Shorts from the Journals

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Shorts from the Journals

Dulvarinn started a thread on the official forums for putting small glimpses of character journals in. I like these kind of short creative writing ideas as it's something I can do during my lunch hour so I thought I'd bring them over here as well for those interested who might not frequent the official forums.


Cherwina pulls a dusty tome from her bag and opens to one of the earlier pages

Lost amongst lands I once called home. The city is now ruins, infested and twisted by the very magic that built it. The once peaceful lake now screams obscenities and imagined enemies at all who approach. Dreams became nightmares. Beauty became disgusting. The forest became forgotten, and so did we.

Cherwina flicks to a page with a light green marking in the corner.

We have received word that the Cenarion Circle has now opened it’s training to females. My dream of helping restore this world is finally possible. Tonight I will inform the sisterhood of my intentions. I will make the most of this last peaceful night on this island under Elune’s gaze. The journey to Hyjal will be a long one.


The extravagance of this party so close to the Dead Scar sums up what has become of our people since that fateful day. All show and no heart. Pretending as though nothing ever happened. I’m not here for the party though, I’m here to get paid. The proprietor wanted to gloat about his strength but didn’t want to get his hands bloody. I don’t care, the Amani needed to be dealt with and I needed the money. He can gloat all he likes, I doubt the partygoers care. It’s all pretend. Like the Troll head on the table, all show… no heart.

Loyalty. We’re all being asked where ours sit these days. This isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last. First it was Kael’thas or Lor’themar. Now it’s Garrosh or Vol’jin? You tell them the answer they want to hear of course. The truth is that the only loyalty worth a damn in this kingdom is to oneself. Loyalty leads to people following their leader on a destructive course. Loyalty is one sided. A faction focused on Loyalty will always fail. Leaders need to earn respect, not loyalty and until that happens again, we’re doomed.

EDIT: Added two new entries.
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*Goes diary hunting*
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