Ajulae's mystery.

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Ajulae's mystery.

It had been quite a while since Kyda had done anything more interesting than flogging potions around Stormwind, so seeing Ajulae again was a welcome change. After stopping to say hi she asked if the elf had any more adventures planned and was happy to go along with them. After wriggling her way out of getting into a dress but having to change her usual outfit Ajulae explained what they were doing. Well poor Kyda didn't understand much of it other than political messes.

The two arrived at Stormwind keep and headed into a meeting room, soon joined by Verline. There was a little altercation with some of the knights and nobles, two of which tried to grab Kyda, but a swift kick to the groin and she was walking free again. Really no wonder the world was a mess if these idiots were in charge, she thought.

While the knights were all arguing over money the three ladies (Mostly Verline and Ajulae) came up with a plan to bring about some changes and rattle a few poncy noble cages. A plan Kyda very much liked the sound of. That would be done later however and the three had something else to look into for the evening.

Outside the keep they were greeted by a paladin from the Cathedral, a little bit flirtatious, and too much so for Kyda's liking, especially as she'd been told to behave properly, multiple times that night, by Ajulae, who was being quite motherly to Kyda who was quite disarmed by that.

Anyway back on topic, the paladin took them to a seedy bar in old town, where he explained that a body had been found that morning and it had not been moved yet, pending an investigation. For some reason no one else would look into it. So the troop, now joined by another Paladin, Aion, followed the man to the scene of the murder.

After a careful search they found a Draenei woman dead in a back alley, it looked like she'd been killed while unconscious (likely knocked out by a poison dart or arrow.) Kyda found a dagger with a raven branded into the blade, a similar brand had been put on the woman's neck. She also found a bank letter on the woman, for 100 gold to be paid to the bank. So the pirate pocketed the letter, not really able to read it but would show the others later.

Some old vagabond was raving nearby that he saw what happened, very little could be gotten out of him other than a huge raven had done the attack, the group thinking it could have been a druid, and Kyda suspects a Gilnean at that. The man couldn't say any more as he promptly keeled over after voiding his stomach of what looked like some fel fluid. The group suspected that a similar dart had been used on him to keep his silence, how the man survived that long was a mystery, though may have something to do with his abuse of potions and other substances beforehand, but even he could only tolerate so much.

After the brief interrogation Verline found a trail of blood leading to a sewer entrance. So now they knew where the culprits, or perhaps an observer had gone but had decided to look at another time. For now they headed back to Mage quarter to plan their next step.

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Day 2

After cleaning up a bit and getting a new outfit Kyda found Ajulae again outside the recluse. Eager to get on with the investigation she accompanied Ajulae and an elf called Malinea to a small festival held just outside Mage quarter, near the inscription shop. There was a feeling of unease in the air and soon shadows engulfed the shop after the three did some browsing and a scream got their attention.

They found a human girl this time in the inscription shop, killed in much the same manner as the draenei lady they'd seen the day before. Kyda found a scroll on the woman with a horse seal on the front of it. She kept it in her belt and made to move back but the body looked like it melted into fel magic, leaving an imp in it's place. Kyda swiftly grabbed the imp by it's ears and demanded answers from it. All it would say was "The horse-man" And "The raven-man" Something to do with the stables and a warlock, arrows and secret ones. The group quickly made their way to the stables in old town, after a small argument with an old knight.

Verline was already at the stables, or rather with SI:7 when they got there. A large man on an armoured horse was their target and he reacted quite defensively when they confronted him with the scroll, demanding they give it to him. Verline read the scroll and clearly it was not good news for him.
Ajulae pulled Kyda away from the man as knights found the group and pulled the man away who kept screaming that he was framed. This made Kyda re-think the clues. Perhaps they were wrong, but whatever was going on was bigger than first thought.

Just Ajulae and Kyda were left and were heading back to Mage quarter, after a brief pause on the bridge, where a strange worgen smiled at Kyda, normally she'd pass it off as casual flirting but the events had put her on edge, she'd have to remember the face just in case he was more important later.

Outside the recluse Ajulae and Kyda spoke for a little while, the subject going from love interests to family, mostly Ajulae asked Kyda those questions, so she answered honestly. Or as honestly as she allowed. Though Ajulae's sudden gift had her a little confused, being told that the elf thought of her as a daughter really boggled her mind.

The rest of the night Kyda tried to make sense of that, and put it to the back of her mind and focused on piecing together this puzzling series of events. Maybe the next time they go investigate they'd find something more useful.
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