Among the fires of Stratholme

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Among the fires of Stratholme

Hadir ducked the clumsy sweep of a vile ghoul and returned with a blow of his maul that shattered the rotting thing's head. He looked around to see his brothers and sisters having similar success. These vile aberrations could not stand against the righteous cause of the Scarlet Crusade. He had meditated for days in the monastery before finally being sent to the frontlines in Stratholme.

Had he not been mentally prepared the blasphemy that covered the ruined city would have horrified him. Now it just fuelled the righteous fire that burned within his heart. In the middle of the fray Brother Daliss swung his mighty great hammer shattering undead bones with every swing. The sight of the scarlet paladin at work filled him with joy. How could the possibly be defeated with such a foe. Some of their own had fallen but that only drove them on.

"Abominations are upon us! Quickly, children of the light! End their vile exist-" Father Vassus' cry was cut short as long vicious blade plunged from the shadows and parted his head from his shoulders. Hadir stifled a cry at the menacing woman holding the blade. A billowing black cape hung from her shoulders, she wore plate in the style of an alliance foot shoulder and bore the tattered tabard of a officer of Lordaeron's armies. Such mockery! Her skin was pale and her lips blue from lack of blood. Disturbingly even amid the burning building her breath misted and frost formed on her armour and black hair lined with silver streaks at the temples.

A Death Knight. Light help them, one of the Lick King's own Knights had come and bought a trio of abominations with her. She glared at them with baleful eyes.
"Pitiful wretches! You think we can be defeated so easily? Arise soldiers of the scourge, there shall be no rest for you." She uttered a vile incantation and the dead rose once more. Not only those they had killed but those scarlet crusaders who had fallen. Livid with anger at this senseless desecration of the fallen Hadir charged the woman screaming vows of honour. She merely grinned wickedly at him and gestured at him with a flick of her wrist.

He was overcome with pain as his body was wracked with searing pain. The blood in his veins felt like molten steel. Dropping to the ground he writhed for a moment before he felt a warmth spread through his body and release him from the pain. He looked up the see Brother Daliss nod at him before charging on. Spurred by his leader's aid he charged on. Two of the abominations had begun to wreak havoc among the crusaders while the other moved to block brother Daliss' route to the Death Knight.

Hadir and several others rushed to meet the monstrosity leaving him to deal with the woman. Hadir ducked him under the thing's first swipe and slashed at it's leg. To his dismay he cut through rotted flesh but did not seem to have any effect. It's cleaver smashed down ending the lives of three of his brothers in arms. He made to charge it again as the creatures chains lashed about sending a huge meat hook at him. It took him a moment to register what had happened as he sunk to his knees.

Gurgling through blood and clutching at the gaping wound in his chest he tried to invoke the light but it would not come. A cold presence came over him and a gauntleted hand rested upon his shoulder. Daliss' head was dropped on the ground in front of him. The Death Knight was taunting him as he died.

"Don't you see?" She said. "It is hopeless. You betrayed Stormwind and the grand alliance and now there is nobody left to stop us." What was she talking about? His thought ended abruptly however as the Knight took another head.


"Good, work Lady Morawain. The Baron will be pleased with your work." said the old Necromancer as his acolytes went about raising the fallen ready for future battles. Morawain fixed him with an expressionless gaze.
"Why Jacov. So good of you to join us. A shame you could not help with the fighting." She said allowing a slight sneer.
"Now now that's your job not mine. I have other uses that make me too valuable to lose." Morawain snarled at the insinuation that she was expendable.
"Oh I don't know." She started. "I'm sure I could arrange your continued service to the Lich King."
"Now now, you have not yet the skill to raise the dead with their minds intact. Which is precisely why you need me."
"And when I can I'll make sure to test it on you first."
"Yes, yes very good." He said seemingly unperturbed by the death threat. "Now come along, you've much to learn."

To be continued...
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"Despite Lady Morawain's efforts there are still scarlets within out territories." Said Balsid.
"It seems they split into two groups shortly after leaving their stronghold within the city. One lead by a Paladin the other by a priestess." Added his brother Pronum.
"This group is the larger of the two. They do not have the armour or skill of Lady Morawain's foes but make up for it with zeal and numbers." Finished Aldovic.

The triplet necromancers came to a sudden halt as thier diminutive commander rounded on the with a manic grin that displayed her needle-like teeth.
"You say that like it's a bad thing Aldovic." Phina chuckled. "That just means plenty of easy corpses for you to raise. Let Morawain have her perfect timing and "linchpins". That's fine when you have a tough nut to crack but mobs like this keep going without their head, if I use one her flowery sentences. This is my specialty. I chop things and you boys raise 'em to help me. No need for Strappy jims."
"Ermm?" Pronum raised a hand and waited patiently.
"What pronum?" Phina rested on her axe, "Haemorrhage", and tapped her foot expectantly.
"I think it's strategums that Lady Morawain was trying to teach you."
Phina rolled her eyes and began to run off.
"Wait!" The brothers cried in unison, causing Phina to turn and sigh with frustration.
"Don't you think we should get some troops first?" Said Balsid, gesturing at the empty street.
"Nah!" She said with a smile that haunted each brother's darkest knightmares. "We'll make some when we get there."


Phina felt a shuddering thrill begin at the very end of her toes as the screaming mob stormed towards her wielding brutal clubs and flails. She let it surge up through her body savouring this moment as she always did. Morawain joked that she should find a god that desired only bloodshed and serve it. But why bother. In Phina's mind she was such a being.

She rested the base of Haemorrhage's handle on the ground and played with the haft making it jump between her hands so the axe head moved back and forth in an arc infront of her. Morawain had a point. These tense moments before battle was met were almost sacred to Phina.

As the zealots reached her she spun, her hands snatching up the axe and cleaving threw the shins of several zealots with a manic cackle. Calling upon some of what the triplets had taught her she flooded the vicinty with dark energies, causing those around her to whither and rot. No sooner than she had, the brothers began raing the fallen to fight for her. Not wanting them to restrict her movement she surged forward cleaving Scarlet Crusaders apart with every step.

She leapt up to an extrordinary height for one of her stature, seemingly unbothered by her plate armour, and beheaded a big brute whose flesh immediatly began to slow away as he was transformed by necromantic magics. As Phina worked her way forward something annoying started happening. The wounds she inflicted began to knit back up behind her runeblade. The Death Knight howled in fury and began to lay about her in a figures of eight. But it was to no avail.

Ducking blows and searching around she saw her problem. A young woman in white and red robes stood behind the mob her hands dancing and healing her followers with flashes of light. Striking a supporting beam on a nearby building and leaping forward she landed on a ground with a thud as rubble slid forward separating her and, most importantly, the priestess from the rest of the battle.

She laughed manically picking herself up from the ground. Her laughter was cut short as she was struck by a blading flash the sent her staggering bacvk into the rubble. With a wordless battlecry she leapt from the wreckage and chopped downwards with her axe. The priestess was quick and instead on being cleaved in two she recieved a deep gash down the side of her arm. Grinning at Phina, the holy woman spoke a word and her hand began to glow with a wram light. Before she could touch it to her wound however Phina uttered something in a vile language. Nothing happened.

With a mocking laugh the priestess touched her hand to her arm... only to have to wound blister and burn at the healing magic's touch. Her moment of horffified confusion was short lived as Haemorrhage slamed into her kneecap forcing the leg to buckle and bend the wrong way. As she fell to the ground, Phina reversed her blow cleaving upwards from the womand pelvis killing her.

Turning to attempt to cross the rubble Phina found a trio of abominations clearing the street, the battle over. Realising what this meant Phina groand and buried her face in her hands, not suprised as the tip on a long runesword was thrust in between the paving stones next to her. She looked up at Morawain with a bitter silent snarl. The woman looked around with dissaproval and made a tsking noise.

"You know Phina I thought when you went after the priestess you'd taken in what I'd said." She said with a sigh. "But then I saw your miniature landslide crush more of your freshly raised troops than Scarlets and had I not intervened youre pet necromancers would have been overwhelmed. Thank me after I decide whether or not to inform the Baron. Come on he wants us to report."

She walked away without looking at the Gnome and never saw Phina almost take a swing at her. Probably best not to, she thought. As much as Phina's blind rages were good for scores of enemies, she stood little chance against Morawain's precise use of the sword. She could learn though.

Then there'd be a reckoning.
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A familiar screeching cackle reached Aurius' ears and he rounded on the source with righteous anger. Phina Fizzlespark stood in the gateway to the chapel with an evil glint in her eyes.
"Why?" he said in a low growl, "Why do you torment me Death Knight?"
The gnome sighed and shook her head, strands of violet hair falling into her face. Upon first meeting her, Aurius had thought the idea of such a tiny creature being a death knight to be preposterous. But he had seen her lead contingents of troops against Scarlet incursion in the square in front of Alonsus Chapel and new well that her strength and reslience were far from natural.

"I'm bored mainly... Why don't you come out and play?" She said grinning in a manner he could only describe as "hungry", displaying sharpened teeth.
"You'd like that wouldn't you?" He said, surpressing a shudder. "What is it you desire? To aid the scourge in making me like you?"
Phina threw back her head and barked with laughter. "Oh no. Attacks have been few lately. And it's been a long time since I had a decent fight. I reckon me and Haemorraghe might have fun with you." She pointed at him with her axe.
"Then why not come inside?" He said with a sly grin. "Because the sacred ground would surpress your magics? Surely I would fair no better out there than you would in here?"
Phina emitted a low growl. "Let me tell you something Mr-" She cut of as footsteps were heard outside.
"Wait!" She said with a smile. "What's that noise? You wait here, I'll be back for you" She said turning to leave. As if he could....
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Ssssooo many question marks!
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:S Alot of my punctuation in the earlier posts appears to have turned into question marks. Will fix that now.

Though the over abundance of them in my last post is my own fault.
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[This is the events of the trawling through the dead event I ran with Gergel, Bynji and Maytal. Computer crashes and such problems have delayed this considerably. Because of this, conversation might occur slightly differently tyo the original as my memory can be poor at times. Hopefully I've more or less gotten everything right. Apologies to those involved if there are any glaring errors.]

Emerging from the chapel Phina shook her head. It was just two regular gnomes. One walked slightly behind the other, a little wary. She was notably pale. Her hair her skin and even her clothing were either white or close to it. Her clothing and equipment suggested a magical practitioner. It was her companion that caughty Phina's eye however. The other gnome strode foward confidently, she carried a large mace and moved easily in her plate armour. That's more like it. Phina fought gleefully for a moment before souring. Actually she's still just a regular gnome. Won't last long.

The this newcomer could obviously a skilled comabatant she couldn't compare to Phina as long as was what she was. Phina's mother had worked with chemicals even while pregnant and just as this had stunted her sister Rinu's growth it had spurred hers. As a result she was a little taller and more heavily built than most of her kind, though she was less nimble and lacked the great intellect her kind were known for. Furthermore she had learnt to use the powers granted her as a Death Knight to enhance her physical prowess. As such she possessed a strength that even larger races might consider formidable. Unlike the taller folk however this gnome couldn't use larger size and weight against her. Realising she had the advantage she strode into veiw cackling slightly.

The two explorers came to halt upon seeing her. The pale one fixed her with a studying gaze while the other confidently waved casually.
"Hey there" the warrior said calmly.
Brilliant,Phina thought she's underestimating me. This should be over quickly. She didn't reply and merely grinned parting her jaws slightly to emphasise her sharpened teeth, hoping to put some fear in them. The pale one looked slightly perturbed and suffled to stand slightly behind her companion who, much to Phina's annoyance, didn't seem as bothered.
"New dentist?" The warrior quipped. Phina ignored the comment
"I don't know why you come here." Phina said puffing out her chest.
"Loot mainly" the warrior replied still unperturbed.
"All you'll ever find here is Death." She corrected.
"The zombies don't give us much trouble" the warrior replied looking at the corpses she and her companions had made short work of.
"Maybe." Phina paused for effect. "But now you face a Death Knight." This gave them pause. Nobody expected a gnomish Death Knight.
"A Death Knight?" The warrior said as her companion began to look somewhat uncertain. "Isn't Baron Rivendare in charge here?" Phina suppressed a growl, unhappy at being reminded of her servitude. The warrior noticed this and a mocking tone entered her voice. "So you're the lapdog's lapdog's lapdog then?"

Quelling her anger she pressed on, she could still recover this.
"Perhaps an introduction is in order. I am the mighty butcher of Stratholme-"
"Butcher?" The warrior interupted. "Isn't everyone already butchered?"
Phina grinned again and eyed them meaningfully. "You're not."
"Oh I see." The warrior said tensing slightly.
"Anyway, I'm Phina Fizzlespark."
"Fizzlespark huh? I know a gnome by that name called Rinu. Relative of yours?" said the warrior. Phina's eyes sparklied as she remembered her recent discovery that Rinu was still alive. The Warlock hadn't been in the best shape. How much did she remember? There was one Phina never expected to stray from the straight and narrow.
"You know Runt?" She said unconciously using her sister's derogatory nickname. "So she sent you."
The Warrior took her turn to ignore Phina. "Well I'm Bynji." She said as she nodded to her mace. "And this, is Mr. Happy." In turn Phina Held out her axe.
"This is Haemorraghe." She said. "Say hello to Haem."
"Err... Hello Heam." the warrior said as her pale friend gave a puzzled frown.
"Anyway." Phina started gripping her axes haft in both hands. "I'm getting bored. Lets get started shall we?"

"Halt!" Came another voice behind her. "We have you surrounded and outnumbered" Phina growled her mouth curling in a silent snarl as she became aware of a third gnome, this one hooded above and behind her. Not wanting to allow them to coordinate their efforts, Phina lunged at Bynji unleasing a furious onslaught. The warrior backed up slightly, using the momentum of the Death Knight's blows to parry. Caught of balance, Phina was taken by surprise by the return blow that hit just above her temple. Her head spun for a moment and she felt blood trickle down her face. Ignoring it she shook her head and deashed forward again. Her sudden movement caused the hooded gnomes daggers to glance of her armour. Pausing she lashed out with her elbow and uttered a dark incantation. Shadow magic spread out around Phina, attempting to sap her foes of strength.

As she leapt forward once more the pale gnome threw out her hand and unleashed a blast of icy wind that seared her skin. Staggering from the sudden magical assault Phina's feet slipped on the now frozen paving stones and as she hit the floor with a loud clank, her spell faltered and ended.
"Play fair!" She roared as she leapt up and rushed the pale mage.
"I don't think so!" Yelled Bynji, placing herself between the them and bringing up her mace to block Phina's Haemorraghe.
"Before I kill you, I'd like to know why Runt sent you." Phina said leaning in and pressing against the mace with her weapons haft.
"I don't know what your talking about." the warrior replied shoving back. Stepping back and readying her axe Phina hissed with pain as the hooded gnomes daggers found a chink in her armour.

This was useless. These assailents were a good deal more skilled than the scarlets she was used to, and as much as she loathed to admit it she couldn't win this fight. Allowing her axe to slip so she held the end of the haft in her right hand she spun wildly forcing the other gnomes to leap back or be severly injured. Taking advantage of the gap she broke into a run fleeing further into the ruined city. Turning down the passages she cured as she came to a dead end. Cursing her lack of concentration she turned to she her exit blocked by the other gnomes.

"Ah there you are." Bynji said. "Time to finish this."
Phina growled. "What is it you want? Why did my sister send you?"
"Miss Rinu is your sister?" said the hooded gnome, producing a notepad and writing something down.
"Yes she is. Who are you?"
The other gnome ignored her question and continued noting things down.
"So your the brains of this operation I see." Phina said more than a little annoyed they weren't afraid of her. "I still don't see why you're here."
The pale mage held some gold coins and gestured at Phina. After a moment she realised the mage was suggesting they take anything of hers worth money. No doubt they expected her to fight to keep it. How strangely morbid and mercenary. She found herself reconsidering her veiw of the alliance. Perhaps their veiws weren't so far from her own after all.
"So the alliance just lets you run around fighting whoever and keeping everything you find?"
"In a way." Bynji said impatiently. "They pays us well to put ourselves in danger."
Phina's heart almost stopped as a wave excitement hit her. "You kill people and they pay you for it?" She said. Phina slipped into a glee rant, going on about the joys of inflicting ijury and pain and most of all death. The other gnomes looked uneasy, disturbed by Phina's gruesome obssession.

"Perhaps we can work out a deal." Phina said, realising how bored she had grown of late. The alliance it seemed, had ample foes to fight. "See, if you kill me, the scourge will just raise me again. Only without free will. Perhaps if we-"
"Or..." Bynji interuppted "we could just kill you and take your stuff."
Frustrated Phina continued. "You're not listening."
"I bet that axe would fetch a few gold."
Phina's blood ran cold. Did she just suggested selling Haemorrage? The audacity! Her rage slowly began to simmer and she decided she would have to fecth reinforcements. Without warning Phina smashed Haemorraghe's haft into Bynji's helmet and hooked her leg around the warrior's sweeping them out from under her. Ignoring the gnomes startled shout she ran past turning a corner into a square full of various scourge troops. Seizing this opportunity she surged through the crowd knowing they wouldn't dare follow. Pure rage bubbled within her at the indignity of having to run away. But she had been given much to think about today.

Things would have to change.

To be continued...
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The patrol of ghouls passed out of sight and Rinu emerged from her hiding place in the broken barrel lodged under a shattered cart. Gazing from left to right she quickly scurried down the street. Spotting the agreed upon sign on a doorframe she ducked inside a ruined trader's outlet. She had to admit her sister's use of hidden signs was rather subtle for axe murderer. Phina may not have been the the smartest individual to come out of Gnomeregan but she was still a gnome and thus possessed above average intelligence by other race's standards.

Rinu stood there for a while before letting on that she realised there was someone standing on the beams above her. She spent to much time watching for spies to miss something like that.
"Hello Phina." She said with a sigh. The Death Knight plunged from her perch landing with a clatter of plate.
"Heya runt!" Phina said grinning widely. "How's Bizniz?" Without warning Phina embraced Rinu in a bear hug before dropping the warlock to the floor. Wheezing Rinu drew herself up to full height. She still stood over half a foot shorter. Just as it had stunted Rinu's growth, their mother's insistance on continuing to work with chemicals while pregnant had caused Phina to grow slightly larger than most gnomes. It wasn't noticable to tall folk but she stood out among gnomes like a sore thumb.

"Right, well I'm here." Rinu said with a slight growl. "What do you want?"
"I want out." Phina said, her grin remaining but the manic glint in her eyes fading.
"Say what? Thought you liked chopping stuff up for the scourge." Rinu suddenly began to avoid eye contact and attempted to sound innocent, something her voice and stature were well suited for. "Besides who'd slip me all those necromantic tomes that are so-"
"No!" Phina's smile was gone all of a sudden. "I'm sick of helping you and not getting anything back. I swiped those weird robes that preserved your soul while you worked on a phylactery-"
"Soulstone." Rinu corrected.
"It's not a phylactery it's a variation of the soul stones I use. My sopul doesn't decay while in there and can be transferred to a normal soul stone and back with none the wiser that my soul isn't actually where it should be. It makes me harder to kill bhut can't bring me back from the dead like..." Rinu stopped as she realised her sister's eyes had glazed over. "Fine carry on."
Phina hesitated as she tryed to regain her previous verbal momentum. Giving up she shifted awkwardly as she continued.
"Yeah... so I did that and I keep swiping books for you. But these lot are getting real suspicious-like and I'm jonsin' to get paid for killing stuff like I was told I could be. I can't wait to..." Phina broke into another monologue about the joys of butchering still living foes. Rinu waited patiently wondering what it said about her that none of it disturbed her. Eventually she got bored and interrupted.
"So we're leaving right?" She said impatiently.
"Right." Phina sighed. "What's the plan?"
Rinu shrugged. "Walk out I guess. Only fight as far as we have to." Ignoring Phina's look of disappointment she turned and exited the building.

They followed Phina's signs for a short while until they reached a small courtyard and were brought to a sudden halt. In the court yard stood three abominations. Each had a metal plate hammered to the left side of it's face from which rose a glowing blue gems. In front of the undead monsters stood an older human woman. Her black hair was streaked with grey, though whether this was a sign of age or necromantic corruption she was unsure. She wore a tabard of the lordaeron military that while tattered still bore insignia marked her as a regimental captain if Rinu's old lessons were correct. Despite the heat of the burning city, frost covered the woman's armour and hair in places. None of this was was caught Rinu's attention however. Looking upon her Rinu immediately thought of Tiermaya and Solantra Giroval. This woman bore an undeniable resemblance to the sisters.

"Phina," the woman said, her voice chiding as though she were talking to a child. Her smile was smug and mocking. "I had heard rumours you planned to leave but here you are trying to go without saying goodbye"
"Morawain!" In contrast Phina's voice was filled with barely restrained hate. "Just get outta my way. 'Kay?" Seeing Morawain's return grin Rinu realised this was as far as they would get without fighting.
"Oh Phina!" Tsking Morawain raised her left arm and swung it down. At her cue the abominations began to lumber forward. "If you will not serve the Lich King in life you can do so in Death. You little sister can too."
Rinu hissed with raged at being mistaken for the younger sister. As Phina charged with a howl and Morawain hefted her long-bladed sword with effortless precision, Rinu reached for a soul shard and began the incantation that would summon the one enemy she kept closest...

To be continued!
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A trio of ghouls returned to their lifeless state as they were hewn apart by a mighty sweep of Haathun's axe. He snarled and turned to his much hated mistress. "Ah yes, lets just walk out!" He said sarcastically. "Any more of your brilliant escape plans oh great one?" Rinu merely snarled at him and incinerated a crowd of zombies. She had been growing steadily more powerful since overcoming the affliction she had suffered since he had possessed her. Between her dominion of him and her growing mastery of destructive magics she was becoming a formidible foe. Unfortunately, Haathun observed as the hacked his way through more undead, the two of them were facing the wrong foe. As was Phina. Her bezerker fighting style was terrible indeed and would prove highly effective against the mob of undead.

Instead she was fighting one on one against the Death Knight called Morawain. She was clearly outclassed. Both augmented their melee fighting styles with Necromantic magics. Phina seemed to be drawing these powers from an outside force and they were slowly growing weaker as though being revoked. Obviously her treachery had not gone unnoticed. On the other hand Morawain was clearly learned in the dark arts and each spell was entirely her own doing, and while not on par with Rinu's, it was impressive nonetheless. Equally she was superior in more mundane forms of combat. While Phina lashed out with unrestrained fury, Morawain wielded her greatsword with the skill of one who had spent a great deal of their life perfecting the art of swordsmanship, sidestepping or parrying every blow while utilising her greater size and her opponent momentum.

Phina was clearly going to die. Considering where they were, that would render the escape attempt pointless. However it occured to Haathun that once Phina died, Rinu would most likely withdraw from battle. However if she stayed and fought... Morawain may just be deadly enough to kill Rinu. Seeing a chance at freedom a plan began to form.

"And meanwhile" he said with the same degree of sarcasm "the very person we came to save is dying while your back is turned. You should go into business doing this sort of thing." He smothered a triumphant as she spun around with a start and took in her sibling situation.
"Hmmm. Well for a start," she said gesturing to the three abominations lumbering through the mob, "we'll have to get through them."
Cursing as the gnome silently imposed her will upon him he stromed fowrad to the nearest one. To his right he could see her unleash a terrible deluge of shadow and flame upon another. Though parts of it caught aflame and others began to decay at a faster rate it continued on unperturbed.

Haathun met his own opens wild swing with one of his own. As the rusted cleaver met his demon-forged axe the two blows rebound off each other. As the abominations body swung back to absorb the blow Haathun let his own momentum carry him around in a full circle ending it in a low cut that sliced through most of the undead construct's leg. With what little remaining of the leg unable to support the immense thing's bulk it tore right through causing it to crash forward to the floor. Letting it have no oppotunity to strike back he clove through it's head shattering the crystal as he did. A sharp burst of magic shot out forcing him back. At this he noticed Morawain's gaze shoot towards him momentarily before turning back to her opponent, who seemed to have suffered several wounds though none fatal.

Surveying the situation he saw that one abomination was now a charred decayed lump and Rinu had moved onto the third. As he watched it was with great satisfaction that he saw the thing bat her to one side, sending her crashing through a pile of rubble. Moments later he raored with triumph...

(more to follow)
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Rinu stared in horror at the shattered orb.
"Nononononononononono!" she murmured as she crawled from the rubble wincing as her injuries flared. "Not now. Not now. He can't get loose now."
As if in defiance of her statement an all to familiar axe smashed through the wall, narrowly missing her. There stood Haathun, a wide grin on his face as his eyes fell upon the remnants of the orb used to enslave him, crushed when Rinu fell on it.
"So it's finally over." He gloated. "Today I will watch you die at last. I always told you this day would come little warlock. Vengeance is-" His victory speech was cut off as the abomination that had knocked her into the building tore a gash in his shoulder with it's cleaver. With a roar, the Felguard spun around and hacked furiously at his foe.

Rinu saw her chance. She and Phina couldn't win this fight now Haathun had turned upon them. Fleeing the two fighting monsters she ran back to where they had first run into Morawain. As she ran she uttered an incantation as she fed the essence of a soul shard into the void. With a howl of protest, Hukgarth was dragged into this world.
"Come." She commanded abruptly. "We have an escape to make."


Phina staggered back raising her axe in defense. She was bleeding from a dozen minor cuts and Morawain icy blade had slipped through the joints in her armour to wound her at least twice. It was getting hard to fight with her full vigour and to make matters worse she could no longer call upon the necrmantic magics she had been loaned by her former master while Morawain seemed to have improved in that respect.

Phina was used to fighting enemies who were thrown off by her small size but Morawain was highly skilled and had turned it to her advantage. She stumbled back slightly and the other Death Knight took advantage of the opening swinging a finishing blow that would crack open Phina's skull. At the last moment a thick, blue hand shot out and grabbed the blade, dark smoked oozed from the hand like blood as the voidwalker strained against the blade. A sudden burst of dark energy caught Morawain by surprise and knocked her from her feet.

Looking, Phina saw Rinu standing there with a grim expression. She merely nodded at the demon who suddenly grabbed Phina, threw her over it's shoulder and floated off after a now retreating Rinu. Looking back she saw Morawain pick herself up off the floor and stare after Phina with a mocking grin. With a roar of defiance as they moved out sight, Phina buried her axe in the demons back. Swearing loudly Rinu ran back.

"What in the nether do you think your doing?" She growled.
Swaying slightly from blood loss, Phina hefted her axe and snorted. "I need to finish that fight." With surprising speed, Rinu pudgy hand shot out and grabbed the axe's haft.
"Sorry Phina. Can't let you do that." Fel energy burst from her hands and surged through the runeblade. At first cracks formed in it before it suddenly and dramatically shattered. The shock of her of the act combined with blood loss overwhelmed Phina and everything faded into black.
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