanced past the woman at the two guards posted just outside the door, their backs turned to her and their general. Like all soldiers in the fortress, they wore Stormwind tabards.
Taeriella closed the door, set herself on a chair, and bade Enlayne to sit as well. Enlayne had very little interest in small-talk, but she knew all too well that the paladin would try her anyway. She always did, and such conversations often ended up in deep discussions about some moral topic or other. Enlayne had come to appreciate the opinions of this Draenei, even though she did not always agree. She smiled faintly – a rare commodity – and sat down as well…


Journal entry, continued.

Lady Taeriella has told me a lot about the mission in Draenor, since its arrival at the portal. There is a lot to process and think about. A lot more I would like to see and investigate. Karabor, the Arakkoa, Auchindoun, Highmaul – to name a few.

And I simply MUST speak to the Archmage, Kadghar.
A man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give a man a mask and he will show his true face.
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