Final sins

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Final sins

*Warning: Some spoilers ahead* (What follows is the story of Morawain's last days in service to the scourge. It is told in a mixof first and third person and mostly focuses on Morawain's own adventures. However it will use all the information I've glearned on the Death Knight starter chain as a backdrop in parts so there are spoilers ahead if you are planning to go in blind with your own DK's. Just a warning.)

This is my story. Heed it well for perhaps in knowing how far I once sunk you can avoid taking the same path as I.

My name is Lady Morawain, Matriarch of House Giroval. And for a time I served the scourge as a Death Knight. It was a pact forged from desparation and cowardice on my part, but at the end, I truly became a monster.

My first sin, was betrayal of the living...

Northrend, seven years ago.

"You must hurry young supplicant." The arachnoid creature that was apparently once a Nerubian spoke in it's strange insectile voice. "Arthas' forces have reached Northrend and are drawing closer as we speak. We must all be ready to fight Illidan's forces when he arrives to aid the Lich King."
Morawain panted from exertion. She was still unused to her half-living state and her body was still trying to function normally.
"Well perhaps you should teach me more of your sorceries." Morawain replied bitterly. "Perhaps then, being suspending between life and undeath as I am would be easier to bear."
"Perhaps supplicant, but you will make for a stronger Knight should you overcome such obstacles without the need for more than basic spells. Now. Again!"

With a gesture of it's hands the Nerubian made the corpses on the floor rise once more and attack Morawain. Stepping back she swung her new sword in a wide arc, slicing through one zombie and taking a chuck of flesh from a second zombie on the follow through. She then spun and and raised her blade to catch a blow from a third without a moments hesitation.
She had trained so long in sword skills that their use now came naturally to her. It was with pride she counted herself among the more talented of human swordsmen and women. But she had never fought like this. This new Runeblade was unlike any she had used before. She normally needed to spend time growing used to a new weapon before she could use it effectively, but not this one. This blade felt like and old friend come to fight at her side. With it she found she moved with an ease she had never before felt in battle.

Morawain felt she had reached her peak, but with the Lich Kings blessing she could only grow more and more powerful. With this power nothing was beyond her.

(more to come)
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With surprising ease I mastered my new blade and soon became a far greater warrior than I ever could have been when held back by the limits of a living body. Soon the art of necromancy became like a second blade, in a frighteningly short time I became that which is now dreaded and loathed across Azeroth. I was a Deathknight of the Scourge.

I was there to witness to the battle of Icecrown Glacier. I was there on that fateful day when Arthas and Nerzhul became one being. It felt strange, having briefly met the young warrior as a child when struggling to stand in his father's court to be there on that day.

It was later however that I would be bid to return south, to Stratholme. Upon the way however I met Her. My second sin was to colaborate with those who deserved only oblivion...

Morawain pulled her deathcharger up short and the troops following her halted without a word. Pushing aside the eeriness of troops who never spoke a word, she looked at the sight ahead. The human resistance of Lordaeron was quickly crumbling but here and there groups of warriors persisted. One such group lay ahead. Strangely they seemed to be engaged in battle with themselves.

As more and more warriors pressed in towards their centre a red mist arose and it became apparent that not only was this not some strange malady of the mind, but whoever they fought was winning...

Wanting to know more, Morawain ordered the charge. Caught unawares by the sudden attack the warriors could not mount a defence. With Morawain at the spearhead, ending a life with each sweep of her blade she quickly drew close to the source of the commotion. At the centre stood what at first appeared to be some kind of squat demon.

Its matted and frayed mess of violet hair whipped around its small stubby figure, which despite the bulky plate covering it, moved with terrifying speed as it wielded a ridiculously sized axe with apparent ease. As Morawain caught sight of the warriors face she saw button nosed features at odds with it's crazed eyes and viciously pointed teeth. A crazed laugh turned the scene into something from Morawain's darkest nightmares.

As the fighting died down the warrior's rage seemed to subside. Allowing its weapon to fall to the floor it stood silently and took in the carnage with an expression that would haunt even the most stalwart of war veterans. Having a good look, Morawain realized the warrior was a gnomish woman, though bulkier than any gnome she had ever seen.

The gnomes she had met had been amicable and absent minded, but this one was unlike none of their kind she had encountered. As Morawain studied this new stranger, she looked up locking gazes with an intensity that was reserved for those without and semblance of sanity.

"That was fun, huh?" The gnome said.
"It was war, it was what I am here to do." Morawain replied, noting that she sounded somewhat like the nobles she had spent so many years resenting.
"Psssh!" the gnome idley wandered over. "You really should learn to enjoy the whole Death Knight deallie! It's pretty sweet if ya' ask me."
"You think what you- Wait! You are a death knight?" Morawain eyed the gnome incredulously.
"Haha! I never get tired of that look. You're lucky, I'm not gonna chop you up for it." The gnome shrugged. "Names Phina Fizzlespark, Bloody bucther of Dalaran."
"Bite-sized butcher more like." Morawain smirked, ingoring Phinas venomous expression. "If you must know I am Lady Morawain of House Giroval. Though more recently I have gone by the title of Captain Morawain Cassor or the Lordaeron 25th infantry."

Phina whistled as though impressed. "A noble and a ranked officer. Quite a repwo... repatwa... Gah! I hate fancy words! Anyway I shoulda figured you for a fancy schmancy leader type. You're pretty stuffy.
"I'm a soldier. Unlike yourself I understand discipline among the ranks."
"You're also a toff." Phina stuck her tongue out.
"Not by choice, I was married into it."
"But... marriage is a choice." The gnome seemed extremely confused.
"Show's how naive you really are. Anyway lets get moving. I'm expected to report in and I doubt you've got as much free rein as your behaviour suggests.
Without a further word Morawain turned her steed and troops towards Stratholme, hoping Phina wouldn't follow. She did.
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Thus it was that I began my service in Stratholme. Those directly superior to me saw my power and potential, but knowing my heart still lay among the living they decieved me. I was lied to and told that the alliance had been torn apart by treachery from within and Stormwind had fallen once more. Filled with cold fury at the thought that my former comrades had been responsible for the loss of all that I held dear and believing my family dead, I threw my emotions aside, instead becoming a callous dealer of death.

For six years I slaughtered my former allies and enemies alike in The Lich King's name. I had found a new cause and a new power and I brought it upon the living without feeling.

However this was to change. First Solantra, my own child who I believed long dead, appeared in Stratholme and, shaken from my emotionless state I did my best to save her. This did not please my superiors and they bade me to prove myself once more by thwarting the defection of my fellow knight Phina. A task I accepted with great relish. But the warlock, Rinu Fizzlespark stole victory from me and my failure was not well recieved.

No longer trusted and shamed, I was deemed fit only to assist new recruits to our cause. With this aim I was sent to Acherus the Ebon Hold to babysit those who had thrown aside their lives to bring destruction in the name of The Scourge...

The supplicant only wept at her feet. Morawain curled her lips in disgust at the man.
"Have you no shame?" She asked scornfully. "Where you not once a Knight of the Silver Hand? Have you not fought in more battles than most can remember? And yet you weep here before me like a babe that wishes for it's mother embrace. You sicken me."
The man blinked up at her with reddened eyes, too broken by what he had seen to even wipe the tears from his face. She gazed back into his eyes with cold fury and he flinched and averting his gaze.
"Tell me" she continued raising her sword above him "do you wish to become better acquainted with a sword such as this?"
"Yes." He rasped.
"I'm sorry." Morawain raised her hand to her ear and tilted her head towards him with a mocking expression. "I didn't catch that."
"I said Yes, you damn crone!" He growled his hand clenching into fist on the floor.
"Oh good" She said with a cheery tone before driving her sword down and severing his head from his shoulders. "Thus ends the life of Sir Rudrich Hanigar."

She turned and surveyed the supplicants before her. "The five of you should take note. This is what happens to the weak."
"My Lady" A young man formerly of the Scarlet Crusade spoke up. "Is it not a waste to kill good soldiers like that?"
"Him? You think he would have been at all useful young Jacovir?" Morawain studied him as she spoke. He was young, possibly no older than Solantra. He was also a traitor to the Crusade. If that kind of zeal could be harnessed in service to the Lich King he would make a truly formidable Death Knight. "No. However our enemies find headless zombies most unnerving, so he's just become a lot more useful hasn't he?"
Coria, the Blood elf, chuckled at this. Already she has displayed a sadistic streak that would serve her well here. She disgusted Morawain.

"Enough of that." Halunden interrupted with typical Dwarven abruptness. "When do we get our ow-" He cut of as Morawain swung her blade around to rest in front of his throat.
"Careful now. I despise insubordination from my troops and beheading is a speciality of mine. As for your blades, I feel you ready to have them Runeforged. And what of you Phersene? Do you feel ready to take this step?"
The Draenei returned her gaze confidently. "That I do Lady Morawain. You think I would turn my back on my people and waver now?"
Morawain smiled. "Fair enough. Your ambition will carry you far."

"Now explain this to me." She said walking up to the last supplicant. "Why do I allow you to live? You betrayed us once. I was ordered to kill you. And now I am to bring you back into the fold. You are thrice a traitor. Why are you to be trusted after betraying the alliance, the scourge and then your own sister?"
Phina stuck her lower lip out in mock sadness. "Because I'm real sorry?"
Morawain snarled at the gnome and tightened the her grip on her runesword. It riled her that she'd been ordered to let this monster live.

"Very well then. Perhaps you can demonstrate to your new comrades how this next step in their rebirth as a Death Knight is done."
Phina grinned childishly and set a bundle on the floor in front of the Runeforge she was sat next to, opening it to reveal the shards of her axe, Haemorrhage. It suddenly became all too clear why Phina could be kept loyal.

In her madness she'd developed an affection for her weapon that bordered on the love of a family member. Ironic considering her desire to kill her only sibling. Still it was only through eternal servitude she could ensure her weapon's return. So she would remain loyal.

"Now." Phina crooned lovingly as she caressed the blade. "Now you come back to me Haem." Everyone present shivered bar Phersene and Morawain.
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As time went by the supplicants grew into their new place between life and death. Halunden seemed to live in wait for his next chance to "crack some 'eds" and bacame highly favoured by Phina who quickly showed herself as a veteran like myself rather than a supplicant. It quickly became clear she resented being under my command and no doubt wished to face me in battle a second time.

The blood elf Coria did not fail to meet my expectations with her sadistic nature, teasing her opponents and drawing out their death while exhibiting a skill with the sword that came close to my own. Phersene almost never showed emotion and seemed drawn on by an inexplicable need to become stronger.

It was Jacovir who interested me the most. He did not have the skill of Coria or Phersene's determination. Nor did he have Halunden's sheer bloody-mindness or Phina psychotic need to draw blood. He seemed to have no reason to become a Death Knight and even seemed conflicted. I think I took a liking to the boy because he at once reminded me of myself and my own children, thus drawing out a maternal sense of protectiveness I had not felt in some time...

"Keep formation you cretinous dogs! If our line breaks like that again they'll escape!" Morawain stood at the centre of the line of Death Knights she and her supplicants formed at one of the escape routes from Havenshire. They had been charged with ensuring no living soul left and had chosen a bottleneck at which to do so. Unfortunetly Phina and Coria had a love of plowing forwards when presented with a large number of foes which left a large gap in the line as they were next to each other.

As a lull in the fighting came and the two returned to positions Morawain bought her plated fist round into the side of Coria's head causing her to stagger and trip over Phina. As the haughty supplicant picked herself up Morawain bodily grabbed Phina and hauled her over so that she stood between the two.

"That's better. My skill's allow me to hold a larger gaps. Next time they come you two can move forwards." This order draw a puzzled look from Phina.
"Say wha?" The gnome exclaimed.
"The first lesson of command is to play to ones strength's. You and Coria fight well when surrounded and can destroy a mob from the inside out. I can better fill two small gaps either side than I can one large gap to one side." She replied
"Oh, them strappygem wotsits again?"
"Strategem's Phina. And your refusal to heed them is why you'll never make command."
The gnome grunted and tensed as a block formation of Crusaders rounded the corner.
"Excellent. Phina you break their front line and keep going until you reach the middle. Coria and Phersene keep the gap open so the pikes can't help those at the front. Halunden, Jacovir stand back a bit and catch any stragglers."
Halunden eyed her sideways. "You think you can take their frontline by yourself?"
"Hah! Whoever said I was going to fight at all? Now go!"

With an exultant howl Phina leapt in the air gaining surprising height, despite her small size and bulky plate. With a crash she plowed through the first few ranks like a cannonball and laneded out of sight in the press. Without hesitation her Draenei and Elven companions pressed into her wake wading through and also disappearing at the tropps closed in around them. In their eagerness to escape the Crusaders pressed forwards, leaving their comrades to the mercy of the three knights in their midst.

Having fallen back with her and Halunden, Jacovir looked at her nervously. "My Lady! We've left the narrower parts of the street. They'll just swarm around us."
"Oh ye of little faith." She said with an evil grin. "Allow me to show the power that awaits you."
Without a further word she threw and hand in the air and began to chant as her icy aura turned into one of shadow which snaked out and through the feet of the oncoming scarlets. Too late they realised the folly of charging through the mass of corpses in the bottleneck as their fallen comrades began to surge upwards, and unholy light in their eyes. Sefveral soldiers fell within moments, dragged down only to rise once more under Morawain's command.
Grown men cried out in terror, calling vainly to friends and brothers to stop.

The combination of the sudden counter-attack and Morawain's sorcery broke the will of the Crusaders who where easily mopped up by Halunden and Jacovir. As the fighting died out, a frightened villager cried out as the realisation that no crusader still lived. As her newly risen horde of ghouls milled about Morawain spied a pack of frightened women and children. She pointed at them and echoed the Lich King's orders.
"Death to All!"
At her words the ghouls and Death Knights alike stormed forwards tearing through the helpless and terrified civillians. Only Jacovir remained behind at her side.

"Does this trouble you Jacovir? Surely as a former crusader you should be used to killing without discrimination." She asked
"I never liked it then. Why should that change now?" he replied.
"Then why have you joined us?"
"I had no choice if I wished to continue on."
"And why is your life and free will so important to you?"
"I hope someday to return home. Perhaps she will be there still."
"Oh?" Morawain turned to face him, her inquisitive expression almost hidden by the necromantic energies, swirling around her. "Who may that be?"
"My sister. I'm all she has." At his word Morawain's expression softened and her hold over the ghouls faltered momentarily, causing them to stagger notably. "Your not so different." Jacovir stated narrowing his eyes. "Are you?"
Morawain turned away and obseved the slaughter silently. "Very well, you don't have to tell me who you're holding on for." Jacovir said walking off to join the "clean up".

As he did so Morawain caught a glance of Phersene through the chaos. The Draenei stood silently observing them, her facing betraying nothing of her thoughts. As their eyes met she nodded and turned away from Morawain, returning to her bloody work.
"Jacovir." At Morawain's voice he paused and turned his head to her. "Don't turn you back on Phersene. I believe she will kill us if we do." Without another word she turned and strode back to where her Deathcharger waited. The Ebon Hold would want a report.
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I slowly watched my charges become more than mere supplicants. Jacovir grew colder and colder to the world around him by the day and I began to fear he was indeed trwading the same path as I. My concern and view that this was a bad thing can't have gone unnoticed as the Lich King's voice grew quiter in my mind.

It cannot have been a coincidence that Phersene seemed to hear his call despite being a relative novice. She once tried to diminish my authority by giving orders contradictory to my own. It is with a smile I remember the scar she now bears as a reminder of the lesson I taught her. Coria however seems to have fallen in at the Draenei's side. No doubt she will ever be a follower rather than a leader. A pity. Halunden even more so than Coria showed little promise beyond his intial success.

Phina, however regained more and more of her former strength each day. I feared her more than Phersene as I she was as much a veteran as I and though she still fought in her typical maniacal faction, she had changed. She fought with care now and was learning the necromantic arts for herself. I did not relish another confrontation with her.

I was however to be pulled out of this bitter infighting soon however. Reports of a group of Argent Dawn striking at us at vital patrols caused my superiors much annoyance. Eager to regain face I took my cadre of Death Knights and set up and ambush. Thus it was that I commited perhaps my greatest sin...

A Night Elf fell to the grown, his torso torn open by a backhand from Morawain. A forsaken charged at her shouting cries of hate and accusations of treachery at the sight of her Lordaeron tabard. She caught his mace with the cross-guard of her sword and delivered a kick to his hip sending him spinning aside in time to catch a sweeping lunge from an orc. Rather than pushing back she gave ground and swept aside causing her assailant to stumble forward, allowing her to finish him with a killing blow.

"Does it irk you that I still wear my old colours?" she said as she turned to the forsaken. He was still on the floor, one side of his pelvis shattered by her inhuman strength. She severed his mace arm at the elbow as he tried to raise it. The forsaken laughed bitterly.
"What's it been Lil' Mora'? Twenty six years?" Morawain made a choking noise as he refered to her by the name her old mercenary regiment had called her. "All that time and undeath has changed you. But you still got that pretty face, albiet a little older and scarier now." As he looked up at her Morawain recoiled in horror as she recognised him. Franklin had inducted her into the regiment after the fall of Stormwind. He had always kept an eye on her, fending of her more amorous comrades and treating her like a younger sister. In that one moment the resolve she had built up these past six years crumbled. However she did not have time to dwell on this as a rush of air alerted her to an oncoming attacker.

Spinning she caught the sword before it struck her head from her shoulders. Her attacker was also all too familiar. The Blood Elf bore many holy symbols and highly polished, ornate plate-mail that was segmented to allow her to move with speed and grace. Morawain had met a few Blood Knights, and all where formidable foes. It had been many years since she had seen this particular elf, but her pale skin a silver hair were unmistakeable. The look of fury in her face was new however.

"What have you done Morawain Cassor?" Said Tiermaya Starseeker. "What have you become?"
Realising the danger she was in Morawain pushed aside the pain her oldest friend and mentor's betrayed tones caused her.
"I'm sorry about this Maya. I've no choice." Without warning she let her sword suddenly slide back and spun it around over her head in an arc aimed at her opponents crown before quickly changing direction to arc around to the neck. Tiermaya didn't even try to block the feint and instead caught Morawain's wrist on the second strike and slashed out. Morawain pulled back but took a long gash down her cheek.
"Idiot girl." She spat. "I'm the one who taught you that trick. I know your style inside out because you learnt it from me."
"You should be proud then. It's very effective on your new comrades." Morawain retorted feining a sadistic grin
Tiermaya snorted. "You always were to stubborn to show you were upset. I know you better than that. Didn't we fight back to back a hundred times and more? Didn't we swear oaths of sisterhood. This is not the friend I knew. This is not the girl who named her firstborn after me!"

Tiermaya charged with a hail of light-infused blows, the holy energy burning at Morawain. She could only recoil at this assault. She leapt back and spun her sword in a wide arc to force the Blood Knight back.
"Things have changed." She said. "Faced with death this was my only choice. It was a foolish one for reasons that it lay counter to but I must carry the burden of my sins."
"By perpetuating them? You could have returned home to Stormwind. You could have done good to erase them."
"It is too late. My home lies in ruins."
"You believe those lies? I don't think you do. I see it in your eyes. Stormwind still stands and you've seen the evidence. It was you who saved Solantra from the streets of Stratholme wasn't it?"
Morawain gasped "Who told you that?"
"It was strange seeing her sister arrive at Light's Hope with that gnome. She's changed a lot since you introduced me to her as a gangly teenager. She's a strong woman now."
"T...Tier?" Morawain could hardly speak.
"Yes. Your daughter is here and knows of your treachery. I could hardly believe it. Especially coming from a warlock as petulant as that Rinu. So I drew you out."
"I'm sorry, but I can't go back." Morawain said a dark miasma seeping from the ground beneath her and the elder Tiermaya. The elf tried to attack but the necromantic magics sapped her strength. "My sins are to great. A monster must stay and die a monster's death."

Morawain lunged suddenly and drove her sword through her mentor's chest. "How unfortunate that you underestimated me. I thought you might release me from his service."
Tiermaya's words came raggedly and blood came with them. "P...per...perhaps... th-the other... Tier...maya.. will. She's... powerful." The elf smiled. "At... least you ... you got her right."
Morawain closed her eyes as the Blood Knight slid off her runesword and breathed her last. Everything was quiet until a voice spoke up.

"Do you believe that?" asked Jacovir. "That we can't go back?"
"Of course." Morawain replied wiping the blood of her weapon. "Who would have the likes of us now?"
Jacovir shrugged. "I never figured you for a mother."
"Quite. I buried that part of me long ago. Looks like it may come after me eventually."
"Sooner than you think. A messenger came from the hold. All troops are to draw back. The Crusade has failed to hold the region and now The Lich King marches on Light's Hope. Phersene and Phina have taken charge of the others and rushed ahead."
"And you?" Morawain asked with a raised eyebrow.
"You may have killed your mentor but I still need mine." He knelt before her and offered his sword. "I shall follow you to the end, my lady."
Morawain smirked. She remembered another time when she had made such a pledge to The King of Stormwind. A young girl eager to fight the invading orcs. Albeit Llane Wrynn had not been present, but she had made the oath all the same. "Get up boy. I'm no royalty, I was born on a farm in Elwynn."
Jacovir smiled. "We're going then?"
Morawain nodded in response.
"And on which side?" he asked.
"I no longer feel the Lich King's presence. He did this to Phina right before I was sent to kill her. You do what you want. I'm going to finish that stunted little bitch off. Then I'm going to see if there's anyone who'll take me. You?"
"I'll tag along. I reckon our good friend Phersene might get in your way."

The two strode off towards Light's Hope. Just before they passed from view Morawain took one last look at her best friend.
"I'm sorry Tiermaya. I know I promised if we fell, we would fall together. But I seem to have fallen long before you."
A feral grin crossed her face as she turned her thoughts to what she expected to be her final stand.
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Topic/Postby Tiermaya » 18 Nov 2008, 01:45

Having fallen so far, I saw little place in the world for one such as me. Having turned my back on the living I had now also made an enemy of the dead. Thus it was that I strode into the battle for Light's Hope without fear. I became an engine of destruction felling the scourge and the dawn without prejudice. It was however upon a hill overlooking the battle that I found who I was looking for....

Phina stood patiently at the top of the hill, an air of power surrounded her. Both her not partaking in the battle and her obvious use of magic terrified Morawain. She had obviously gained far more power than Morawain ever expected.
"You didn't have to come you know." Phina said dismissively. "This isn't really about you anymore."
"I very much doubt that. You've always wished to put an end to me." Morawain replied grimly.
"Oh don't be so arrogant. This stopped being about you the moment Rinu tried to destroy Haemorraghe." To drive her point home she raised her axe in the air, the air around it misting with cold and the runes on the blade glowing furiously. "All this was so I had the strength to defeat her, she's surprisingly dangerous."
"I see. You still waited for me."
Phina grinned maniacly. "Oh you're just a plus. I'm going to enjoy taking you apart peice by peice."

A moment of silence followed as the two Knights squared up to each other, broken suddenly as Phina leapt into the air bringing her axe down towards Morawain's skull. The last thing she expected to see on Phina's face was the look of shock as a large shape barrelled into her in mid-air, carrying her to the ground. Phina flailed around for her axe as the Felhound attempted to clamp it's vicious jaws around her head. With a growl Phina launched a bolt of dark energy into it's stomach using the opening to throw her assailant off.

A horrid screeching laugh came from above them and turning they saw an all to familiar figure atop a rocky outcrop. The Warlock had changed, her once dark greasy hair now white and dry while her former plump figure looked somewhat emaciated adding to the affect of her extremely small size. Nevertheless neither could forget the mixture of hauntedness and malice in Rinu's expression.
"Did you honestly think I'd sit and wait for you to come kill me Phina?" She spat at her sister. As she spoke, the net of Fel energy she had woven around herself seemed to spike with each word, reflected her fury. "I've been waiting for this Phina. No matter what you become you can never out do me. I was always the smarter one. I will be the greater. And you..." Rinu paused and grinned joyfully. "Well lets just say I'll be the last remianing Fizzlespark and leave it at that hmmm?"

"I'm sorry runt." Phina said with a growl. "You're days are numbered. Right now your former slave travels to the roof of the world to complete his plan, I intend to be there to enjoy the show. Once that's done you're not gonna now what's hit ya!"
"Oh. You think you'll leave this sorry place? How adorably stupid!" More of Rinu's strange laugher poured forth as the Felhound dived foward. Phina side stepped and buried her axe in it's side, leaving herself exposed as Rinu sent a torrent of demonic energy pouring into her. Morawain stood paralyzed by uncertainty at this unexpected turn of events as the two sisters began their attempts to destroy each other.

"Trying to decide which victor you can defeat?" came the voice she had on some level longed to hear all these years. "Even in death you are a coward."
Turning Morawain saw that Tiermaya had changed greatly in the past seven years. She strode with pride and elegance. Her white and gold robes only served to emphasise this. Where once had been a gaze full of uncertainty and dependency now lay an expression serenity.
"Maya I..."
"Save it!" Tiermaya interrupted harshly. "You've no right to call me that anymore. You abandoned your own family because you wanted to galavant around with your old soldier buddies, even though they had likely retired or moved on themselves. You feared death so much you abandoned the living and believed hollow lies to relieve yourself of guilt." Tiermaya's tone grew angry her previous calm melting away. "You killed your oldest friend and then still had the cowardice to run from yourself by killing any within reach in order to seek death!"
"You can't understand. You've not crossed the line I have. I'm a monster. The alliance has no place for monsters."

A long silence passed as Mother and Daughter stared at each other. Morawain could feel a static charge in the air. Arcane Magic. She had felt it only a few times before but it was clearly radiating from Tiermaya. She doubted she could do anything her daughter did not agree with so she could only stand and wonder whether the mage intended to kill her. With a sudden movement Tiermaya strode past Morawain to gaze at Rinu. At some point Phina had fled and the diminutice warlock merely glared angrily at the horizon.

"Do you think she is any less a monster than her sister?" Tiermaya asked.
"It is hard to tell. She does not seem as malevolent as Phina." Morawain replied.
"Never judge a book by it's cover, Mother. You taught me that much. Rinu is truly dangerous. Several times I have seen her willingness to sacrifice others for the smallest of goals. She is perhaps more vile as her evil is a cold, calculating one whereas Phina is a creature of rage and bloodlust." Tiermaya turned to Morawain. "I came here to see the truth for myself. If you really had fallen.."
"You have a point I guess." Morawain said with a questioning glance.
"The alliance accepts individuals like Rinu. We do not like it but we need the help of her ilk. Even monsters have their uses."
"So you seek to use me as you use her?"
"No I seek to redeem you. Rinu has chosen against that path. You still have that choice to make. Know that you make it without me. I have no desire to welcome you back with open arms but I would hope you would set out to reach such a point." Tiermaya walked towards Rinu. "Let us hope that when we meet again we fight the same enemy."
And with that Tiermaya left Morawain to her thoughts.

No doubt you may have heard of the events that day, of the founding of the Order of the Ebon Blade. I remember my daughter's words well and in this new order I see a chance to make her vision a reality. I shall find redemption and return to the light or I shall fall once more against my former masters.

I leave this account of my own fall from grace for those who come after me. Knight's of the Ebon Blade your cause is a noble one. I would hope this helps you realise you,ve done the right thing.
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