Prophecy of Destruction

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Prophecy of Destruction

Stormwind's Old Town had changed in recent nights. Cultists spread news of coming doom and panicked bystanders cried out of salvation as Stormwind's authorities marched the streets trying to quell the panic and expel the cultists.

Watching from an upper floor window Rinu was mumbling nervously, one hand cluthing her hair tightly.
"No! Can't they see these cultists are on to something. Everything is wrong. Everything's wrong!"
But can we trust this cult? came a voice only Rinu could hear.
"Of course not. Nobody this organised can be after anything but their own gain. They reek of selfishness."
But you can see it can't you? You can see the shadow.
"What?" Rinu let her hand fall to her side and turned to question the wall. "What shadow?"
A great shadow will fall over this city. You must leave.
"Why? MY home in Duskwood is gone, I've nowhere to go."
This city will burn. Everyone will die.
"Everyone? Even the church?"
Everyone, Rinu.
"Wait no this isn't right. They'll all die. Some of these people of helped me."
Then what will you do?
"I'll warn them!"
They won't listen.
"They have to. They have to leave Stormwind. We'll start a new city somewhere safe."
Nowhere will be safe. Everything will burn. The only thing you can do for your friends is to kill them before they can truly suffer.

"No! I'll warn them." Rinu began to march down to the street. "And I'll use these cultists to my advantage. After all, they may have different reasons but they bring the same message."
The people will hate you. Your so-called friends will turn on you.
"I don't care. I'll do whatever I have to." Rinu pulled herself up straight and took a deep breath. "I'm going to save them!"
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Rinu patted down her new robes and flicked a piece of lint of her shoulder guards. She wore an expensive red robe with gold stitching, maticing shouler guards that flared upwards, framing her face and a gold cloak. The effect would have been impressive if not for the fact that it hung of her gaunt frame making her seem even smaller. Nazola couldn't help cringing.

"A little fancy for you isn't it?" Nazola sneered from across the ritual circle.
"I'm about to save the world." Rinu replied with certainty. "If I'm going to be a hero I have to look like one."
"You a hero? How funny."
"Well I like this world. I hate the people in it but... meh."
"Should I write that down?"
Rinu waved her comment away and frown at the circle. "I think we're ready."
Volnip nervously glanced back and forth between his mistress and the succubus. "What are we doing exactly."
"Well..." Rinu paused and cocked her head thinking. "I'm not 100% on this..."
"What?" Nazola said with uncharacteristic alarm.
"We're either going to prevent summoning in the region-"
"You're a summoner!" Nazola interjected.
"-or summon a powerful being which I will control in order to protect Stormwind."
"You're a bad summoner!" added the succubus.
"Oh really? I can control you two."
"Well I'll concede that I'm compelled to obey, but Volnip is under no comulsion. You don't need to enslave him. He no longer has any idea how to survive without you kicking him in the head twice daily. And what of Haathun? Hmmm? You did such a fantastic job keeping him alive. Where is he now?"
"Shut up!" Rinu growled.
"I'm just saying even the greatest warlock would struggle to control a being on the kind of scale we need to stop Cho'Gall. You've come far since we met but you're delusions of grandeur have gone to far this time! You're going to get us killed! Maybe many more with us! I mean-" Nazola stopped and stared into space. Something felt different. "Why haven't you stopped me talking?" She asked.
"You're free." Rinu replied. "At least temporarily. You know some sorcery and I need you power unfettered to help me."
"Oh." Nazola crooned. "Yes I see, how delightful." She shot Rinu and evil grin but the warlock was unperturbed. While widespread destruction would be fun Nazola didn't fancy dying yet nor was she about to throw in her lot with Haathun. Yet she had been away from the Legion too long.
Like Haathun she wished to be a free agent. Perhaps the Twilight Hammer would have her. But first she would see how far Rinu's deluded little attempt at a spell actually went. It wouldn't hurt to watch her play out her warped little fantasy and see reality hit her hard in the face.

"Are we ready?" Rinu asked. The demons nodded and after much preparation the ritual that Nazola could see would clearly do nothing began.

Unfortunately it would never finish...
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Coincidence is a strange thing. As Rinu was enacting her arcane ritual, an ancient evil stirred within the elemental plane of Deepholm. Deathwing, the black dragon aspect pulled his way back into Azeroth, bringing with him immense elemental energies. As nations shattered and the seas battered the land the mystic energies pulsed throughout Azeroth disrupting all but the most sturdy enchantments.


Nazola could hear crowds screaming and felt a weight on top of her. A support bean. Yes, she remembered now. The ritual had gone haywire. Nazola had felt ancient and malevolent presence ooze through. She still could closer now. Pushing the beam aside Nazola observed the hole in the far wall.

Outside the citizens of Stormwind were running and screaming. In the distance there was fire. So the cultists hadn't been all talk. Rinu would never shut up about this. Where was Rinu?

Looking around she saw Volnip perched atop the wreckage. The imp had a dopey look on his face.
"Where is she?" Nazola growled.
"She's gone!" the imp replied flinching. "Volnip wait here for mistress. Volnip good boy!" It was sad. She remembered when the imp was full of bluster and sly remarks.
"Fine! Well I'm going to..." She trailed off realising she didn't know the end of the sentence.
Volnip cackled. "Not just me who needs the mistress. You're free and you have nothing to do you're just like m-" He was cut off ass Nazola's whip wrapped around his tail and she flung him off into the canals.

Well since she had nothing to do she might as well fine the mistr- she might as well try to find Rinu. Just out of boredom of course. She decided to keep telling herself that.


Keeping low to avoid notice she eventually found Rinu in the middle of the Trade Ditrict. The gnome had a look of horror on her face as she stared off towards the city gates. From her hiding place among the crates she couldn't see what Rinu was looking at so she broke cover and trotted over towards the gnome, slowing stumbling as she saw what had frozen the warlock in terror. Perched atop the towers that watched over the city gates was an immense armour-plated dragon. Ancient tales of the Burning Legion's first invasion of Azeroth sprung to mind. She knew exactly who this was.

Absent-mindedly she began to tug on Rinu's sleeve.
"R-r-rinu. I think we should leave."
"It's all my fault." Rinu murmured, barely audible over the chaos.
"Wait... What!?" Nazola swung her head towards the gnome, snapping out of her terror.
"The Ritual-"
"Was disrupted by Deathwing's arrival. That ritual was off. You couldn't have summoned a bucket like that!
"No!" Rinu shouted clearly unable to let go of her delusion. "I did this and I have to fix it!"

Rinu began to trudge off back in the direction of her lodgings (or what remained of them).
"Where are you going?" Nazola yelled with frustration.
"To prepare we have a long road ahead of us."
Sighing Nazola followed. "You know someday you'll join the rest of us in reality and you'll be very embarrassed."

(And that is why Rinu is out there trying to save Azeroth)
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