A Winter Veil Tale

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A Winter Veil Tale

I felt like doing another "Rinu christmas special" as it were, by altering a Christmas classic, like I did last year. This time I'm murdering the works of Dickens. My apologies to anyone whose character appears within.

Bertram trudged through the snow packed streets of Stormwind with his collection tin. Every now and he'd hold it out to someone and say "Give to the orphans". Often he'd get a kind smile and a few coppers. Yes Winter Veil was here and it made folks generous.

Spying a particularly short gnome struggling in the deep snow he moved over and made to help her. She merely hissed at him and shoved his helping hand away.
"Don't patronise me human." She spat angrily.
Bertram who was a simple yet kind-hearted individual could not understand her hostility.
"I wasn't miss. I merely hoped to make another's life easier." He replied cheerfully. The gnome merely sneered at him. Unabashed he continued. "Come now little one. 'Tis Winter Veil, a time for joy where people can come together and enjoy one anothers company."
The gnome folded her arms and tapped her foot in annoyance. "Well I would prefer it if you came together somewhere else. I've run out of coal and finding more is a pain when it's all sold out."
"Well at least show generous spirit. Won't you give to the orphans miss... er..."
"Rinu, Rinu Fizzlespark. And why should I give those brats my hard earned money? There are workhouses right. They can go there and earn a few pennies."
"But some are sick and would die if they were put to work in this weather."
"Well if they're going to die, then they should do it already and decrease the surplus population."
Bertram recoiled in horror at the callous comment. "Same on you Miss Fizzlespark. Have you no soul?"
"I have plenty!" Rinu cackled, used her staff to knock the collection cup out of his hand and wandered off, her spirits lifted.


It was midnight and the city had gone to sleep with the exception of a few excited children when Rinu awoke. She stirred groggily half certain she could hear chains rattling. That's what she got for renting near the stockades she supposed.

"Riiiiiinnnuuuuuuu!!!" Called out a voice. She hissed and nearly fell out of bed in suprise.
"Who's there?" She growled looking around. To her suprise she saw a dwarf in chains. Disturbingly she could see through him. "Who the the nether are you?"
"I'm Jacob Barleybrew!" He replied. "And we've come to save your from yourself."
"Oh you're from the Church?"
"No Rinu. I was once like you. I cared only for myself and scorned those in need. Now I pay for my sins with these chains!" He rattled the chains to demonstrate.
"Right. So you're a loser I get it. Can I go back to sleep now?"
"The three spirits of Winter Veil will visit you. They will show you the error of your ways. The first spirit will come when the bell tolls one!" And with that the spirit faded away, leaving Rinu to roll her eyes and go back to bed.


More to come tomorrow...
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