The story I didn't write

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Topic/Postby Cherwina » 13 May 2019, 13:16

The story I didn't write

So... I shared this AI (click) to the chat last week and I mentioned that it was creating some very odd story like pieces. I thought, rather than clogging up chat with huge walls of text, I'd tell the story I didn't write here instead... So here goes. I've put in bold that parts I provided to the AI.


"Cherwina Dawnstrider, Elder Druid of Eldre'thalas"

She looked down at the diminutive figure of the gnome that would
later become her husband. Her expression slowly hardened. "No, I do not desire you."

"Then tell me, are there any other members of Gnomeregan that desire you?" asked the gnome.

She gave a deep chuckle, taking a deep breath before speaking again. "Not really. My husband is the one that I must choose to marry. He is also one of the best followers, with his ability to heal others and his knowledge of gnomish lore. I have chosen to settle down and seek him a permanent home. I do not mind it more as I already have three children to feed and care for."

She pulled onto a saddle to pull herself up on her hooves. The last person to see her was her husband, Gavilar, who kept following her wherever she went. At least in this instance, he wouldn't have any idea where she had taken all of her horses.


Erm... So we're off to a good start I see... Three kids, a possible gnomish husband... or an affair... Also, I appear to be in stag form (hence my hooves) while leading a bunch of horses. OK


"So, why exactly does Gnomeregan need all these horses?" asked Cherwina.

The gnome played with his mustache before answering
with a question that sounded very ominous. "It's because it's a safe, peaceful, peaceful place," he replied, as he walked closer to Gnomeregan. He said, "It is. But in case of a serious accident, it can take several days for rescue forces to arrive."

"How so?!"

"A horse's life is a precious commodity, and there's only 1-2 minutes until it goes off. That makes every horse available to rescue," he said.

"So… we're at war?" the dwarf asked curiously. "The dwarves have a problem on their hands, a great warrior, and that horse has a very powerful magic attack! They could be the source of our problems!? If this magical beast is in dire need of help, why did we even need our horses!?"

"There's only one reason this magical beast is in such trouble; it has an immense amount of magic energy."


... OK, so one of the horses is a mage and the ... dwarves are at war with a great warrior because of the horse?...
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Topic/Postby Gergel » 13 May 2019, 15:53

Still a better story than many RSPs with "description" fields full of background stories.

(Also still a better love story than Twilight.)
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