Standing against the Darkness

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Standing against the Darkness

The streets of Old Town were unusualy quiet tonight. This area was rarely patroled by the guards which is why Solantra felt she should. She read the poster in her hand with a sour expression. This man comes to her trying to get her help in dealing with an engineer and a warlock and turns out to be a traitor. Just what exactly had she gotten herself into.

A warlock of all things. A heavily corrupt one too. She'd kind of hoped to go a while without having to deal with more dark magic but it seemed paladins didn't get that luxury. Her foot came down on something soft and she was drawn from her reverie with a shock. She was standing on an arm. Just an arm nothing more. She looked around and realised a man had been torn apart by some horrid monster. All to late she heard the growl.

A great weight hit her back and hot rancid breath washed over the back of her neck. She spun around under the beast and lashed at it with her hammer. The creature snarled and leapt back allowing her to get a good look. A Felhunter. A demon here in the middle of Stormwind. Solantra lashed out with the holy light but the creature tore the magic from her grasp. Somehow she was suddenly unable to take hold of the holy energies that fueled her. The creature lashed out once more only failing to clamp it's jaws around her leg as she stepped aside and drove the hammer down on the back of it's head. It was unfazed. This was no good the demon was too powerful for her to face alone. So she ran.

She knew these streets like the back of her hand but in her panic that knowledge seemed out or reach. Without realizing it she found herself in a dead end. The loping thud of the demon sounded behind her. She was doomed.

"Halt Thoolum" came a small voice that seemed out of place in the situation nevermind giving commands. The Felhunter came to a halt before Solantra and after a few moments a diminutive figure appeared from behind it.

The gnome was a strange sight. Short, even for one her kind, she had tied her hair in pig tails for some unknown reason. Her hair was lank and greasy giving to pigtails a rather forlorn look. Her pallid skin seemed clamy and her face drawn as the ill though she walked with an oddly energetic manner and gave Solantra a grin that reminded her of the Felhunter. Most notably she bore the tabard of Rhyme and Punishment. The same one Solantra wore. It all began to fall together in her mind.

"You would be Rinu then." Solantra said her confidence returning. Rinu only nodded and grinned some more. "You've allowed your minion to run amok. That's essentially murder on your parts considering it's actions." Rinu laughed gratingly. It wasn't the cute little giggle one might expect from a gnomish woman but a strange screeching noise that spoke of an unhealthy mind. People had mentioned Rinu but they'd never mentioned that laugh before.

"And what?" The warlock asked in a mocking tone. "You plan to do something about it? Oh no!" Rinu clasped her hands to her cheeks and feigned a worried expression. "The big bad paladin is gonna smite me for my wicked deeds." With this Rinu fell about laughing. Light, Solantra hated that laugh already.
"So you're just going to mock me a while before letting this thing finish what it started?" Solantra said. She was rather proud of how steady her voice was.
"Not at all." Rinu said sitting up and wiping a tear from her eye. It was quite cloudy. "You see while I could kill you with a gesture it would be unwise. You have powerful allies and it just so happens some of them are my allies too."

Rinu nodded at Solantra's tabard. "That keeps you safe. Much as I don't like it being a 'Rhymer' means I have to work alongside paladins. No doubt you lot are using it as an excuse to keep tabs on me despite my Aldor affiliation but that's a nessarcary evil I guess."
Solantra snorted. "You're one to talk about nessarcary evil aren't you?"
"Heh." Rinu sneered "I guess I am just that to you. Never forget though, evil is subjective. I view you the same way."
"You're a little warped aren't you?"
"I'd expect you to think things like that. After all my views don't fit with you narrow perception of how things should be. You're becoming quite the paladin. You must be so proud."
"Whatever. Might I ask why you are so brazen as to summon a demon here?" Rinu responding by holding up a familiar wanted poster.
"I'm hunting."
"After a reward? Doesn't seem like something that would concern you."
"Nope. This is personal."
"Hmmm. I almost feel sorry for the slimeball. Don't suppose I could persuade you to grant him a merciful death. Or better yet, bring him to the proper authorities."
The sour expression that passed over Rinu's face was all the answer she needed. "Perhaps you should be going and patroling elsewhere. I got this area. I highly doubt any illegal acts will be happening around here tonight."
"Apart from ones you commit."
Rinu just hissed. Thinking the better of saying more Solantra just edged past the warlock making sure never to fully turn her back on her. Once clear of the alleyway and walking a little faster than she'd like she shuddered.
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