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Tessliana was making her rounds , she was on a thorough look out due to the recent mishaps in Teldrassil, the commanders had made sure to try and heighten the defenses in and around the city. The sentinels numbers were diminishing, many were sent out with the expedition beyond the portal and strange occurrences had begun happening.

"Miss Tessliana!" A young night elf called out from behind her, sprinting towards her with a bag overflowing with letters. He stopped a few feet in front of her as Tess turned around to look at him. He was quite short for a Kaldorei only measuring up to Tess' slim silver pauldrons. He ruffled his dark blue hair, caught his breath and proceeded to fish around his bag for an envelope.

"Here you go. I couldn't leave it in the mailbox because I never know when you'll be back, you're always off doing something adventurous. Would be much better than handing out letters to weird strangers." He seemed to trail off, lost in his own thoughts.

"N-Not that you're a stranger...Or Weird...Goodbye." The elf handed a letter to Tess and quickly shuffled away timidly. She smirked as he disappeared into the distant wilds of Teldrassil.

The letter was marked with a seal of a bow. She looked at the envelope inquisitively trying to remember where she'd seen it before. Hmm it's from the Lieutenant. Tess ran her finger under the seal which simply popped off revealing a darkened piece of paper with writing scrawled across it.

Dear Tessliana Darnass,

As I'm sure you're aware the numbers here in Darnassus have been worn thin due to the expedition beyond the dark portal. However as of late the druids of the circle have agreed to stay close to home and look after the city and therefore you are no longer needed here. Your efforts of protection were greatly appreciated and we are very pleased with your tenacity.

Therefore we have decided to send you on your own expedition, alone. You'll be travelling across the South Seas, rumors of new found isles rising from the ocean floor have been repeating themselves. As your superior I would like you to go and put these rumors to rest. True or not, the King has ordered us to send at least someone out to scout it out.

Tyrande and Malfurion are aware of what this could mean and I know you are too. We cannot risk an uprising and we trust in you to deliver a swift and quick blow to this threat. The south seas will play tricks on you, they are no place for the weak minded and I'm sure you know what lies beneath. If these rumours prove true then the fate of Azeroth could be at risk.

On the other hand you will be away for quite a long time, I suggest you say your goodbyes before the next moon. You will be dispatched on the 9th of the next month at Rut'theran Village. Good luck soldier.

With Safe regards,
Lieutenant Bellah

Tess sat on the edge of a branch, looking over the distant drop from the canopy of Teldrassil to the sea below. The view is breathtaking. She dropped the letter off the edge and watched it fall until it vanished. Wiping away a single tear with the palm of her hand she hurried to the Twilight Highlands, a meeting was about to occur.
"I shall protect Darnassus to my dying breath"
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