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Topic/Postby Alcioune » 03 Feb 2015, 19:02

Full Name: Alcioune Ulerue
In-Game: Alcioune
Nickname: Alci

Guild: Rhyme & Punishment
Title: (Who knows? Might get one some day.)

Race: Gnome
Class: Mage
Professions: Nothing

Age: 127
Sex: Female
Hair: Black with a blueish hint
Eyes: Green
Weight: (No.)
Height: 2'11
Garments/Armor: She usually wear robes. Dressing up as priests or warlocks is one of her favourite things to do!

Other: She loves to walk with her oversized key or short sword.

Alignment: Aslong no one takes her sweetroll or attacks her, then she is neutral to everything on two legs.

Personality: Might seem to change personality for few seconds once in a while. Besides from her second master-evil mind who wish for world domination. She is a most friendly little gnome.

Extra info about below: I might look into what ever I wrote in her history and make it give more sense or correct mistakes I made along the way. Tossing down the whole history would take far tooooo long and even now, I have to review the stuff below. Plus, who knows if I will ever get into more detail? :)

Alcioune, born in the lovely lands of Loch Modan, because of her mothers wish to continue working while pregnant, which also caused Alcioune's dislike to engineering. After years of accidently destroying her families tinker work and eating up resources, her family send her out in the large world on her own. That did no go well since she spend another two years in the house beside her family.
But the day had to come and Alcioune became a fine, one inch above average height and lazy lady, she left home with only a blue backpack and the coin her family gathered in secret for a holiday trip without their daughter.
Alcioune went for the large city of Ironforge and decided to stay for a while. But she got tired of the town after a few days and took the Tram to Stormwind. At long last, Alcioune found a city she could call 'Stormwine.' Since her first experience was to help in the kitchen at the very first tavern she saw, paid with food, cheap wine and a bed to sleep in.

Years rolled by and Alcioune began to think about her life, she thought it was excellent! So she stayed there another few years and on her eighty sixth birthday, she decided to leave Stormwine with all her coin and explore the world! It did not last for long since she forgot to buy food and water for her journey, and that small detail went up and down on her whole life.

When Alcioune entered the tavern she had been living in for many years, a hooded man with a fancy looking staff had taken her seat and it made the gnome furious! She jumped up on a nearby chair and screamed out, "If you take my seat, you buy it!", the whole tavern stared at her for few seconds before bursting into laughter, then carrying on with their daily life. But the man looked at her and nodded, he said to her, "I can pay you with knowledge and with training, it will take much of you to gain the payment, but will be all worth at the end. I can teach you the way of Magi."
The gnome, as curious she was, she agreed with the payment the man offered her and travelled around the lands with him, increasing her knowledge of arcane arts and changing her view of everything! She figured out later that the man was looking for an apprentice already and was using the 'knowledge' payment to avoid loosing coin and gain what he sought.

She became better at handling magic as the years rolled by and when she thought she was up to the challenge and duel her mentor... he fell into the never ending sleep. Alone in the world, with only magi and knowledge on her side and a family with no other interest than engineering and getting rid of their not-so-good-with-tools-daughter, she became isolated inside Stormwine's mage quarters. Studying.
She taught herself numerous things, but what caught her the most was the Illusion School.
To be able to create copies of anyone in order to distract or twist the appearence of your very own being fascinated the gnome and became the very thing she is specialized in today.

Now, with hunger for knowledge which the books and fellow mages within Stormwind could not give her, she travelled just like her mentor did, but not to find an apprentice, but to find the city of Dalaran and she did find the city of Dalaran, but figured it was the ruins a confused dwarf send her to. Months later she found the new and floating Dalaran! In the city of magi she found books in the streets, in the taverns, random shops, the library and even one in the tree! It was a wonderland for the gnome, but not for long.
Her curiousity caught her one day, a book mentioning the magical lines also called; Leylines.
Her second personality began to sprout after reading this very book, a personality, which hungers for knowledge to increase her own power, that very personality made Alcioune aim for the title of Leywalker.

Today, even with her knowledge of the leylines and how they work. She is yet to master them and may never do, her abilities has only grown slightly stronger, but such would also have been able if she stayed to the tradional ways. Now, while she search for a living person capable of using this power without fail, she has fallen back to wait. Minding her own buisness, not increasing her power but her knowledge of how to be social and that very fact, leading her to the guild; Rhyme and Punishment.

Edit: Adding a smiley.
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Topic/Postby Lilandris » 04 Feb 2015, 00:55

I deem this thread necro legitimate, and to be allowed :Q
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Topic/Postby Pepple » 04 Feb 2015, 02:10

Alcioune wrote:Weight: (No.)

But how will we know the weasel to trouser ratio??
Shevron wrote:(that came out larger than I expected)
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Topic/Postby Traest » 04 Feb 2015, 07:38

I always go by the rule of thumb, 2.5 per leg.
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Topic/Postby Alcioune » 04 Feb 2015, 16:25

Pepple wrote:
Alcioune wrote:Weight: (No.)

But how will we know the weasel to trouser ratio??

Well, she will never mention her own weight, since she never got to checked it and might never do.

You might be lucky some time to carry her and guess. If you really want to figure.
(I already found a fitting number, but might only hand out information that is not precise. <nods>)
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