(Draft!!!) Ajulae's Backstory and Current past events.

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(Draft!!!) Ajulae's Backstory and Current past events.

She was born in a small village near what is today Orcish lands, back then it was just my playground. The little Noble blood girl of a Druid Father and Warden Mother, Teaching me what they can as I was in pray most of the night... A servant of the Moon Goddess, Her name Elune. In free time she spent in secret training with her mother and father in their fighting and healing arts. Her name is Ashajula Swiftwind.
[To be expanded]

She Spend her during the eve loosing arrows while atop her saber, sinking into the fruit stems on the farms for others to pick up, then passes the river often hunters go after the fish that jump up stream to breed, she is blind folded at the time to make it harder, also hidden in black and draped cloak, often unknown to most. Just with there hearing of a splash of the fin she would loose and arrow to the river as she rides over the bridge and giggling as she does hearing every detail.
[To be expanded]
Then reaching her father she began her training with healing and basic druidic arts, that she never understood Fully, with her soul connections more to Elune than the lands, but the dream, she did well in, Befriended by a Fay Dragon... What is a guide in troubled times and leaves when can't. Her father a renowned Archdruid, but her family get her hidden... Druidic training was more bonding with her father...

An extremely sheltered child with no real contact with others besides "Yes Ma'am..." or her parents, her Sister, a lot older was more out there and was around when the lands were one... Then she just left and never saw her again, Parents told her that it was her time to help the Alliance, and with that seed she began to Study more than ever before about history and past events.
[To be expanded]
Then back to her mothers but on foot with blades at hand and would run though the sentinels raining where they tossed glaives around. Deflecting and still in her dark cloak unknown to all. She was seen in public of course, a lot of dinner parties and so on, But was known As Ajulae Swiftheart, The servant.

Then growing older and more in tune with her life and Night Elf way, the slaving for others took her mind, at the wrong time, An attack hit the village, the first of that the Horde hit.

Arrow rained in during the day, we are active at night, and was their fist hit. She ran to often seen faces on her path to help them, then healing as many as I could and failing,

Pulling out arrows and muttering lush words that made green embers and grass grow and then heal the wounds, sometimes even doing surgery on the field, and bandaging a few up, her efforts go her no were.
[To be expanded]
Then It happened, Her mother was battling the orc warlord, an old figure with Large upper body and with Clearly older gear, older than him it seems, to be passed down as a banner is attached to his back. Her mother teleports shortly behind the Orc and swings a disc that is by itself a blade then arching smaller spike like blades follow in the movement to sink into the open back of the massive orc, that screams in pain and does the fastest swing in a circle on the heal of plated red boots, blood of her sisters cutting my mother in two.
[To be expanded]
She dropped to the ground and echoes in scream like one that is mystical, the entire battle halted to gasp at the child, the massive orc steps breaking her cries and with a thud steps, she looks up to legging coated in blood then it drips to her legs and silk white dress, the body of her mother. "What do you want, Little girl" said with a carried tone and so deep with a rough grind to the tip.
[To be expanded]
Her father leaps over and with a glowing ball of yellow that looks like thorns swaying in a rapid circle and pushes it into the orc and cut right though the orc, the guts falling onto her. Then she was yanked up by her father and carried away to only be hit by an arrow in the back as many others flee for their lives.

She looked down and stunned and then moved to a near by bow and stack of arrows and sinks the whole batch into incoming orcs in complete rage while crying, then a few come stand by her as the realize she was that unknown lady that often seen in black.

In rows of two, and about forty , loose arrows in tandem with each other as they cover each other to let the others flee the city, but It didn't work. Horde had a plan to make a statement of the village and had riders in the forest cutting down any that left. she drops as a shower of arrows kill the group that fought back.
[To be expanded]
Then pulled by the saber as the stables lit aflame and fire raged, moved to care for the rider, taking her to Darnassus as she was out cold from the smoke. Reaching there she suited up and lost her past in one go, and being out for so long forgot a part of her, all she know was to kill. She started her join the fight and ranked to warden Ajulae following her mother without the family name.

She fought back the Horde in the elven lands called Azshara, named after Ajshara, The Elven Queen of years gone by, now defending their lands, she slowly fails and they took those lands, falling back to Ashenvale. She made good friend and crush on another elf Named Elai Wind, A Scout and lower rank in the group she was in, they got along very well, as they are often alone they just clicked together, but the friend had no wish to fall in love, but Ajulae always wanted a relationship other than her parents and sister.
[To be expanded]
The Friend, Elai was sent on a mission and pulled rank and went with the scout that time, and on their sabers doing as she can, orders from higher told her there are no other reports of orc in the area for months, so she packed for a night lunch.

Reaching the rest patch they ready to eat with light chatter, then an arrow from no where just lands into the center of the Elai Head and out the other end, clearly orcish arrow too, she dropped to her knees the black cap flows like a river bank bursting... weeping and glances to the orc and leaps onto her saber and with the dead body, just able to escape with dodge and weaving of a expert of war.

Reaching the outpost and summons the army and they marched to war, in that raged she lost the battle and all of her troops, and left with only a few... at that moment she cursed and made sure never to lead ever again.

[To be expanded]
With that the second chapter of her tale started...

She quickly left to the capital City Darnassus in search of a new job, but nothing, so taking a boat across the ocean to the human city of Stormwind, named for its location and fleet that dominates the oceans with no match. She was met at the docs by a human, quite old and seems to be on his death bead, but oddly not and still strong. He was named Johnty Gurth, A noble by fighting the horde and his detail in book writing and his tales of legend... He was a mage and just pointed at her and she was confused at first but then was taken as a slave, under his teaching.

The old man had a son, a not a proper son but the rich kid type with guards and getting what he wants with his title and gold. He was based off far from the city about a three day horse ride.

Her new life began, for the next five years she was trained to be perfect slave, nothing to with the bedroom, but rather eye candy and at the side of the elder and caring for him with all needs, cooking and so on.

And along with the most advanced studies she will ever do...
[To be expanded]
Set off she was to dig up bones along with many relics of old humans from the graves, and explore anatomy of not just humans but all races. Along with attending a lot of noble house meetings, A lot of the time the Noble staged a fake getting sick to leave early, this is when they grew close as friends, her first real friend... Their convocations quickly escalated to a lot more detail facts on historical events of the world and theories of what and could happen.

They wrote tales together of grand battles of the past and now are history books under his name. She was quickly becoming a lot more involved with this... she began to study as many tongues as she could while she had the time with him..

This carried on for five more years, detailing and writing about many factors of life and political events around the Alliance. And quickly faced with a large issue when the old man passed away, her world falling apart, and the bastard son returned to claim the noble seat in power, A completely retarded human with no real want to knowledge but just war and glory. He was to claim all that was owned.. that meant her too... and she was not about to, She then published all the findings of recent works with her names, making enough gold to fight for freedom, then she left... but no without her training and connections within the many nobles and people of law.

Gaining her freedom she quickly left to hunt for relics, mostly troll.. she seeks the answers to the origin of her race since the theory suggests the still thriving race of trolls is the primal Night Elf. This lead to getting back to fighting, but not just orcs and undead, A lot worse than that, Dealing with people in trade.

She failed every trade she had and gave up loosing everything, her last hope was to join a group named Rhymes and Punishment, a hidden group from the majority eye, but quickly joined and at first hard for her to fit in with the people, then slipping into her comfortable thigh high boots and making friends that will last her.
[To be expanded]

The love... and confusing social life. [To be expanded]

She fell in love with an undead lady named Thellana, A night elf rezzarected but an evil human prince now long dead, this lady gained freedom like her, but she was married... The story of Thellana goes that her wife is a druid and in an eternal sleep for almost two thousand years and yet to wake, this made the undead quite interested in love once more as she had been alone for so long.

Ajulae, she was not very good with social ideas so she only spoke about tales she had written, brining up emotions in something that can't feel it, this end swiftly with a kiss and to never speak of it ever again.

The next she found a Dragon, the rare and never really about in mortal lives, This lasted long due to the similar unknowing of the social world, they both found comfort in this, even to the point of gift giving...

she at this time became quite known in the local Inn for the eye candy in the area and her lovely tea and books, along with selling relics she collected over the years. She lead a few missions seeking relics with the Rhymes group, and came home to a Dragon in human form, but it didn't last very long...

It ended with the clash of what they truly wanted and their lack of social knowing of how it actually works.

Then a lovely man that gave her what she wished, but that didn't end well as he was quite the rabble and ended up stabbed in the back three times for meddling with the ladies at the bar too much.

Her one raid was on a demon camp to look for relics she was capture for a week, and short to long Friends helped get her out of torment and testing from demons.

And lastly it comes to the beginning of the tale... Kyda, a young pirate girl that She saw firstly as her need to look after her then quickly fell to blushes and kisses. But this didn't go very well either with she leaving and a Mail left for Kyda informing she might die where she is going, and Yet to hear from Kyda.

Now it begins, She began her trail from the port from when she left Kyda with all her gold and anything left behind, and set off with her bow and Blades at her hips. reaching the camp site that is stage for an attack on a old human city that is battled over by the Horde, Undead and Alliance... Not a lovely site but, she walked passed with out any worries...

As she come to the city smoke can be seen screams of tera and constant people shifting in and out, this the boarder of the fights in these lands. The city is known as, Andorhal the center mark and three major roads meet this.

Her goal was to get to Hearthglen, but not without trouble, she has to go though a wall of undead... She jumped into a house and then sank lower as the mindless moves across and leaps over to be met with orcish hand grasping her. not with out a fight, she pulls a dagger from the boot that is thigh high and sinks it into the orc and drat to the left met with a wall of undead and turns back to the orc and leaps over him but a bounce from the fallen wall and then onto the upper floor of the house and ran off but not with a trail of undead.

She ran away and was face with a wall of archers in an ally way, clearly human look, but with an army of screaming undead on her tail she was a losses they will take anyday, she ducks and arrows sing over her and whisper along the cloak making a Vip sound as each arrow hits a undead, but then quickly jumps up as the shield wall moves across she joins in and leads the charge sinking a handed spear from a shield man.

With a thrust she sinks a well sharpen spear into a mindless body then another, then another and moving forward and leaving five undead on one spear, still alive only one way to kill what can't die. She mutters words that the fighters haven't heard in their life as the sky darken with the sun leaving at the time and the moon peaking over the clock tower the mother moon blessed her with power she didin't ask for, A star fall, running into battle once more with white crystals falling from the sky that burn anything that hit it at the command of her she pushed into the heart of the city. Taking out majority of the undead, the efforts lead to just more coming, and the horde joining the blood bath, A battle horn is sounded off in the distance and the figures atop a wall that should face outward, turned to hail arrows into the city.
[To be expanded]
Calling for the last few crystals to hit the wall, but ducks behind a old wall of a house to stay out of the arrows rain. hearing little tings as arrows hit a brick wall then one massive crack and crash of stone and metal... The Catapults are here. Hitting the building next to her and with all the dust pulls up her mask and quickly strides towards them, though the rubble and dust in her pure black suit, she was unseen by naked eyes, but not all eyes are blind, An archer catches on to the movement of the dust and arrows come one after the other closer and closer to her hitting the cap to snag her.. she had to be unpredictable with movement now. but ran right into a wall of horde forces then she drops her weapon and the into her knees. Then a large Blood elf, a variant of her race but just active during the day and feed on dark magic's came forth and dragged her away. She was taken to a chamber and chained up.

It quickly became A nightmare, but peaceful, her Fay Dragon came to her and help get out of the dungeon, but at the underground cell door she looks about at the varies undead chambers to find that body parts attached to others as they slow become alive, horde legs and human hands then elf head.. monster rise and slowly making their way to her, she froze at the horror of what she would be used for, grasping a glass near by she begins to kill them, ending the pain of what ever they are. She reach the out doors middle of no were in frozen mountain, she heard of a valley like this so she knew to head East...

She was moving there fast as she could reaching a river and a assain waited and the battle for her life began, She was naked due to not finding anything and but the glass she rushed into battle against a leather orc with dagger and large one-handed blade, she rolled under the swipe that would split her in two then tosses the glass shard into the back of the orc. The orc returns the favor with a dagger toss to her, manages to roll to the side and with nothing but a cut on her arm. But standing up to two large brown hands grasping her face and thumbs pushed into her eyes then digging them out, she screams as they are also on the edge of a cliff face that drops into the river, her purple skin turns red with blood and hands seeking anything to help. By now her eyes are gone and the Orc then moves to the ears she manages to get hold of a dagger attached to the Orc's belt ad then slice its throat in a clean retaliation, but at the cost of her falling into the river and smack on her back she blacks out.

[To be expanded]

To then be picked up by a dragged out of the water by a hermit Troll, dark blue skin and seems like a Shaman, but to her just a helpful figure, her eyes and face all broken from the orc, the troll did his best but in return she has a life re-payment to respect.

Thus she was a slave once more, but to one that was smart and clean and cared for the elf. First healing, this took a while for her to recover and with her sharp hearing she was quick to grasp what was going on, able to pick up of fine details.

Next she learn how to use her nose, then feeling of winds and Auras of people, the troll be him old, he Is wise and know a lot of tales, this was her for the next months learning all she can, and training back to full strength but understanding within her the need to help others.

[To be expanded]

And this begins her trip to find one she can care for while being owned in a loveing relationship.

The END. [To be expanded][To be expanded][To be expanded] :D
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