Conversations with Madness

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Conversations with Madness

Rinu sat idly against a rock, and gazed out over the bluffs of Borean Tundra as she pondered events since the destruction of her home. Determined for vengeance she'd sought to draw upon more and more power. In doing so she had overwhelmed the magic that was fogging her memory. She now remembered it all. Her discovery of soul-eating, her betrayal and near-death in the sands of Tanaris and finally the actions of the Aldor.

In a nutshell, her journey to outland to strike a blow against the legion and claim vengeance had failed miserably. IT was little comfort to know that Kil'Jaeden had been thrown back and his plans scuppered when the same forces that defeated him had also put a stop to her own endeavours. The defeat did not sit well with her.

However in the practice of soul-eating, no longer needed to sustain herself, she'd found the power she sought. She liked her knew trick. Even if her allies didn't.

"They envy your power Rinu." Came a voice at her ear. "Given the chance they will abandon you to your death."
"Hmmph. Let them think that." She smirked as she replied. "They are mere tools for my goals anyway."
"Yes." Said another speaker. "You've seen before how these so called "friends" repay you. Remember Tanaris"
"Hmmm. Best not lower my guard like that again.
"Too many paladins as well." Said the first speaker.
"Unsuprising that they've increased in number really." Rinu mused. "No doubt they've been placed near me by the Naaru."
"They'll know that you remember now" The second said.
"Let them. They're all the way in Outland. I'm here in Northrend far away." Rinu giggled at this triumph.
"Perhaps the Sha'tar are no longer a threat but there is something new." The first warned. "This Argent Crusade."
"Hmmm. I think they really want to fight the scourge. Like the Sha'tar and the legion. No doubt are few are using it as cover to follow me here though."
"And the Ebon Blade?" Asked the second.
"Up to me I'd kill 'em on sight. Doubt many would mind either. But it's more trouble than it's worth. I met one and she's a nasty piece of work."
"The Giroval woman." The first mused. "Much like the Argent crusade perhaps. Her daughter might be a problem though. She never liked you."
"Tiermaya?" Rinu laughed. "I'm not scared of that spoilt cow. She's more concerned with Phina anyway."
"Then let them kill each other? The second sounded surprised
"Why not? I'll deal with whichever wins."
"And what of the Felguard?" Rinu growled, her calm expression turning to one of contempt.
"If I knew where to find him I'd sort that out. Sadly I don't. In the meantime I'll decide what to do when I find him."
One thing left for you then." The first said
"And what would that be?
There is much power in Northrend. Make it yours." The second replied.
Rinu chuckled. "And what would I do with it?"
They spoke in unison with one simple message;
"Kill them all!"

Rinu stood up with a smile and began to make her way across the plain. Plains that were notably empty except for herself. Unperturbed she continued her conversation.
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The Argent Crusade shall prevail!
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