Patient effects: Pocan - Page 1

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Patient effects: Pocan - Page 1

Patients effects

Day 1.
The patient seems to have found himself a friend, A wolf. But to him it is more to him than that, this dog is his life and soul, If anyone even tries to pat the dog he will go haywire, Hopefully he will begin to recover as he starts to get other his father’s passing away, However I feel this is not the case, he has already named the dog Jamie and I don’t know if Jamie is going to be fine, He is planning to move to Goldshire, however Jamie is a stray wolf. Which is my greatest concern, for how long will Jamie be able to handle it?

Day 5

The patient seems to have calmed down a lot know, people can now play with his pet, he still seems quite emotional though so I`ve been trying to avoid bringing up his father to him, I overheard him writing a letter to this “Guild” , he seems to want some people to communicate with, furthermore, It could give Jamie a chance to get out more, which is the best for his health, I just hope he gets in, it`d be better for everyone, but will this be the case?

Day 7
Finally things are starting to turn good, My patient had managed to get into this “Guild” after a long interview, he put down his name as Pocan banks, this is quite questionable though as he told me a different name and he told the innkeeper a different name too! I will need to investigate more into this matter however this seems to be the only bad news, He seems to get more social now and seems to be getting less heated. Hopefully he stays this way for now. Will this last?

Day 9
Patient in hospital today, got a bit too eager about exploring after the interview, he decided to climb a ginormous mountain and then he jumped off! He seems to have changed since this interview, I am quite worried about went on during that period of time, furthermore I am still researching the whole name confusion, This will take awile, He seems to not be as peaceful as he used to be, he used to believe in only harming those that harm you, this is starting to change, and this is concerning. Hopefully he will get better soon?
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