The Exile's return

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The Exile's return

Rinu looked tentatively around the chamber Serendipity's portal had put her in. It was a circular chamber decaroated with high stained glass windows. If her memory served her correctly it was remarkably similar to the ones set aside for incoming portals...

Rinu cursed. She'd asked to be smuggled in and been sent through the front door. She hadn't wanted to test her disguise this early but it looked like she had no choice. Pulling up the white scarf she'd chosen as a mask and making sure the leaf covered robe she was wearing fit properly. She'd had to have it taken in to keep it on her emmaciated frame but it seemed fine now.

Confidently she strode out and stood in the street. When happy that nobody was screaming her name and fetching the guards she looked around. The place had been rebuilt after Archimonde destroyed it but it was still similar enough that she was instantly overwhelmed by returning memories....


Dalaran, Nine years ago

Rinu wandered out into the street with her latest purchase, skipping slightly while humming a cheery tune. Looking around she saw the her friend and excited ran up to her.

"Hey Esme!" She called out. "I got a ball for Tiddles to play wi-"
The human girl quickly bent down and put her hand over Rinu's mouth before looking around to see if anyone was paying attention to them before breathing a sigh of relief.
"You have to be careful Rinu." Esme whispered with a smile. "If they find out we have a pet in the dorms we'll get in trouble."
Rinu lowered her eyes guiltily and studied her feet, noticing a hole in her boot which she preceded to inspect. Amused by the diminutive Gnome's short attention span Esme chuckled.
"Well I'm sure she'll love it. Come on we best get going or we'll be late for the seminar on elementals."

As she wandered along Rinu studied her companion with admiration. Esmerelda Cassardhil was Rinu's roommate in the apprentice's dormitries and her best friend. Rinu's absent-minded nature and inventions got her into trouble alot and Esme always stood up for her even if it meant getting into trouble too. The two of them may well have scrubbed every floor in Dalaran as punishment but they were always in the same mess together. They shared dreams of becoming powerful mages and helping the Alliance, promising to make sure they always stayed together.

Rinu was startled from her thoughts as she collided with something solid. Rubbing her head she quickly realised it was a silk covered leg. Following the robes upwards she found herself staring at an all too familiar face.

"Oh it's you." The young woman spoke in her noble accent carefully arranging her golden hair. "Tell me Rinu do ever look where you're going? I mean really how do you-"
"Leave her alone Tiermaya." Esme growled. "She doesn't mean any harm. And at least she spends time thinking about more than who's looking at her and whether her hair is just right."
Tiermaya looked aghast. "How dare you talk to me like that." She replied indignantly. "My-"
"Yes, yes." Emse interrupted. "Your bloodline goes back to Arathor, blah blah blah blah blah. Can it, Tier. We all know you think The Light shines out of your-"
"Well I never!" Tiermaya began to storm off only turning to add "Soon I'll get a private apprenticeship and won't have to associate with the likes of you anymore!"
Esme sighed and turned to Rinu. "We can only hope, eh?" She smiled slyly. Rinu stifled a giggle.
"You shouldn't talk like that to Lady Tiermaya." She told Esme earnestly. "She's a noble and we're supposed to look up to her."
"Promise you won't ever change Rinu." Esme said shaking her head.
"Urm, okay." Rinu said puzzled by what seemed a strange question. "I promise."


Rinu frowned as feeling she'd long forgotten stirred within her.
"Sorry Esme." She whispered. "Really sorry."

(more to come...)
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But... But.... Archimonde destroyed Dalaran :Q

Interesting reading..
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Topic/Postby Caerinde » 15 Feb 2009, 16:18

Looks very nice this far. Looking forward to the next part!

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9 years ago

Rinu rinkled her nose as a breeze from somewhere (she decided she'd rather not know where) reminded her she was in the Underbelly. It was her own fault too. Several of the apprentices had decided to sneak down here for drinks. Normally Rinu didn't truck with such rebelliousness and she and Esme would enjoy more respectable drink in one of the taverns that weren't in the sewers, that they wouldn't get a lecture for going to.

Esme however always seemed rather wistful about missing out on the supposed "fun" in going against the establishment. That was thing Rinu never understood about her friend. Though they were granted the equivilent degree of maturity and social status by their respective races, Rinu was twenty seven years older. It was a point she often pondered though Esme tended to get rather indignant about it. It seemed teenage humans didn't like being reminded of their youth. An odd trait in a race with a relatively short lifespan.

She loooked up to see Esme looking at her across the table with concern.
"You okay Rinu?" she asked "You don't look like you're having fun. We can go if you want."
"Oh I'm fine." Rinu replied with an unconvincing smile. "I brought something to keep me occupied, you see?"

She tapped her spanner on the small device she was working on for emphasis. At the sudden stimulus is whirred into life, flying into the air before landing and wirling off the table and dissappearing into the all too nearby sewer.

Rinu sighed. "Okay lets go."


"Hey! Hey short-stack! Yeah that's right I'm talkin' ta you!" The Goblin eyed her with annoyance as she stirred from her reverie.
"Don't call me "Short-stack" Rinu growled.
"Whatever." The Goblin Grinned. "I got the info you asked for."
"Excellent." She said without feeling. "Well?"
The goblin merely made a gesture with his fingers and with a sigh she handed him a pouch of gold.
"Well" He went on after thorough inspecting the gold within. "This Rinu Fizzlespark was a nasty peice o' work alright. Seemed the sweet innocent type right up until she was arrested for murder."
Rinu carefully schooled her expression.
"In the end they had to exile her because they were to busy preparing for war against the scourge. Bet they'd pay well to get a hold of her again. Might even be a reward. Heh, I may just go hunt her down myself."

He was brought short by the dagger plunged into the side off his neck.
"Sorry." Rinu said with a sly grin as she began to tear out his soul through the enchanted blade. "She's dangerous pray."

She savoured the feeling as her victims soul surged through her. Right up until something heavy smashed her face first into a wall.

"This is tha' one right Coria?" Spoke a dwarven voice with a strange quality to it.
"I don't care." Replied a more educated-sounding voice. "Just toss her down the pipe. The corpse too, we can use that."
The conversation continued but Rinu was more concerned as she was hurled through the air and into darkness. She hit another wall and definately felt something break. She then fell and landed in stinking water with thud. The water wasn't more than a few inches deep but the slope of the pipe was steep enough that Rinu couldn't keep purchase. After what seemed an eternity of tumbling in the dark and bouncing around corners she landed in the light again in a heap, narrowly missed by the body of her informant.

The chamber was lit with a stange blue light. It took a moment for Rinu's eyes to adjust but she was aware that she was a mess of cuts, bruises and torn clothing. Her leg was defantely broken. She was startled as a plated boot planted itself infront of her, splashing rank water in her face. A hand grasped her hair and wrenched her head back painfully. All rage was lost in terror as she stared into her captor's insane grin.

"Heya runt!" Phina said in a singsong tone. "How ya bin?"
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(I'm not dead... may or may not be back soon. Anyway, more story.)

6 Years ago

Rinu looked out through the bars of her cell. This prison was rarely used. Dalaran few prisoners and those generally merited more secure facilities. The door into the small area outside the cell opened and she heard a guard ask if he was needed.

"No it's okay I can look after myself." replied a familiar voice. Tiermaya stepped into the room and looked around, wrinkling her nose.
"Tiermaya" Rinu said brightening. "How was your trip home? It was your birthday right?" She tried putting on a smile.
Tiermaya sighed sadly and ignored the questions. "Rinu, I've got bad news."
Rinu dropped her false smile. It hurt anyway. "What's the matter?"
"You're being exiled." Tiermaya said wincing. "I felt I should tell you as most don't feel much sympathy after what you did..." She cut off wring her hands and suddenly avoiding looking at Rinu.

"Wha?" Rinu shook her head in confusion. "Why do people keep talking like that? Why am I in here? I don't get why everyone's so wierd around me."
"You really don't know what you've been doing these past few weeks do you?"
"You're not well Rinu?"
"Don't be silly. I feel fine." Rinu felt the muscle below her left eye twitch and Tiermaya jumped back. "Hmmm. That's not happened before." The gnome said massaging her lower eyelid gently.
"They think it was because of your mothers work before you were born."
"Huh? That made me short yeah, but that's not sickness. Certainly no need to lock me away."
"No no... they think it had annother affect... on your brain. I don't really understand it, magics more my thing."
"You're not making sense."
"It makes you forget things and behave... differently."
"I don't understand."

Tiermaya thought for a moment and had an idea. "Rinu. Remember when you made that robot cat for Tiddles to play with? You know before the Magisters found out about her."
"Yeah." Rinu said sadly as she remembered her old pet.
"You remember what happened to it right?"
"I had to dismantle it. It kept turning hostile."
"Yes. Pretty accurate cat if you ask me." Tiermaya grumbled. "Anyway you remember when you explained to me and Esme why it was malfuntioning?"
"Oh yes. It's cogniscent centre was wired incorrectly."
"So in laymans terms, It had something wrong with it's brain." Tiermaya fixed her with a meaningful look.
"Wait. You do think that's what wrong with me do you?"
"Not quite but close enough."
"This is stupid!" Rinu shouted. "I'm not crazy!"

Tiermaya sighed, went to sit on the bench but decided to stay standing after a brief examination.
"Maybe you're not." She said. "I hope not. But right now Dalaran can't devote the time to being sure if you are and what really happened."
"What do you mean "what really happend"?" Rinu said suddenly clinging to the bars of her cell.
Tiermaya shifted uncormfortably and ignored the question.
"The city is expecting the undead to attack any day now. The traitor Prince Arthas has marshalled an army of such a size that the Kirin Tor must focus on defending themselves at all costs. A few of us are leaving for Stormwind tomorrow. You'll be coming with us so you can return to Gnomeregan. Maybe you're family can help you get better."
"But... but..."
"I'll go pack you things for you and see you in the morning." Tiermaya said as she knocked to be let out.
"Wait!" Rinu shouted as she went to step out the door.
Tiermaya paused.
"What about Esme?" Rinu asked "She's coming too right?"
"No Rinu. She not going anywhere anymore." She replied without turning around. "She's dead... You killed her."
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This is long over due but I promise this'll get finished this time)

Rinu peered up out of the pit she was being held in. Haathun had seemingly saved her life through his own ineptitude. Phina and Haathun had a deal and both wanted to be there when they killed Rinu to enjoy it properly. As luck would have it Haathun hadn't shown up when he was supposed to. This would only buy so much time of course. Phina was hardly the model of patience and stability and it seemed she'd gone at least the 4 days in which Rinu had been held captive. The cracks were starting to show.

Rinu had been left in a small pipe blocked by a sewer grate. Her fall down into the Death Knights hideout had broken her ankle and had healed badly. It would need to be re-broken and healed with magic if she didn't want to hobble everywhere for the rest of her life. Add to that the fact that her food was being thrown down pipe with little care and splashing in the water. She couldn't replenish herself with souls yet and had had to eat eventually. But know she was starting to come down with something. If she didn't make a move soon she'd be too weak to escape.

She was being guarded by two of Phina's flunkies. A Dwarf named Halunden and a Blood-Elf named Coria. Despite being a Death Knight, Halunden possessed almost no magical ability meaning her plan would work if she could dispose of Coria...

"I don't care you used to be one o' them spellbreaker types right. Finding a demon should be easy for you." Came Phina's sibilant voice, breaking Rinu's reverie.
"It's not that easy Phina." Came Coria's voice. "You can't just pinpoint the likes of Haathun. He may only be a Felguard but he's a surprisingly skilled sorcerer when he needs to be. Your sister knew this, that's why she needed that orb to enslave him. It suppressed his power so he couldn't rebel against the same way she rebelled against his possession."
"Blah, blah, blah! Do you have to go on."
"I'm just trying to make you understa-"
"Make me what Coria" Phina's voice had taken a calmness to it that terrified even Rinu. Somehow she knew her sister was stroking her axe's blade. A plan started to form in Rinu's mind.
"I-I-I meant to say help you understand" Coria said. Flustered tones did not suit Death Knights.
"So you think I'm stupid then? That I won't get it because it's magic."
"No , no of course not."
Phina's tone instantly from calm menace to a near hysterical screaming.
"Damn right you don't! I can use magic too now! I kill peple can make the dead fight with me and once somebody sews them back together. Nobody can pity me anymore!"
Phina must have been advancing on Coria as the Elf stumbled backwards and landed with her shoulders sticking out over the top of Rinu's prison.
"But they can Phina." Rinu said her face twisting with mock sympathy and her tone matching. "That magic isn't yours. It come from The Lich King."
Phina appeared at the top of the shaft he face contorted with what was either rage or pain.
"Shut up!" There was a horrible whining tone to her voice. Her bloodlust was like an addiction Rinu realised. She was like any addict who hadn't had their "fix" in a while.
"It's okay Phina. I get it. We're sisters right. Both Fizzlesparks. And Fizzlesparks are always good at one of two things. Tinkering or magic. You could be good at magic if someone gave you the chance."
"And your good at both..." Phina was calmer but still had that bitter whine and a hateful look on her face.
"No no no Phina. You have it all wrong. I'm a tinkerer like dad. Most of my magic is stolen from the demons I enslave. I may be a powerful warlock but I was always a second-rate mage."

Not like Esme! Esme was incedibly talented. Is that why you killed her?

Rinu shook her head to get rid of the sudden voice. Phina didn't notice.
"I guess... you think I'll let you go?" Phina was attempting her usual casual banter but she wasn't fooling anyone.
"No. I just realised that pretty soon you'll be the last remaining Fizzlespark. And I'd hate to have the last of our blood slandered so..."
"What?" the anger crept back but there was no whine any more.
"Coria's been talking. She mocks you too Halunden."
"Lies! Filthy rotten lies!" Coria was hysterical. "Can't you see what she's doing?"
"It's a lie is it?" Phina said cackling. "Then why do you look so guilty?"
And Rinu had won. She was lying. Coria really did mock her and it showed in her face.

Before the Blood Elf could rise and draw her sword Phina's axe, Haemorrhage, rose up. Rinu turned her gaze. Blood splashed her and it ran cold down her cheek and in her hair. For what seemed like ages she could hear Phina cackle as she repeatedly hacked at her victim. Rinu couldn't help being afraid. Phina's own madness was unlike anything she'd seen close up before. Only the scourge could find a place for such an individual.

Eventually all that could be heard was Phina's tittering. Rinu looked up and flinched as she realized she was staring at her.
"Did that on purpose didn't you?" She said. "Well that's okay. I don't need Coria anyway. You can remember this. That's how your gonna die." She spat at Rinu. "Haathun has two days. If he's not here by then I'll kill you anyway and then go find him."

Rinu could hear Halunden shift uncomfortably as Phina walked out. "Sleep tight Runt."
But Rinu couldn't sleep she had a rather complex and subtle spell to weave. And she had to do it without making any noise.
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The last threads of the spell hung in the air for a moment before settling. Or that's how Rinu liked to imagine it. Teaching her the arcane formulae had been a dead end. Mathematical formulae presented no difficulty to her but magic was a very different beast and Rinu learnt to take short cuts.

Halunden was kicking a pebble around and paying far too little attention to his ward. He seemed somewhat perturbed by how easily Coria had fallen. So was Rinu to be honest. She'd always been strong for a gnome but now it went beyond mere muscles. It had been a day and Phina had several times visited to taunt her. She kept coming back to Haathun. Perhaps the demon had betrayed her too. Rinu was beginning to think the Demon had some odd compulsion to turn on anyone and everything.

Rinu followed the spell and sensed Halunden. He only had the slightest inkling of what was going on before everything exploded around him. He was just recovering when the infernal bought down a flaming limb on his head with a sickening crunch. It had been hard to pull of the spell without reagents but clearly worth it.

Rinu ducked low. If she'd figured this out she was better off saving the energy required to enslave the demon. Sure enough Phina came to investigate and swore loudly as the thing turned on her. Seeing the two locked in battle Rinu made a dash out of her hole. Hobbling along she was quite obvious but figured Phina wouldn't be able to break away from the infernal. She may be strong but it was stronger.

What about the bodies?the voice came again.

The voice had previously only taunted her but this time it prompted her to notice the unpleasant fact that the makeshift dungeon was littered with bodies. Taking a brief moment Phina uttered some strange word and the runes on her axe flared brightly. The dead answered.

Rinu let loose a burst of unholy fire upon the rising ghouls and staggered past and out of the room. Fleeing down a sewer pipe she realised her only chance of escape and, tucking herself into a ball rolled down an connecting pipe.

Having prepared herself this time the trip was a little less painful. By casting spells at the walls she produced enough back draft that she didn't bounce around the corners with broken breaking force though she was getting burnt and that combined with everything spinning was making concentration harder. If this worked she'd need her body intact.

A sudden rush of air met her and the icy winds blowing out of Icecrown felt like daggers on her burn wounds. She went numb for a few moments and came to her senses to the sight of the ground rushing towards her. It was higher than she thought. Could her body really survive this enough for the soulstone she created to revive it.

"Here goes nothing." Grasping the soul of the goblin she killed right before her capture she forced it into a physical shape. Forcing will into the stone she began to poor own own essence in.

Just in time too. She'd never have survived hitting that ledge.


The bar was quiet tonight. Rinu nursed her drink and thought back over what had happened. Using the soulstone she was able to leave her body before it hit the ledge. The last of her energy went into leaving the stone and healing her body with it. It was a gamble and in reflection had she fallen all the way to the ground neither her body or the stone would have remained intact. She'd learnt not to take risks and was fairly sure she no longer liked heights.

Returning to Dalaran she reassumed her false identity as Barabara Shoppe and alerted the Kirin Tor to scourge activity in the Underbelly. They'd never found Phina but Rinu no longer cared. She was far more cautious of both the Underbelly and Death Knights.

It had been easy to find a priest willing to nurse her back to health. Act all sweet and the holy types will bend over backwards for you. The fools.

Thus Rinu sat alone with only her thoughts and unasked for memories of an old friend.

The end

(Finally finished this. Really shouldn't have taken so long but I don't have the same enthusiasm for writing I used to have.)
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