Shelter for the night (Warhammer)

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Shelter for the night (Warhammer)

(Okay so this may be a little bit cheesey, but that's part of what I like about it. For Non-warhammer buffs there may be things mentioned you don't understand but I'll try to keep it lore-light. Enjoy.)

"No no no! I'm telling you we should have taken the left turn at the broken tree." Otto said glaring at his brother, who was more or less the only thing he could see in the fog and fading light.
"I know where I'm going." Alaric said shrugging and squinting at the weather conditions. "Say it's getting awful dark... didn't the innkeeper say there was an in this way?"
"No, he said the was an inn the other way. You know? The way we should have gone."
"Well it'll take most of the night to-" The brothers stopped in shock as, all of a sudden they walked out of the fog. It just ended in a wall. Far off to all sides they saw it rise up again. In the middle of the "clearing" stood an old drafty looking castle. THe architecture was unusually Baroque, suggesting it had been built in an ere long gone, to specifaction... by somebody who liked bat-like gargoyles. Lots of bats. It was on a hill, surrounded by a deep but waterless moat. The drawbridge was down, one of the chains that would once have drawn it back borken and hanging into the moat. The gate appeared to have battered down by force.

"You know Al, doesn't look like anybody is home. Maybe we should camp out in there for the night. We'll work on figuring out where we are in the morning, when all this fog clears up." Rolf said.
Alaric stumbled back fear clear in his voice. "I don't like this. Mist doesn't do that. And that castle I remember old Hans used to say-"
"Old Hans was a drunk old fool." Otto interrupted. "Those were just silly stories. Kids stuff. You're not going to tell me you put store in all that walking dead stuff are you? I mean really. Dead people? They never seemed to lively to me. Might be why they call it lively." He chuckled at himself. Alaric sighed. His brother saw himself as the next Detlef Sierck and had decided to go galavanting across the old world in search of inspiration for his first epic masterpiece, dragging Alaric along in the belief he'd loosen up a bit. Thus they had wound up in some far off corner of corner of Stirland. At least he thought it was Stirland. The land here abouts didn't look right. Not what could be seen of it anyway.

"Fine." He said with a sigh, seeing his brother wouldn't be swayed in the matter. "Lets go and have a look inside shall we?" With a exultant bark of laughter Otto turned and stroke up the hill towards the castle. With one last look at the Gargoyles that covered the decaying keep, he shuddered and followed his brother.

(More to come)
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